Many features of Etruscan culture were adopted by the Romans, their successors to power in the peninsula. Much of what we have come to know of Etruscan culture has stemmed from the writings of other cultures, mainly that of the Greeks and the Romans, and directly from archaeological evidence gathered from the objects they left behind. The Etruscans could have used any model of the eastern Mediterranean. and benches. Opposite was a large room, with a hearth and cistern, and side rooms including accommodation for servants. These circular tombs were built using large blocks of stone and covered with a false dome obtained from the progressive inward projection of the rows of blocks until a last slab closed the roof. Such was the Etruscan dominance of the seas and maritime trade along the Italian coast that the Greeks repeatedly referred to them as scoundrel pirates. The presence of both precious and everyday objects in Etruscan tombs is an indicator of a belief in the afterlife which they considered a continuation of the person's life in this world, much like the ancient Egyptians. Geographically spread from the Tiber River in the south to parts of the Po Valley in the north, the major Etruscan cities included Cerveteri (Cisra), Chiusi (Clevsin), Populonia (Puplona), Tarquinia (Tarchuna), Veii (Vei), Vetulonia (Vetluna), and Vulci (Velch). At Spoleto (ancient Spoletium) in the north and Fossombrone in Liguria their power was not, however, to last long; Cumae felt the first of sharp waves of resistance coming from Greeks, Samnites, Romans, and Gauls. God of time and necessity. itself in their tombs, ever growing in modesty, the end of public building and importing of Attic pottery, and a dramatic decrease in political participation. hell such as Cel, Culsu, Vetis, Cilens, Vanth, Charun (Charon). Often shown rising from the ocean. When the Etruscans attacked the Greek foundation of Cumae in 524 bce, their advance was finally checked by their defeat at the hands of Aristodemus of that city. Thus all the efforts of the priests were directed upon the heavens when it was necessary to discover the will of the gods in accordance with the sacred doctrine. The Etruscans myths were heavily influenced by the Greeks, mainly the fact that their gods possessed human attributes and dispositions. pageTracker._trackPageview(); The Etruscan musical instruments seen in frescoes and bas-reliefs are different types of pipes, such as Pan pipes and double pipes, percussion instruments, and stringed instruments like the lyre. Its homeland was in the area of central Italy, just north of Rome, which is today called Tuscany. Nevertheless, surviving Etruscan tombs, their contents and their wall paintings, as well as the Roman adoption of certain Etruscan clothing, religious practices, and architecture, are convincing testament to the great prosperity and significant contribution to Mediterranean culture achieved by Italy's first great civilization. The new tombs were called "cubes" and were built side by side in rows, forming real cities of the dead with streets and squares. Etruscan roof tile (antefix) with the head of a satyr, terra-cotta, 4th century, Statue of a young woman, terra-cotta, Etruscan, late 4th–early 3rd century, Bronze statuette of a solar deity, Etruscan, 3rd–2nd century. Roofs are gabled and supported by columns.

The Tagetic Books were part of the sacred tradition of the Etruscan people which is famous all over the world for its deep The Etruscan Religion was, supposedly akin to Christianity and Judaism, a revealed religion.

The basis of Etruscan religion was the fundamental idea that the destiny of man was completely determined by the vagaries of the many deities worshipped by the Etruscans. Waits at the Gates of the Underworld with Eita, Guardians of the underworld.

There were strong Latin and Italic elements to Roman culture, and later Romans proudly celebrated these multiple origins. The Etruscan temple was mainly used to house statues of Etruscan God's.

Males of certain clan groups seem to have dominated key roles in the areas of politics, religion and justice and one's membership of a clan was likely more important than even which city one came from. The epitaphs usually tell of the person's name, class, occupation, and also sometimes delineate whom he or she was related to, thus enabling experts to elicit certain genealogies. In thus helping to shape Roman civilization, the Etruscans had an enduring influence on later Western culture.

and they continue to amaze us today for the complexity of their sacred world and maybe for the strong spirituality In Etruscan religion, the realms occupied by humans and by the gods are very specific, and their practices followed very exact procedures to avoid ill will of the gods. The statue at left is Apulu (Apollo) from the roof of the Portonaccio Temple in Veii, Italy. Herodotus, for example, argued that the Etruscans descended from a people who invaded Etruria from Anatolia before 800 bce and established themselves over the native Iron Age inhabitants of the region, whereas Dionysius of Halicarnassus believed that the Etruscans were of local Italian origin. it became the federal sanctuary of the Etruscans and, consequently, its god too became the main divinity. It is the burial of members of the same family over several generations in large earth-covered tombs or in small square buildings above ground that are, in fact, the Etruscan's greatest architectural legacy.

Etruscan conquests in the northeast extended to include what are now the modern cities of Piacenza, Modena, Parma, and Mantua. The floor-plan could be very complex with a passageway, lateral chambers and a central hall with columns relates the famous prophecy of the nine-centuries duration of the Etruscan people and nation. The tombs excavated completely underground, generally in hillsides, are defined as "hypogeal" tombs, while those excavated in flat land and covered by soil and gravel are known as "tumuli".


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