Candidates from a French Baccalaureate program completed outside of Quebec, or who are finishing high school not eligible to apply. Phone: 021 650 3086. Although legal methods, LRW, and legal process are offered in the same format and sequence for all first year students, the remaining five courses (constitutional, contracts, criminal, property and torts) will vary in their format and sequencing for each student.

For detailed information about the Upper Year Program, see the JD Degree Requirements from the Academic Handbook. 78 Queen's Park ( View Map )Toronto, ON M5S 2C5Tel: 416-978-0210. a top 10 law school on the worldwide Times Higher Education 2020 rankings. The University of Toronto Faculty of Law is a top 10 law school on the worldwide Times Higher Education 2020 rankings.View the world rankings. In their final year of study, third-year students interested in pursuing an academic career are also able to undertake original research and writing in an advanced workshop setting. The first-year program offers a high degree of contact between students and faculty members. See our Admissions Events page for upcoming information sessions at the Faculty of Law or at your university. Our Peer Mentoring Program is designed to facilitate a friendly, welcoming first-year experience. See Yourself Here is an annual open house that provides high school students from diverse backgrounds with a chance to learn about the law school admission process and the legal profession. In addition, many seminars offer a “supervised upper year research paper” option: the opportunity to produce a more substantial paper under the professor’s supervision, for additional credit (LAW599H). Complex substantive texts in both languages are assigned as readings in all first-year courses and in many upper-year courses. Credit/No Credit (CR/NCR) grades on the 2019-2020 academic record due to COVID-19, Inclusivity and Diversity at the Faculty of Law, National Committee on Accreditation Applicants, National Committee on Accreditation Options, Law School Access Program (Free LSAT Prep), SJD Program (Doctor of Juridical Science), Program Requirements: Non-degree Special Students, David Asper Centre for Constitutional Rights, David Asper Centre: Constitutional Advocacy Clinic, International Reproductive and Sexual Health Law Program, Symposium on Discrimination and Subordination, The Idea of Office: Perspectives from Private Law, Public Law, and Jurisprudence Conference, Critical Analysis of Law: An International & Interdisciplinary Law Review, Journal of International Law and International Relations, Middle East Law and Governance journal (MELG), Globalization, Law & Justice Workshop Series, Mary and Philip Seeman Health Law, Ethics and Policy Series, Academic Visitors to the University of Toronto Faculty of Law, Career Explorer: A Map for UofT Law Students, Mentorship and Peer Programs at U of T Law, Mindfulness program at the Faculty of Law, The Canadian Association of Refugee Lawyers (CARL), Criminal Law Students' Association (CLSA), Faculty of Law Athletic Association/Intramurals, South Asian Law Students' Association (SALSA), Technology and Intellectual Property Group, Student Participation in University and Faculty of Law Governance, Special Features of the Jackman Law Building, Statement of Acknowledgement of Traditional Land, Truth and Reconciliation Commission Implementation Committee. We offer support to Indigenous candidates to help them meet language proficiency requirements. We provide the following statistics on our incoming class for information purposes only. Contact Us.

Typical law degree entry requirements… The combination of grades you’ll be expected to achieve in order to earn a place on an LLB course will differ slightly depending on the university. Notable capstone courses have included a focus on equity and diversity in the legal profession, Ontario's electoral system, the use of forced labour in Burma, the future of law reform in Ontario, and access to and enhancement of civil justice.

A recent new offering is the Centre for Transnational Legal Studies, a global education centre based in London, England where highly qualified students can pursue legal studies together under outstanding faculty from participating schools such as the University of Toronto, Georgetown University, the University of Fribourg, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, King's College London, the University of Melbourne and the National University of Singapore.

Each academic year the Centre hosts up to 10 University of Toronto J.D. Here we present the education and language proficiency requirements for the BCL/JD program. We rely on the essays for information that cannot be conveyed by numbers. Admission Requirements ... February 3, 2021, for Fall 2021 entry; Depending on your combined performance in academics, audition, portfolio review and/or interview, your admission average required for this program is in the mid-70s. Upper Year Requirements. For detailed information about the 2020 - 2021 first year program, please see the First Year Academic Program from the Academic Handbook. Quick Links. A highlight of the final year of law school is the capstone course, in which students engage in an intensive, academically rigorous and meaningful faculty-supervised study opportunity, with participation by leading external experts.

Students with a French Baccalaureate from Quebec (Collège international Marie de France, or Collège Stanislas) are also eligible to apply. Please explore our website, including our JD admissions policies, information about our curriculum, our faculty, our varied combined programs opportunities, our financial aid options, and student life. Check out our Admissions Tumblr at It does not indicate a positive or negative assessment of an application. Special Lectures, Workshops, Seminars, and Conferences.

