Market: Overseas only

Charge: AA+AAA 1- 4 batteries Manual: Manual BQ-CC83: Japanese version  Charge rate std AA: 200mA (10 hours) Charge rate std AA: 300mA (7 hours)

Manual: There are only 2 AAA slots, and 4 AA slots. Charge: AA+AAA 1 to 8 batteries It also includes a Refresh mode besides the usual charge and discharge modes. Market: Japan only Global Design Awards Other info: available with Panasonic Eneloop batteries as well as Panasonic Evolta batteries. Charge rate std AA: 150mA x2 /x4

Individual charging: >>?? Led flashing=charging Reviewed by HKJ and FilterJoe. They could be recharged 1,000 times and held up to 75% of their charge after one year. Voltage: 100-240V 50-60Hz Colors: White Reviewed by HKJ. Market: EU only Led off=charge finished, Type: 4-bay charger (semi dumb/ semi smart charger).

Market: International Better to charge Eneloop PRO at 500 or even better at 700mA. Colors: White Which means that it basically not uses any Voltage when plugged in without batteries. Manual: Manual BQ-CC24: JP version 100-240V 50-60Hz Individual charging: no, only in pairs Voltage: Intl. For a full review of the MC3000 refer to HKJ`s test. Manual: Manual BQ-CC23: JP version Led off=charge finished Led off=no batteries inserted. Charge: 9V,D, C, AAA,AA 1-4  batteries Maintenance Charging checks for batteries that have been over-discharged or overheated, and switches individual batteries to an appropriate charging mode to restore performance. Charge rate std AA: 200mA (10 hours) 10 Hours (eneloop AA x 2) • Dimensions: 50 (W) x 121 (L) x 27.5 (H) mm • Timer Cut: Recharges for a preset time, even if battery is full. Charge rate std AA: 600mA 1-2 Individual charging: no, only in pairs Other info: The charging indicator will turn off when charging is complete. Charge rate std AAA: 80mA (10 hours) Advanced battery chargers and analyzers have a few things in common. Charge rate std AA: 550mA (4 batteries 4hours) fast (2 hours) And they seem to be mainly sold in the mid/eastern Europe region. Date: 2015 For a full review see, Please note that the Pros and Cons mentioned above do not fit all users. but there is a review done by HKJ, Manual: Manual BQ-CC16: multi-language Type: 4-bay quick smart charger (Eneloop PRO charger). The USB-out is not a powerbank feature, unfortunately, but it can be used while the charger is plugged in. 1.5 Hours (eneloop AA x 2), Approx. Charge rate std AAA: 4*275mA (3 hours) fast charging (1.5 hours) Led blinking= no batteries, wrongly inserted batteries / non rechargeable batteries inserted. 100-240V 50-60Hz

Manual: NC-MQN09 manual: EN version

Market: International version. 100-240V 50-60Hz Colors: White Other info: colored LED for charging status. Charge: AA+AAA 1 - 4 batteries Charge rate std AAA: 280mA x4 / 560mA x2 / 840mA x1

Other info: Not available separately, only with a set of batteries. Led on=charging Led off= timer off. Manual: NC-M58 manual: JP version In Japan sold under the product name: NC-TGR01, Type: 4-bay Quick smart charger with Refresh function. Type: 2-bay Advanced smart and quick charger. Charge: AAA, AA  1- 4  batteries Voltage: 100-240V 50-60Hz Only charges in pairs of AA or AAA, do not mix 1 AA and 1 AAA. Date: ? Colors: White only Colors: White There is also a BQ-CC51E which looks differently.. Market: Japan Charge: AA+AAA 1-4  batteries Also sold under different names, like Opus BT-C3400, Powerfocus BT-C3100, Voltcraft IPC-3 and a few other names, like "BT-C3100" without the Opus brand name. Market: Overseas only, not available in Japan 10 Hours (eneloop AA x 4) • Dimensions: 66 (W) x 108 (L) x 27.5 (H) mm • Timer Cut: Recharges for a preset time, even if battery is full. Manual: No manual available yet Eneloop batteries are one of the best rechargeable batteries in the world. Charge rate std AAA: Depending on the capacity. Charge rate std AA: Depending on the capacity. And the best and most advanced battery chargers in general. The original Eneloop batteries were introduced in AA and AAA size, with capacities of 2,000 mAh and 800 mAh. It has some smaller 1 color leds.

