Fique vivo e junte várias eliminações em uma vida para receber multiplicadores que ajudam a receber tecnologia de ponta para alterar o campo de batalha. It was more fun to play Domination, where each side tries to control at least three spots on a map, because of the way they revised how you take a flag. But I agree with a lot of criticism on social media that there are tweaks that would improve the balance of the matches. O Alfa de Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War terá um arquivo de aproximadamente 25 GB. Opinions expressed by Forbes Contributors are their own. I gave the sniper rifle, submachine gun, and assault rifles a try as well, and all were pretty good experiences, given the tradeoffs between the weapons. Finally, of the 6v6 maps in the alpha, there’s Miami. But that’s just so the tank drivers don’t get careless and just sit in the open and mow everyone down.

Map voting is also back for Cold War, which I think is a fine thing though not something I particularly missed in Modern Warfare. As forças Americanas e Soviéticas chegam em um campo de batalha totalmente sem construções ou objetos criados pelo homem, a não ser pelo satélite em questão no meio do mapa. Quem possui Call of Duty: Modern Warfare® ou Warzone™ instalado poderá acessar o Alfa de Black Ops Cold War Alpha através do menu do jogo. The map takes place at night on a beachside block replete with glowing neon signs, high-rise hotels and a pool you can swim in. But that’s one of the things that protects players from being sniped all of the time. Once again, this is also in Warzone so I’m not sure how they’ll incorporate Cold War’s lack of door opening into that game.

This feels like an error in judgement on Activision’s part, or a sticking to tradition despite evidence to the contrary. Right off the bat, one thing I enjoy a great deal about Cold War so far is the map variety. But this gives the devs some time to make some minor adjustments for the October 17 beta test.

The Crossroads map is a big 12-vs.-12 map where snipers rule. It's unknown what maps, modes and weapons will be available, but expect something similar to the multiplayer reveal event that featured popular content creators. In Modern Warfare every gun has a sense of impact, both when you shoot and when you connect. A Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War multiplayer alpha was announced during the PlayStation 5 Showcase event surprising fans. Call Of Duty: Black Ops Cold War feels like a major step backward compared to Modern Warfare 2019. Democracy has its downsides. Other players wanted execution cinematics for sneaking up behind someone and taking them out with a melee move. I maxed out the attachments that would improve the accuracy of my Stoner 63 light machine gun. In any case, my personal preferences laid bare, let’s continue with the good, the bad and the ugly of Call Of Duty: Black Ops Cold War open alpha on PS4. This pretty much had to stay in the game if Activision hoped to weave it into Warzone, but that only serves to highlight how these other changes present a major hurdle.

Above: Street battle in Call of Duty: Black Ops — Cold War. We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website.

After all, I have come clean as a fan of Modern Warfare and the things that make me a fan of that game, actively hinder my enjoyment of this one. And the rest of the time, I played with fully leveled up guns.

So I don’t miss it. O navio central é um local de combate intenso de várias formas, de batalhas CQB em estações de controle, duelos de sniper em navios adjacentes, e até lutas aquáticas sob a superfície. . Don’t expect the full multiplayer experience in the alpha though.

It feels airy—every bit as piddly as the early gameplay previews made it appear.

Por tempo limitado, enquanto durarem os códigos de Acesso Antecipado do Beta.

Combined Arms: Domination é um novo tipo de Domination, 12×12, com combate de veículos intenso, que se passa em mapas maiores comparados com os espaços tradicionais de 6×6 do game. Você pode baixar a partir do dia 17 de setembro, meio dia, horário de Brasília, antes do início do alfa no dia 18, 14:00. Activision showed off the multiplayer alpha gameplay for Call of Duty: Black Ops — Cold War this weekend on Sony’s PlayStation 4.

I write about video games, TV and movies.

The Millstop Reflex and Kobra Red Dot were refinements on the red dot.

I played some of these missions in my earlier preview. Os esquadrões vão competir em alto mar com confrontos em navios, usando rappel e várias embarcações para navegar as águas caóticas. It’s essentially this game’s version of Ground War, which incorporated vehicles into big 20v20 matches. So I wasn’t able to test out Domination on any map but Moscow, and there it worked fairly well but still felt too big for its own good. Will all the excellent Modern Warfare guns vanish and be replaced by subpar Cold War guns? Também há alguma opções predeterminadas para os Operadores que querem jogar com uma seleção de armas, equipamento, Perks, Field Upgrades e Wildcards. A disponibilidade de plataformas e as datas estão sujeitas a mudanças.

Inevitably, I played poorly on the Moscow map, as there weren’t many safe spots for slow light machine gunners. But overall, it’s not a bad thing. The multiplayer modes include the new tactical 6-vs.-6 in VIP Escort missions. Operators look more stilted. dated, at least on PS4. As Wildcards também alteram as regras do Create-a-Class, com quatro opções poderosas para escolher para o máximo de flexibilidade. But graphics are neither here nor there in the bigger scheme of things.

