It was never specified as to the source of Andy's anger, but hinted partly due to a combination of factors, the strained relationship with her mother, the somewhat strained relationship with her children's refusal to do things her way, and that her adult life has been poorer in comparison to the prosperous times she enjoyed as a child. He is often seen with his hat on, even at odd times such as swimming. In a series of strips though, references are made implying that they live in or near Chicago.

[25], Andy's mother (the maternal grandmother of Paige, Peter and Jason) has occasionally appeared in the strip as well. In addition to family humor, the strip has many stories built around fandom and popular culture. Margaret O'Dell is one of Andy's friends in a book club and is the mother of Katie O'Dell. [citation needed].

08:29AM In addition to family humor, the strip has many stories built around fandom and popular culture.

At this point they even begin dating, though this is seemingly short-lived when Jason tries to keep the relationship confidential so that his friends wouldn't shun him.

[3][4], On December 5, 2006, Universal Press Syndicate issued a press release stating that Amend's strip, FoxTrot, would turn into a Sunday-only strip. Quincy is Jason's pet iguana. On December 5, 2006, Universal Press Syndicate issued a press release stating that Amend's strip, FoxTrot, would turn into a Sunday-only strip. If anyone needs help, or needs to ask questions, contact Joseph! Dr. Ting is Paige's biology teacher at school. "[9][10], FoxTrot centers on the daily lives of the Foxes, a suburban family, composed of father Roger, wife Andrea (Andy), and their children: Peter, Paige, and Jason, who live together in the same house. Roger, conflicted over the stress at home, is henpecked by an enraged Andy that he should tell off Pembrook. He fares well enough as a family man and clearly cares for his wife and children. The number one encyclopedia for Foxtrot comic series! It is mentioned that he took the SATs, and was angry about getting "only" a 1590 out of a possible 1600. Despite his intellect, he is shown to take most things too literally on occasion. Andy often prepares exaggerated vegetarian or vegan meals for her family (most often tofu, eggplants, spinach, beets, etc. Andy has also been shown to obsess over certain other fads, such as "Bitty Babies" (a parody of Beanie Babies), the movie Titanic, and the Nintendo DS game Nintendogs. Despite his wife's attempts to get him to eat healthy foods and exercise, he rarely does so. He also finds it extremely difficult to fully wake up, having been depicted as requiring a large amount of coffee to start each day. She fails to relate to Jason due to his interest in science whereas she was more artistic, and is entirely unsympathetic with Paige and Peter's hatred of school, being under the impression that due to her own love of education, all her kids should share it.

[6] This news was followed by a week-long arc of the characters discussing a "cartoonist" semi-retiring to Sundays only, and what methods he would use to phase out the daily strips. The anthologies are composed of the two or three previous collections, and include Sunday strips in color. He also seems to have a high interest in comic books and dinosaurs. View the comic strip for FoxTrot by cartoonist Bill Amend created March 15, 2020 available on He once bragged that he was "sick of homework from day one" in response to Paige claiming that she's starting to get sick of homework barely two months after the start of school, as well as becoming two weeks behind on schoolwork only one week into the year, a fact he seems to be proud of. In another case Paige watched an adult show, Jerzy Spaniel (a parody of Jerry Springer) with Katie discovering a swear word, repeating it over and over.

"[6] On another occasion, she used Diet Pepsi in baking Christmas cookies, thinking it was the same thing as baking soda.

Fred and the other workers like having Roger around since he often causes the office's computer network to crash, thereby preventing them from having to work. Her locking horns with the kids on school is not without justification, as Peter and Paige are often shown as "go-nowheres", being lazy in school and rarely involved in extracurricular courses.

Since some of the earlier strips, Peter has been dating a blind girl named Denise Russo.

