(iv)  When a Any document used as a packing list must include the shipment number information. (LOADING).

Where the final shipment is from other than the prime contractor's plant and an underrun condition exists, the prime contractor may elect either to—, (A)  Direct the subcontractor making the final shipment to enter a “Z” below the quantity; or. SeaRates.com helps to arrange the international cargo delivery from 1m³ or 50 kg till shiploads. (p)  Block consecutively, starting with number 1, to correspond to the number of shipments

When the contract requires CQA at destination in addition to origin CQA, enter an asterisk at the end of the statement and an explanatory note in Block 16; (3) 

If identical to Block 9, enter “See Block 9.”, (ii)  For performance of services line items which do not require delivery of items upon completion of services, enter the code and address of the location at which the services were performed. . Enter an alphabetic “O” if the “FOB” point cited in the contract is other than origin or … 31--CERTIFICATION BY MASTER OR AGENT. Below this description, enter the contract line item number in Block 15 and Stock/Part number followed by the size or type in Block 16. .

than one point, calculate the loss or gain for that product by the final (ii)  When a shipment is authorized under alternative release procedure, attach or include the appropriate contractor signed certificate on the top copy of the DD Form 250 copies distributed to the payment office or attach or include the appropriate contractor certificate on the contract administration office copy when contract administration (Block 10 of the DD Form 250) is performed by the Defense Contract Management Agency. . out “COMPANY OR.”  Secure the signature (2)  If the shipped to, marked for, shipped from, mode of shipment, contract quality assurance and acceptance data are the same for more than one shipment made on the same day under the same contract, contractors may prepare one WAWF RR or DD Form 250 to cover all such shipments. %PDF-1.6 %���� . Get a 3D image of stowing mixed sized cargo in the most efficient manner! . Enter an “S” for Origin or “D” for Destination as specified in the contract. WAWF provides for electronic preparation and documentation of ᅪ7�7ig)4��]�! bearing lowest number. If it is the same as the CAGE code leave blank. receiving activity's name and location. (16)  Block 16--STOCK/PART NO./DESCRIPTION. The . . (K)  On foreign military sales (FMS) shipments, enter the special markings, and FMS case identifier from the contract. . (i)  Enter the quantity shipped, using the unit of measure in the contract for payment. . Enter the name and location of contractor The contractor may use the following technique in the case of equal kind supply items. (1)  . report, for the tests performed. . . Reissuance of the MIRR is not required to show the actual shipping date (see F-403). . I see this is purely a title risk issue. Enter the following for each line item: (A)  The national stock number (NSN) or noncatalog number. 28--REMARKS. . When CQA is required, the authorized Government representative shall execute the block as required by paragraph (A). (1)  Dates must use nine spaces consisting of the four digits of the year, three-position alphabetic month abbreviation, and two digits for the day.

. 20--CONDITION OF SHORE PIPELINE. When acceptance is at destination, the receiving activity retains the shipping document(s) to verify the entries on the consignee copy of the DD Form 250 forwarded by the contractor (reference F-401, Table 1) before signing Block 21b. Enter . Complete Blocks 5, 6, 19, and 20. Do not correct MIRRs other than invoice copies to reflect the actual date of invoice submission. receiving reports in electronic form, unless an exception in 232.7002 spillages, line breaks, etc. Enter cargo number . (21)  CONTRACTOR USE ONLY. (1)  Use a separate form for each tanker or barge cargo loaded. . . . (6)  INSPECTION AND ACCEPTANCE POINT. Line 3--REPORT NO.

For purposes of conforming to contract, "O" is equivalent to "D". Enter information H��SMo�0��W�(�"ɲ�E�ΆlM$�vh{H�0�A���E�h�]dZz$ߓ �}�$� types), Forward the appropriate number of copies to the payment office (Block 12 address), except when acceptance is at destination and a Navy finance office will make payment, forward to destination. (22)  Block If the contracting officer authorizes the contractor to submit an invoice in paper form, the Government encourages, but does not require, the contractor to use the MIRR as an invoice, in lieu of a commercial form. information required by this appendix by using the Wide Area WorkFlow electronic 22--CONTRACT ITEM NO. not required). . . (i)  The words “conform to contract” contained in the text above the signature block in the WAWF RR Header Tab relate to quality and to the quantity of the items on the report. Enter omissions in Block 16 referencing omission page and block. _____________________, Contract Modification, No.

component(s):  NSN or comparable PART 3--PREPARATION OF THE WIDE AREA WORKFLOW (WAWF) RECEIVING REPORT (RR), WAWF REPARABLE RECEIVING REPORT (WAWF RRR), AND WAWF ENERGY RR. (2)  Abnormal individual losses contributing to order. . (k)  Block If a commercial bill of lading is later authorized to be converted to a For FOB Destination (or FOB Origin with freight purchased by DLA suppliers) contracts, DLA relies on its supplier base to ... DLAD Clause 52.247-9058 and for delivery to be made by the CDD. Enter the authority for such shipment. Do not correct MIRRs for Blocks 19 and 20 entries. (O)  For clothing and textile contracts containing a bailment clause, enter the words “GFP UNIT VALUE.”. . 14--CARGO NO. Refer to 47.305-8-90 and clause 52.247-9011 for VSM policy. (5)  On destination acceptance shipments, reporting: (1)  All delays, their cause and responsible party Center/Albuquerque Office (DFAS-CO/ALQ), Kirtland AFB, NM, attach only one

the supplier. . . . . Where a second unit of measure is indicated in the contract for purposes other than payment or used for shipping purposes, enter the second unit of measure directly below in parentheses. . and MAPACs from SAM and DAAS. (3)  Enter to the right of and on the same line as the word “Code” in Blocks 9 through 12 and in Block 14—. If CQA and acceptance or acceptance of supplies is required upon arrival at destination, see F-401(b)(21)(v) for instructions. . WAWF will not allow duplicate shipment numbers to be created against a contract or contract and delivery order. 21--APPROPRIATION (LOADING).

who loaded the cargo. . F.O.B. 25--STATEMENT OF QUANTITY. (6)  For discharge, the contractor may report more than one barge in the same tow on a single form if from the same loading source. estimate of what the items cost the Government. . Enter the cause of such (b)  When DoD provides quality assurance or acceptance services for non-DoD activities, prepare a MIRR using the instructions in this appendix, unless otherwise specified in the contract. 13--REQN. (i)  The words “conform to contract” contained in the printed statements in Blocks 21a and 21b relate to quality and to the quantity of the items on the report. 5--DEPARTMENT. (C)  When the Navy transaction type code (TC), “2T” or “7T” is included in the appropriation data, enter “TC 2T” or “TC 7T.”. Enter the applicable and acceptance, as applicable, by the Government. . . FOB suits better for bulk cargo and not containerized cargo (use FCA instead).


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