The latest news for Minecraft Dungeons is now shown in the main menu, Reduced minimum threat level from V to IV to make the boss less difficult to beat (letting more players unlock Adventure mode), Made each soul collected respect your soul gather bonus, Capped the damage on which life-steal is based to the actual health of the target, Reduced radiance melee range to 750 (same as ranged), Fixed issue causing radiance heal amount to scale twice as much as it should (effective reduction at Apocalypse -50%), Increased radiance ranged trigger chance to 20% -> 50%, Reduced stun duration of snowball 3s -> 2s, Synergy now triggers on Lightning Rod and Corrupted Beacon when it is activated, Increased duration from 2,3,4, to 3,5,7 seconds, Removed soul-amount multiplier for the speed bonus on collected soul (each visual soul == one stack), Removed soul amount multiplier on soul collection, Increased effect from 1/2/3% to 2/4/6% per visual soul collected, Soul Gathering is now collected from all gear no matter what kind of kill it is, All soul themed enchantments now give +1 Soul Gathering (added bullet point to UI), All soul themed permanent enchantments now increase the item's natural soul gathering, Added error feedback to soul bar when you have too little souls, Max damage also effectively increased by 60% due to damage being DAMAGE PER SOUL, Increased beam radius 150 -> 200 unreal units, Fixed bug causing the armor property bonus damage to be applied twice. The following issues are active as of June 22, 2020 in version

The Standard Edition of Minecraft Dungeons is included in your Xbox Game Pass membership, with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members having access on both console and Windows PC. , hit up the Minecraft Dungeons Discord server at, Fixed several crashes that could occur during gameplay, Fixed a crash that could occur when starting a game session, Fixed a crash that could occur when using fishing rods, Fixed several crashes related to picking up food items, Fixed a crash that could occur when moving away from enchanted mobs, when players were almost finished loading, Fixed infinite loading screen issue when transitioning between levels while players are loading in online co-op, Added version number to the Settings screen, Fixed spawning and sometimes dying under the world when a mission is completed (, Fixed a slope in Pumpkin Pastures that could kill players just by walking into it (, It's no longer possible to leave Creepy Crypt without picking up the tome (, Fixed the settings menu not able to be opened more than once from the main menu, Fixed the Surprise Gift enchantment not dropping any items, a chance of dropping rewards when defeated, left gamepad stick is being tilted, pressing the A button, Fixed several issues that occurred while Player 3 was j, Fixed merchants not showing up properly in online co-op, Food spawned from enchantments and the tables in Highblock Halls now count towards the "Om Nom Nom" achievement, Fixed "Kill the Zombie" tutorial hint lingering for too long, Fixed several text strings not fitting inside buttons in several languages, the music for the stats and reward screen not playing, Implemented missing arrow impact sound effects, Fixed items spawned by Food Reserves and Surprise Gifts to not appear for all players in online co-op, Fixed a chance of getting stuck in the air when Ghost Cloak ran out, Fixed players sometimes getting sent back to the main menu when starting or completing mission, Spawn cage audio no longer continues to play after destruction, Fixed chests sometime looping the opening sound effect, Fixed low host FPS disconnecting players during camp/mission transition, Fixed missing textures on the reward screen in several instances, Radiance enchantment effects are now visible to all players in online co-op, Fixed runes not activating properly for clients in multiplayer sessions, Mode has been turned on while waiting for the code to link a Microsoft Account, Fixed the quick unequip button being incorrect on single Joy-Con, as well as category shifting buttons being wrong after changing between single and dual Joy-Cons while in the inventory, ncorrect button prompts on the user interface when using a single Joy-Con in local co-op, Fixed the game freezing when pressing the Back button on the code screen while linking a Microsoft Account, Fixed a green line that appeared at the bottom of the Mojang Studios splash screen in 1080p, Trophies are now disabled for non-PSN account local users on PS4 local co-op when not Player 1, The prizes for surviving these supernatural trials will be ultra-exclusive gear and weapons that are a must-have for this spooky season. The following issues are active as of June 22, 2020 in version

The update is currently only available for Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4. but don’t fret, players on Windows and Xbox One will be getting the update soon with even more fixes specific to those platforms. Then the new Apocalypse Plus feature is for you! Minecraft Dungeons uninstall bug. Show full articles without "Continue Reading" button for {0} hours. We’ve wrapped up the most common bugs and issues affecting Dungeons today. This journey is meant for the bravest of heroes, for all twisted vines and paths lead to the source of corruption: The Jungle Abomination. This patch has arrived ahead of the game's first DLC launch in July, which will add three new missions to Minecraft Dungeons. This beast must be dealt with to restore balance to the jungle, so strike true and move swiftly, This pack is also available for players who have already purchased Minecraft Dungeons Hero Edition or the Hero Pass Upgrade. If you are dealing with issues not on this list, the freshly-named Mojang