(Once, when Roger asked him for "java", meaning a cup of coffee, Jason gave him a mug with a printout from the Java programming language.) Since the strip's move to Sundays-only publishing, Denise has hardly been mentioned or shown. Andy has also been shown as being obsessed with bills, as she always leaves the thermostat too low and subscribes to only the most basic necessities for a household. Updated Today. J.P. Pembrook is Roger's boss. This page contains information on the central characters in FoxTrot, a comic strip created by Bill Amend. [20][21] Their relationship appears to be a mixture of hatred and grudging respect (in addition to Jason's fear of girls in general), though there may be romantic subtexts in the relationship. Eileen Jacobson is one of Jason's classmates. She often criticizes her husband for his love of beer and meat, and children for what she sees as their bad habits, such as procrastination[12][13] and use of improper grammar. Paige often falls asleep in class, partly because she stays up late. This page contains information on the central characters in FoxTrot, a comic strip created by Bill Amend.The strip centers on a nuclear family composed of mother Andy, father Roger, and their three children Peter, Paige and Jason, along with several auxiliary characters. Unlike his siblings, Jason wants to do his homework and often receives incredibly high marks as a result (72 correct answers out of 20 questions is disappointing to him). A 14-year-old high school freshman, she is always portrayed with her hair in a ponytail. FoxTrot comic strip by Bill Amend - March 22, 2020 - Baseball, Cartoons, Jason, Marcus, Peter, Playing Outside, Sunday Comics In one example, Jason was playing chess with his friend Marcus, but the game was tweaked into being a modified Dungeons and Dragons.[9]. He is the main focal point of some arcs focusing on Peter, who is occasionally hired to take care of the dog, despite its tendency to bite. Best Of.

At first, Jason disliked her because, unlike his former teacher, Miss O'Malley encouraged Jason's creativity (such as marking the sites of dinosaur bone discoveries on a map when he was only required to name the continents), but she eventually came to realize how big a problem Jason was. She is said to be ten, like Jason.

He frequently attempts to recreate the work of cartoonists while they are on hiatus, usually as an excuse to make fun of Paige. Paige once noted that Steve was "cute", much to Peter's chagrin. This has been demonstrated by his name being preprinted on the list of people cut from the football team (and every other sports team, including girls' gymnastics). Denise has a manipulative streak and knows exactly how to get what she wants from Peter.

The two once broke off their friendship after Nicole was able to get a date for the prom and Paige was not, but they soon reconciled. Even Marcus thought Jason had Eileen's "cooties," which he confesses at the end of the strip.

At other times, Quincy just sits on Jason's head, while sometimes he dresses Quincy and himself up as various fictional characters, such as The Lone Iguana, Quincy John Adams, Quincynook, and QUINCE-E.[22] Quincy's species has never been revealed, but it is possible that he is a Green Iguana (Iguana iguana) of a smaller size. Amend states that after he submitted strips for three years, in 1987 Universal Press Syndicate offered him a contract. You can search for

In addition, he plays video games regularly — either by himself, with Peter, with Roger, or with Marcus. Occasionally, Jason will make exaggerated plans of his own, such as a large-scale animatronics Christmas display (which has everything but a sound system playing "Jingle Bell Rock" all day) or a skyscraper comic book shop in his backyard (which is squashed by the zoning commission). He seems to have little patience for the laziness of Peter and Steve, but will sometimes be helpful if he realizes students are making an honest effort. He frequently attempts to recreate the work of cartoonists while they are on hiatus, usually as an excuse to make fun of Paige. They have since made occasional guest appearances. His hobbies include golf,[16] camping, and chess, though he has almost no talent at any of them (or virtually anything else he attempts). According to the strip, she graduated from a college prior to marrying, where she majored in English, but it is never revealed where she got her degree, so it could be possible she got it at a different university than her husband. Andy has often clashed with her children about school. View full history.

He tends to aggravate the teachers with his overly complicated answers[1], and is frequently in trouble for disrupting class. He sometimes falls prey to advertising ploys, as illustrated in a 1991 arc where he becomes obsessed for a short while with The Simpsons products. In addition, her mother has also supplied Peter with a music CD called Lance and the Boils out of what was strongly implied to be revenge towards Andy for her choice of music as a teenager.


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