If your mom tried her hand at soy- and ginger-infused stir fry or potstickers in the late 1960s (as mine did! The ace restaurateur and chef also hosts shows like Italian Khaana and The Travelling Diva, which showcase some interesting recipes.

Reruns are still on the Food Network.

Alton Brown is known as the Bill Nye of the food world.

His famous dialogue 'Namak Shamak, Namak Shamak daal dete hain’ is a favourite with his viewers. It premiered in 2006 on Bravo, which is known for its reality television shows, and it’s spawned multiple spinoffs, including Top Chef Masters, Top Chef Just Deserts and Top Chef Junior.

His show Khana Khazana ran for 17 years and is the longest TV show of its kind.

Here’s our tutorial on how to make a chocolate soufflé. Shokugeki no Souma is known for its elaborate foodgasms, so there's also plenty of fanservice for you to indulge in.

It premiered on CNN in 2013 and depicted Bourdain uncovering the world’s most exotic, unusual and adventurous cuisine.

The hot chef Ravinder Bhogal, with her sexy voice, rustles up some mouth-watering recipes on TLC, which you can try making at home. The clock is ticking, and these competitors don't have much time to deliver outstanding desserts. 45 Inspiring Bedroom Makeover Ideas to Try Now, 17 Safe Ways to Celebrate Thanksgiving This Year, Starbucks' Holiday 2020 Tumblers Have Arrived, 60+ Super Easy and Cheap Weeknight Dinners, This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this page to help users provide their email addresses. The original Iron Chef was a Japanese television show that got syndicated in the U.S. Back in the 1990s, I used to watch the chaotic cooking competition, which was narrated like a sporting event in Japanese and dubbed into English. The first episode was a 10-minute tutorial on “lobster vol-au-vents.” It was the only cooking show on television when it began, and it ran for another 10 years, making him Britain’s most famous cook for a decade.

Boy Meets Grill wasn’t his first cooking show, but it certainly stands as one of his most iconic.

Got some Junior Top Chefs of your own? From Domino's pizza to high quality Neapolitan pies, he explains the beauty of any and all interpretations of food. A more practical and approachable version of Martha Stewart, Ray demonstrated her culinary and entertaining skills and tips and still does. The charming model-turned-chef Aditya Bal now hosts Bachelor’s Kitchen on NDTV Good Times where he demonstrates new recipes that will transform your kitchen to a creative workstation.

But everyone loves food.

Powered by Indiatimes Lifestyle Network. Don’t miss the best advice one Taste of Home editor received from Julia Child. Don't worry though, everyone in these cooking anime LOVES cooking so we can just leave it to them. (Here’s how to make lobster, step-by-step.). Graham Kerr began hosting Entertaining with Kerr on TV in New Zealand in 1959. Netflix has a whole host of great cooking shows, examining food from every conceivable angle, and here are 15 of the best. RELATED: 40+ Easy Pasta Recipes for the Perfect Weeknight Dinner. Why trust us?

Japan (Freshly Baked!! Here are 10 tiny changes you can make to improve your grilling skills. Here are some of our favorite budget dinner recipes.

Image Credit: indiaforums. This slice-of-life anime series features the main character, Nicoletta, who wants revenge on her mother for leaving when she was a young girl. In a more unusual career trajectory, Rick Bayless hosted 26 episodes of the PBS series Cooking Mexican during 1978 and 1979, before heading off to Mexico to spend six years cultivating his Mexican cooking skills. The show had an international flavor, often including a pre-recorded segment showing Kerr in whatever country that episode’s dish originated. You've always known that anime is a medium that breaks down boundaries. He shares some really helpful cooking tips you've never heard of before.

The main focus of her show, Paula’s Home Cooking was Southern cuisine and comfort food.

If you enjoy watching handsome guys making beautiful, mouthwatering pastries, then this cooking anime’s for you!

You can't mention cooking shows without talking about Bourdain. Start a conversation, not a fire.

Full of moe and delicious foods, if you love cutesy anime, be sure to check this one out. ), it’s likely you have Joyce Chen to thank. It played on the radio from 1924 until 1951, and it starred the fictional Betty Crocker. ©2020 All Rights Reserved.

American Grilled. Iron Chef America premiered in 2005, with narration provided by Alton Brown, and a celebrity chef lineup including Bobby Flay and Wolfgang Puck.