Other info:  Sanyo never released their Qi pad, but Panasonic did. Individual charging: Yes Colors: White Auto cut off at 13 hours. Manual: -N/A Manual BQ-CC71AM I don`t like the way they coded this charger. Market: Japan Voltage: Intl. Date: 2007 Charge: AA AAA 1- 4  batteries (NiMH + NiCad) Date: - Charge rate std AA: 1-2 batteries 60min (2000mA) , 3-4 batteries 120min (1000mA) Manual: Manual BQ-CC22: JP version  Voltage: 100-240V 50-60Hz To find out more about the cookies we use or how to change your settings, please see our Cookie Policy. It's a fast charger that can charge individual cells. Fast charging: 1 or 2 batteries normal: 3 or 4 batteries

Sanyo and Panasonic recommend to charge eneloop batteries with these chargers only. Can be used with Pro, Std and Lite. • Dimensions: 66 (W) x 85 (L) x 28.5 (H) mm • Weight: 85 g (Excluding USB cable). Individual charging: No 100-240V 50-60Hz

version Date: Japan, April 2015 Date: 2007 Charge rate std AA: 275mA (1-2 batteries 4 hours, 3-4 batteries 8 hours)

Not every charger may be listed. Charge: AA+AAA 1 - 4 batteries (Batteries pictured are eneloop batteries for the Japanese market) Can charge only in pairs of AA or AAA, do not mix 1 AA and 1 AAA, Manual: Manual BQ-CC63  I don`t understand AAA is 6 hours if charge current is 180mA.

Other info:  A Sanyo charger that has been produced for other brands as well, including Hama, Kodak, Samsung and Maxell. Other info: This is a dumb charger. Available with 2 AA batteries in the package. First, determine your intended purpose use for the charger, NiMH, Lithium-Ion, refresh, break-in or just analyze the capacity? Individual charging: No Market: Japan • Dimensions: 147 (W) x 119 (L) x 28 (H) mm • Weight: 240 g (Excluding AC cord), • Charging Time: Approx. Charge rate std AAA: 275mA (4 batteries 3 hours) fast (1.5 hours) BQ-CC13 doesn`t seem to exist!

Alkaline batteries can be used in Mobile Power mode to power other devices. Market: Europe Charge: AA+AAA 1 - 2 Charge rate std AA: 300mA x2 /x4 Individual charging: Yes Charge rate std AAA: 275mA (1-2 batteries 1.5 hours, 3-4 batteries 3 hours) NC-M58, NC-M57, NC-M55, NC-MR58, NC-MR57, NC-MR56. And I dont think the 2 chargers are the same. Charge rate std AAA: 300mA Other info: Only available without batteries. You can buy them in the following countries: Copyright © 2020 | Manual: Manual BQ-CC11: JP version  • Charging Time: Approx.


Individual charging: yes It will not stop when the batteries are full. Other info:  Works in combination with the following chargers: Other info: -, Manual: Sanyo NC-MQN04 manual: EN version When charging eneloop PRO, this charger can have problems charging at low current, eg 200mA. Market:  Japan Charge rate std AA: 300mA x4 // As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Manual: Manual NC-TGR02: JP version  Other info: Made specifically for Amazon Japan, therefore the product name BQ-CC73AM. Date: 2015

Date: Japan, September 2018

If you want FULL control over every detail there is only 1 consumer charger, the. Voltage: Intl. Charging the batteries and the USB-out function do not work at the same time. 2.25 Hours (eneloop AA x 2), Approx.


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