There are some important requirements in the upper years, as students acquire a solid foundation to study law by completing the first year program, and the Faculty wants upper year students to explore the vast possibilities opened by legal study during their final four terms.

Every year we accept candidates with scores that may appear to be less competitive but whose applications considered as a whole merit admission.

They must also submit transcripts from any post-secondary English and French language courses they have taken. Entry requirements What qualifications do you need? students and two faculty members. Each application is considered on an individual basis. For more details, please see our Financial Aid Booklet. Check out our FAQ related to the admissions process, LSATs and GPA requirements, as well as practical information about studying law. These courses are evaluated through a total of five final examinations, two in December and three in April.

While candidates with 60 credits of university studies are eligible to apply to the Faculty of Law, admission to the program is highly competitive. This includes a pedagogical skills-training component to support and encourage students in their goal of becoming law faculty members, The Faculty of Law also offers the widest range of Combined Programs of any law school in Canada. In-class attendance is required, since online, distance or dedicated weekend/evening program versions are not currently available. Beginning in January of 2020, the Faculty offers these intensive courses in early January, before the Winter term upper year classes begin.

We use three sources of information to assess your application: The review process is holistic, which means that we look at all of these factors together.

Our JD admissions process is designed to identify exceptional students who will bring a broad and complex set of life experiences to the study of law.

Advanced Legal Research, Analysis & Writing (LAW307H): This course, taught by professional research lawyers, aims to provide practical research and writing skills. Our first-year curriculum includes two courses that are preparatory in nature: (1) Legal Methods; and (2) Legal Research and Writing; and six substantive law courses: Constitutional Law; Contracts; Criminal Law; Legal Process; Property; and Torts. The course is designed to introduce students to the foundational information and reasoning needed to make the most of the JD program from the outset. By enrolling in a seminar, you have the opportunity to interact closely with a professor and to complete a significant piece of legal writing. McGill's BCL/JD program is offered in a bilingual environment.

Applications that include no evidence of passive bilingualism will likely be rejected. Students in the Combined Programs should review their specific combined program information to determine their courseload. The nature of the small group format gives students an excellent opportunity to obtain feedback on written work, as well as gain additional exposure to the basics of legal research.

Candidates must demonstrate that they are at least passively bilingual, which means that they have at a minimum an advanced intermediate level of reading and aural comprehension of both English and French. Language testing is NOT an admissions interview. We strive to build a diverse and unique community of students who will forge lifelong friendships as they learn with and from each other. Collectively, these courses provide a rigourous legal foundation and introduce students to a wide range of views and a diversity of perspectives on law and legal reasoning. Participants attend inspirational speaker sessions, educational workshops, and a networking reception with law students, alumni and members of the legal community. Students continue to learn outside the four walls of the Faculty's classrooms through a co-curricular education program that includes four legal clinics, four student-run law journals, a client-counseling competition and a mooting program that is one of the best in the country. French language self-assessment questionnaire. LLM, SJD. We accept a wide range of international qualifications. These include: Seminars: Many professors offer seminars in their areas of research. It's a great place to stay current on admissions updates throughout the application cycle. Email: Please consult the Indigenous Applicants page for more information.

Read how to get started on becoming a lawyer in Ontario. Student Scholarship Workshop (LAW505H): Many students produce publishable academic writing while in law school. Passive bilingualism is a minimum requirement, not a competitive admissions asset. Find out more about the path from high school for becoming a lawyer. To demonstrate that they meet bilingualism requirements, candidates must indicate in their application how they acquired both English and French. The LRW course offered in the first term of the first year program provides students with the opportunity to further develop their legal analysis, and to write and conduct research competently. There is one entry point the degree program each year in the latter half of August (first year entry) or early September (upper year entry). The JD program is designed as a three-year full-time program (in special circumstances an admitted full-time student may seek permission to complete the program as a half-time student).

On this page: Education Language skills Education requirements All applicants must have a minimum of: 60 credits of university studies, or a diploma of collegial studies (DCS) from a Quebec College of General and Professional Education (CEGEP). Our holistic admissions approach also means that if your undergraduate record (and graduate, if applicable) and LSAT score (or scores) are below our medians, you should still consider applying. The small group provides a seminar-style learning experience in which students interact closely with a law professor and fellow students in a convivial learning environment. JD Program Length, Entry Point and Delivery. If you have written an academic paper in a seminar and are interested in transforming it into a publishable work, you should consider this workshop. To help prepare for law school we encourage you to read about our youth outreach activities.


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