There's a way to experience breathtakingly beautiful views and gorgeous meals for just under $10. Chopped pits four chefs against one another to compete for a $10,000 prize. RELATED: A Pro Chef Shares the Secret to Great Cooking.

Well, imagine having a battle over bentos! Privacy Part food tutorial, part foodie-confessional, Nigella Bites won viewers over thanks to the accessible warmth and beauty of host, Nigella Lawson.

), Chuuka Ichiban!

His book by the same name sold out in a week.

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The Great American Baking Show is the American version of GBBO and even included Mary Berry in its lineup for its first couple seasons. It airs on the Food Network and has spawned many versions of itself, including Chopped All Stars, Chopped Grill Masters and Chopped Impossible. Here’s how to make your own tamales at home!

It was a love story…between Bobby Flay and his grill, and it could be yours as well, no matter what your level of skill or experience. She’d later go on to host a number of other television shows, including Delia’s How to Cook and Delia’s Cookery Course. Pat and Gina Neely were married restaurant owners (famous for their Tennessee barbecue restaurants), but on Down Home, they cooked from their Memphis home and expanded beyond barbecue cooking.

More of a celebrity show, Farah Ki Daawat called celebrities and got them to cook. Find out in this exhilarating and emotional reality show.

The two are highly competitive and take their jobs seriously, leading to some serious fights, all over food! Its premiere was in 2010, right after Hell’s Kitchen, giving viewers a double dose of Gordon Ramsay.

Its preview lineup included shows by David Rosengarten, Donna Hanover and Robin Leach. If you’re looking to satisfy your food and anime cravings all in one go, get a taste of these fun and interesting cooking anime series. Gather the family together for a night of cooking competitions. These chefs and bakers are inspiring us to start meal prepping. When it debuted in 2008, it became the highest-rated series in the five-year history of Food Network’s “In the Kitchen” weekend block and continued to maintain its popularity all through its run.

A Look Back at Anthony Bourdain's Insanely Successful Culinary Career, 30+ Perfect Cake Recipes for Every Occasion, 40+ Easy Pasta Recipes for the Perfect Weeknight Dinner, A Pro Chef Shares the Secret to Great Cooking, 30 Celebrities You Didn't Know Were Vegan, 20 Amazing Desserts You Can Make With Cadbury Eggs, The Most Romantic Restaurant in Every State, The 30 Best Shows for Tweens and Teens on Netflix, 20 Most Underrated Netflix Shows You Need to Watch, The 30 Best Netflix Kids' Shows Right Now, 20 Best Classic Movies to Make You Feel Nostalgic, 12 Netflix Original Series You Need to Binge ASAP, 12 Netflix Codes for Finding All the Best Movies. Everyone knows those deliciously packed lunch bentos that have become super popular around the world, right? From adventure to cooking, this classic anime has it all, so foodies will enjoy watching Chuuka Ichiban! Here are 3 food trends Gordon Ramsey hates. Here are easy dinners your kids can help prepare. It’s not just one of the most-viewed cooking and food-oriented shows, it’s one of the most-viewed daytime shows in general. Even you weren’t watching Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown before Bourdain’s death, you probably heard all about this Emmy Award-winning food and travel show.

Family Fare was a BBC cooking show that began airing in 1973 with host Delia Smith. He appeared dressed in his military uniform, winning over many fans.

Those who love Italian cuisine must be familiar with chef Ritu Dalmia who has written bestsellers on Italian cuisine.

Broadcast on Fox, it shows two teams of chefs competing for a job as head chef at a restaurant.

By the mid-1980s, The Frugal Gourmet was the cooking show everyone was watching. 2016 was weird, but it was a great year for our favorite medium!

(He’s been one of the MasterChef judges since the beginning.) Too Hot Tamales and Tamales World Tour were on the air for 396 episodes.

Here’s the best EVOO you can buy.

You'll see some of the most beautifully-made meals, along with insight from the brilliant minds that created them. Bayless currently hosts PBS’s Mexico: One Plate at a Time, now entering Season 11.

The Naked Chef ran on BBC for just a few years, but it made a lasting impact, and not just by making Oliver a celebrity chef.

15 Best Cooking Shows on Netflix That'll Make You Want to Head to the Kitchen These chefs and bakers are inspiring us to start meal prepping.

Meet Satou You, the main protaganist. The new episodes that Bourdain shot before his death (slated to air throughout the remainder of June) are predicted to reach new levels of viewership.


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