He has blue eyes and long, teal hair with a long fringe which hangs over his right-hand eye.

Due to signing up for the organization, Biker is one of the many individuals in Miami to become a killer working for 50 Blessings, but chose to use his own motorcycle helmet as a mask rather than the animal masks given out to operatives. Second 1/6 scale "12 inch" Hotline Miami BIKER figure by Dennaton, Devolver Digital and esctoy.com. Evan, who had found it difficult to understand most of Biker's drunken ramblings, tells him that Biker has had plenty to drink, and refuses to pay him due to the information Biker gave to him not being substantial enough.

Evan asks if he is referring to the war against the Russians in Hawaii, but Biker sharply corrects him that he killed some Russians in Miami.

Shipping includes insurance.

This includes all 1/6 scale (12”) Biker collectible figures signed by Jonatan Söderström & Dennis Wedin. Much like Jacket, he is a masked spree killer who spends several nights raiding operations owned by the Russian Mafia after receiving cryptic instructions on his answering machine from 50 Blessings ordering him to do so.

Biker then heads back to his bike, flees Miami and rides off into the desert to escape from 50 Blessings coming after him. This original series by DAYJOB STUDIO dives into the backstory of several of the factions in Hotline Miami on their path to confrontation. Begging not to be harmed, the technician, despite not knowing who is screening the calls, tells Biker that PhoneHom is being used by 50 Blessings to cover up the calls, admitting that he helped them set up their phone-lines at PhoneHom. Despite being a vicious and brutal mass murderer, Biker immediately abhors the Janitors upon finding out their plans, considering their scheme to be crazy, berates them for threatening people to do their work for them and calls them "nationalist scumbags" who wasted his time. Biker then demands the two hundred dollars, claiming that he needs another drink.

Biker's encounter with the Janitors can play out one of two ways if the player has or has not collected all of the secret puzzle pieces throughout the game: After each ending, the player can choose to either spare the Janitors or kill them. Includes one 20 x 30 Hotline Miami Biker exclusive poster signed by Erick Scarecrow “Jonatan Söderström & Dennis Wedin” and all the other rewards in this campaign. Subscribed to the newsletter.

Biker still maintained his attitude however, becoming hostile towards Evan upon not being paid for giving him information and sharply talks back at him each time he interrupts him.

Biker is a young man who appears to be in his mid-late twenties. Upon returning to Miami in 1991, he becomes an alcoholic desperate for booze-money and only vaguely recalls his past work with 50 Blessings, with Evan, his interviewer, only perceiving his story as the ramblings of a drunkard. 79. Biker is not seen again, and it is unknown whether or not he had survived the nuclear war that had ensued at the end of Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number.


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