CHECK YOUR INBOX WITHIN THE NEXT 3 HOURS AND GRAB YOUR EBOOK! And, after a couple of months of being unemployed, it's probably best that you update your profile.

Past Position DescriptionLeft job voluntarily in excellent standing with a track record of success and excellent recommendations (see below).

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if you have less than 5 years of work experience.

and if yours is of this kind, chances are high that your LinkedIn profile includes many more critical mistakes. That way, your profile is technically correct, and you're not highlighting your unemployed status.

or "I am interested in freelance opportunities. If you’re looking for a job, you can let recruiters and your network on LinkedIn know you’re open to new job opportunities. Options for when you're out of work include stating it in your profile, or not mentioning it at all.

If they want you badly enough and have to poach you from someone else – they will (try). Some profiles list "Unemployed" or "Seeking New Position" as the company name, but then you're advertising the fact that you're out of a job. There’s a big difference between “forgetting” to update your social media and lying on a resume or during a conversation with a prospective employer. HERE For instance, you could change it to "Open to opportunities.". It's a quick and easy way to let folks you're connected with know that you could use their help. The following 126-character headlines combine both, telling the recruiter more about the job-seekers and what they want to do: These formulas may help to get you cracked the right way: >> (add target role title) now ready for my next (add functions / skills) role, >> Career Target: (add target role title) | (add keywords), >> (add target role title) who (solves what problem) for (who) | Seeking new opportunities, >> (add target role title) ready to (add benefit you deliver) for (company or client descriptor). If you're doing freelance or consulting work, another option is to list your company as "Self-employed.". Need more LinkedIn tips? How To Rank High On LinkedIn – And Why Is It Important.

Many LinkedIn members do use their headline to state only they are looking for a job. Should You Update Your LinkedIn Profile—Or Not? Your connections may reciprocate. You could post a status update with, "Currently looking for a finance position. If this is a concern for you, consider not listing a current job or listing your current position as “Self-employed.” You can also list yourself as looking for work immediately after losing your job, and then switch to “Self-employed” if your initial announcement doesn’t draw the kinds of offers you’re looking for. There are options you can use that will show you're job searching, without stating publicly why you're seeking employment.

is an amazing platform to set out your stall. Were you able to complete your intended purpose today?

You can also reach out to former managers and colleagues and request a LinkedIn recommendation. For example: If you decide to mention that you're looking for a new job and you'd like the help of your network, here are some examples of what to list: Listing your current position can be a dilemma, as well.

What was your primary purpose for visiting the LinkedIn Help Center today? That's especially important if you're leaving your old employment information on your profile. Finally, double-check that the information in your LinkedIn profile matches your resume: Be sure that what you list on LinkedIn matches the information that's on your resume. The best way to do that is to clarify your situation in your position descriptions. The article will follow this important notice: ExcellenceResumes has recently released the most efficient interview and job search guides of all times. When you’re unemployed, updating your LinkedIn profile can get complicated in a hurry. Scroll down to discover why you should NEVER write “Looking for opportunities”! Your picture is the first thing networking contacts and employers who are sourcing candidates are going to notice, so make sure it's a good one. What to Put on LinkedIn When You Are Unemployed, What to Include in Your LinkedIn Profile When You're Unemployed.

It’s also easy to update social media, which means that you have the freedom to try various options and see how they land with recruiters and hiring managers. You may be tempted to do it too, believing that it might help your job search. On the flip side, you may not want to advertise the fact that you're unemployed.

Overall, how satisfied were you with your experience on the LinkedIn Help Center today? Click HERE if you have more than 10 years of work experience.

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or "I am interested in freelance opportunities. Let me know if someone in your network needs help writing or editing." Regardless of the option you choose for your current status, be sure to take some time to make sure your LinkedIn profile is robust and reflects the highlights of your career, to date. We will not follow up directly on feedback submitted. They use headlines like: >> Looking for / open to / available for / seeking / considering new opportunities / roles, >> Actively seeking work / employment / a new role / the next challenge, >> Available for work / employment / permanent and contract opportunities. They will change the way you have been searching for job and handling interviews forever. If you left your position voluntarily, you might decide to make that clear to employers.

Click What should you list for your professional headline and current position when you are between jobs?

Recruiters are hiring you on the value you can add to them, not so much on whether you are immediately available!

Do you have a custom LinkedIn URL?

Seeing this drives recruiters slightly nuts. ), Privacy Policy: We hate SPAM and promise to keep your email address safe, Super Simple LinkedIn Profile Picture Tips, The Latest Checklist For A High-Converting Resume, Always Ask This Question At The End Of An Interview. A simple option is to put an end date on your last position and not add a new one. Many hiring managers persist in giving preference to candidates who are currently employed, despite the fact that if the recession taught us anything, it’s that even the best workers can lose their jobs. If not, it's quick and easy to get one that you can add to your resume and share with employers. You could post a status update with, "Currently looking for a finance position.

The idea here is to make it appear as if you had “forgotten” to update your profile. If you want to mention that you're available, without going into details, one of the best options is to share your expertise in your professional headline. If you're not getting good results, you can try something different.


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