Take advantage of our latest onboard, sailing and vacation package promotions. 10. As for regulation, that falls under the ITU, which works out the details and agreements between countries. 9. Radio Communication frequencies inc Aircraft, Military, Amateur Radio, Shortwave and anything else that comes under the Radar in N.S.W. Mobile ... BC Ferries - Coastal Inspiration: DMR Motorola Capacity Plus Single Site (TRBO) BC Ferries - Queen of Alberni: 2, Nanoose Bay/Errington/Dashwood/Combs-Hilliers/Bown Horn Bay VFDs Dispatch, DMR Motorola Capacity Plus Single Site (TRBO). The licensing, however, is up to the individual countries. I they suppose to use those only onboard ship or can they use them so many miles from ship on land? BC Ferries . Trunking System Profile for BC Ferries - Coastal Inspiration Trunking System, , British Columbia - Scanner Frequencies I do appreciate it. Do they get, or need, an FCC license for their UHF 457 mHz frequencies or are they covered by some sort of FCC Part that gives them a blanket authorization similar to VHF. They use 10MHz offsets for the repeaters (as opposed to 5MHz offset used on most commercial UHF repeaters in the USA). BC Ferries - Queen of Alberni: Location:, BC : County: 4 counties: System Type: DMR Motorola Capacity Plus Single Site (TRBO) System Voice: DMR : Last Updated: February 10, 2019, 3:50 pm (Added Talkgroup 24 Deck(Vessel Operations)) Multiple advisories in effect⁠. You have another booking already started. All the info you need on your day of travel including vehicle deck space availability on upcoming sailings, ferry tracking and expected departure and arrival times. Explore our fleet for information on safety, accessibility, dining, shopping, and more on our ferries.

For example, I was on the Norwegian Epic last week. ... Canada > British Columbia > BC Ferries. I don't question that people do it - but they should not. Please also see our Canada countrywide frequencies. 13. What i think is that there is an ITU arrangement with any signatory country that is for shipboard comms , freighters tanker, cruise ship etc ,ferry boats that they have 457-& 467 as their point to point comm requirment, I live in a port city and routinely hear shipboard UHF comms, on the usual suspects , 457.525.

Select a terminal to view route sailing status. page here. 11.

Is it by some sort of international agreement? thanks. Trunking System Profile for BC Ferries - Spirit of Vancouver Island Trunking System, , British Columbia - Scanner Frequencies

Copyright © 2020 British Columbia Ferry Services Inc. Toggle Information to help plan and make personal, group, commercial and travel agent bookings. Discover our routes and fares plus how you can save with a BC Ferries Experience Card™ or take advantage of priority boarding with an Assured Loading Card. It appears to be an international allocation subject to regulations in each country. Welcome on board! Does Part 80, Subpart H allow pretty much any ship, that has an FCC license to use UHF in addition to the more common VHF frequencies? Trunking System Profile for BC Ferries - Queen of New Westminster Trunking System, , British Columbia - Scanner Frequencies cruise ships - cruise line frequencies maritime scanning radios vhf uhf mhz 457.5250 457.5500 457.5750 I have a list somewhere of what Industry Canada shows as freqs for that useage. Galveston Ferry Freqs. 1 BACKGROUND BC has thousands of kilometres of forest service …


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