Uma senha será enviada por e-mail para você. Black Ops Cold War, the latest Treyarch title in the Call of Duty series, is one of the most anticipated releases in the franchise's history. The five maps that went through the rotation over three days had a lot of variety, and I grew to like them all in different ways. Enquanto isso, os Operadores podem entrar e sair das armadilhas para turistas da cidade, com combate de curta distância, usando partes de garagens ou da praia para flanquear os combatentes inimigos. Não será necessária uma assinatura PlayStation Plus para os jogadores do Brasil.*. Let me know on Twitter or Facebook. More often than not, I would pass by a door, and I would press a wrong button, and it would try to mount a gun where I didn’t want to mount a gun. That’s good for short range firefights in a Domination hot spot. Por tempo limitado. Call Of Duty: Black Ops Cold War feels like a major step backward compared to Modern Warfare 2019. Credit: Treyarch. But it does have snowmobiles that can get you across the frozen lake quickly. It let players in Modern Warfare stabilize their guns on various surfaces—crates, the corners of walls and so forth—in order to gain more stability and less recoil.

Armada is set aboard Russian vessels in the North Atlantic Ocean. I laughed out loud when I first played Crossroads and watched all my teammates hop on snowmobiles and go zipping off across the map with literally no sense of physics-based acceleration or friction whatsoever. There are several different streets, multiple interiors, the whole boardwalk area, and we’re supposed to battle it out in 6v6? Miami is the worst of the 6v6 maps. This allows you to tinker to your heart’s content with every gun in your arsenal, changing out optics, stocks, barrels and so on and so forth, even in the middle of a match. Quem planejar sua estratégia para a vitória deve considerar tomar controle da estação de comunicação, a única estrutura que fica no centro do lago congelado. Além disso, as dunas de areia do lado oposto do mapa são um lugar perfeito para snipers, ao custo de qualquer proteção contra ataques aéreos ou uma bala atravessando o mapa na direção errada.

Você também pode sair do Alfa de Black Ops Cold War Alpha e ir direto para Warzone através do menu do Alfa. Mostrado no trailer de Revelação de Black Ops Cold War, Satellite se passa no deserto Angolano, onde um satélite Americano KH-9 foi derrubado.

This is especially true in modes like TDM and Kill Confirmed, since—unlike Domination or Hardpoint—they can take place across the entirety of the map rather than around control points.

I found myself dying occasionally while I was throwing a grenade, and of course I would say it’s not my fault and that the animations were too slow. Above: You can call in a tank in Call of Duty: Black Ops — Cold War multiplayer. Este fim de semana exclusivo começa dia 18 de setembro, 14:00, horário de Brasília, e termina no dia 20 de setembro, 14:00, horário de Brasília. It’s a video game. Explore todos os cantos dos navios para descobrir novos pontos de entrada para cada objetivo, e mantenha se sempre alerta. Os pontos Scorestreak – recebidos via eliminações e objetivos – são mantidos mesmo se você morrer. A duração mínima do Alfa é de dois dias. Guns in Cold War feel subpar compared to their Modern Warfare counterparts. And I’m not at all sure how Cold War is supposed to be integrated into Warzone when the two games have such entirely different systems (I’ll expand on that point in a separate post). Uma assinatura para serviços de multiplayer online pode ser necessária. Lots of blind points and mid-range shootouts. The game takes fans back to the time of the Cold War and the original Black Ops title. You can read about the maps, modes, start and end-times and so forth for this weekend’s alpha right here. I will say, however, that it’s a huge letdown. Veja para saber mais. No Alfa, Combined Arms: Domination será realizado em dois mapas: O ano é 1984, e as forças Soviéticas e dos EUA estão batalhando no Atlântico Norte em busca de um submarino nuclear protótipo. I don’t really like any of the vehicles in Combined Arms and I think the maps are too big for 12v12.

I haven’t played the campaign or the majority of the maps and I’m not playing on a finished build, though any playable build two months out from release is going to be pretty close to the final thing. It’s all very grey, as well, reflecting Soviet-era utilitarian design. Não deixe de assistir o vídeo revelação de Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War aqui!

You can play Kill Confirmed battles, where you have to run over dog tags after shooting a rival in order to get credit for a kill.

It’s all well and good getting to vote until everyone starts voting for the same damn map over and over again. It was available for tinkering during the alpha test.

I’ll play more today and during the Betas and, of course, the whole thing for a full review. Requer uma conexão com a internet. They made the right move releasing maps for free and switching to a seasonal Battle Pass system. Or maybe it’s difficult because the aiming optics on the early guns (those that were not leveled up) aren’t that precise. I didn’t use it that much in Modern Warfare even though I played with a light machine gun most of the time. The map has three big ships that are connected to each other via ziplines. Pre-order now: Some people decried it as a way to make camping too easy, but I never found much use for it one way or another. All Rights Reserved, This is a BETA experience. If Cold War felt as good as Modern Warfare, then I wouldn’t care as much.

The Combined Arms battles include gunboats or Jet Skis in Armada or tanks and snowmobiles in Crossroads. It’s not good (and again, how do they incorporate this into Warzone? It’s way too big with far too much going on and too many blind spots and flanking positions, not to mention sniper perches. Quando tudo estiver do seu jeito, mergulhe no Multiplayer e receba alguns Scorestreaks, que podem ser cruciais para a vitória.


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