Studios encourages players to submit a bug report. Below follows every known Minecraft Dungeons bug, error, and current launch issue. This new feature doesn't change the game you know and love but adds a whole new dimension of difficulty for those who want an extra challenge. Verdant Robe is a unique set of armor in Minecraft Dungeons used to protect against attacks. As always, please be sure to report any bugs you encounter to Minecraft Dungeons has just received a big patch, and it's focused on squashing bugs and getting the game into good shape. Since the game is relatively new, the massive crash reports did not surprise many. Minecraft Dungeons bugs, issues, and glitches. If you’re looking to join a community of like-minded players, hit up the Minecraft Dungeons Discord server at The update is currently only available for Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 but don’t fret, players on Windows and Xbox One will be getting the update soon with even more fixes specific to those platforms. © 2009-2020. It is available on Xbox Game Pass for Xbox One and PC. :) So the bug would only impact players who had selected a custom install location for Dungeons where other program files also exist, then tried to uninstall the Dungeons Launcher. Decreased the difficulty of some Daily Trials and all Trials now give better rewards, Pillager base damage has been reduced from 75 to 62, Deflecting has been rebalanced from 20/40/60% to 25/35/45%, Mob enchantments are now significantly scarier, Just before retrieving an item after an upgrade, you can now see the possible power range, Once an item reaches a certain power level, you’ll need to play missions on higher difficulty levels to upgrade the item further, If the blacksmith can upgrade the item, the item always gets at least +1 power level after upgrading, Unequipping items in the inventory without swapping the item for another item has some issues. Buzz into combat using new tools such as the Beenest, the Beenest Armor, and the Tumblebee enchantment! Should none of these solutions help, try deleting the game and reinstall it. reduced damage bonus from Soul Robe compared to before), Fixed bug in soul cost which was making it not drain correctly, Increased damage 30 damage per soul -> 60 damage per soul, Max damage also effectively increased by 50% due to damage being DAMAGE PER SOUL, Increased healing allies spark start speed 100% and acceleration 150%, Your non-soul item kills still give souls, All ally player kills where either the player or the kill is within 1200 range, you get souls too, Number now shown in the HUD next to soul bar for changes to souls, Soul Gathering bonus from armors reduced 100% -> 50%, Fixed several crashes that could occur during gameplay and improved stability across all platforms, Fixed a crash that could occur when joining an online game, Controls are no longer unresponsive while interacting with a merchant or Camp chest and getting kicked or disconnected from an online session, Fixed a crash that occurred while host was fighting the Heart of Ender and other players were below the arena, waiting by the jump pads, Potential fix for crash that occurs when there's no proper audio device connected, Fixed a crash that occurred when docking and undocking during a loading screen on Nintendo Switch, Fixed a crash that could occur on PC when pressing Enter on the Add Friend screen, Fixed an infinite loading screen that could occur after joining another player's session after reconnecting to Xbox Live while in a suspended state during single player gameplay, Fixed an infinite loading screen that could occur when attempting to proceed past the title screen after being forcibly signed out during a loading screen, Fixed some issues with Windows Store players receiving the "Unable to verify game ownership" error (, Added a notification when a player leaves the game during online multiplayer, Fixed the game getting stuck in offline game when removing a second player from the main menu, Starting an offline game after the host of an online game forcibly disconnects no longer launches into a mission-camp hybrid (, Kicked players can no longer rejoin the session without an invitation if they were kicked during the reward screen, Players are no longer able to send invitations or join themselves through the Xbox app, Fixed camera issues that could occur when players simultaneously jumped off a cliff, Fixed dying on some ledges in Obsidian Pinnacle without falling off, Fixed some sections of Camp that caused players to get out of bounds (, Fixed players getting stuck in a pit on Squid Coast, Players can no longer fall off the edge at the start of the secret Rune Room, Players can no longer roll onto platforms in Cacti Canyon before they’re raised, Arrows no longer auto-target dead mobs until their bodies disintegrate, Fixed Redstone Golems not attacking players if attacked from a far distance, Fixed the Cores not animating during the Redstone Monstrosity fight during online multiplayer, Shooting a Key Golem with Trickbow or Heavy Crossbow no longer causes arrows to loop back and forth around them, Fixed Witch potion bottle breaking sounds, Fixed Redstone Monstrosity and Arch-Illager sound effects not affected by master volume setting, Fixed sound effects for some artifacts not playing when encountering large groups of mobs, The "Start Game" button on the main menu now defaults to the last selected mode, Fixed missing characters in Korean localization the enchantment and brightness screens (, Burning enchantment now has the proper description, stating that it "damages nearby enemies", Artifacts can no longer hover over weapon and armor slots on the Inventory screen, Flaming Quiver/Torment Quiver/Fireworks no longer overlap with arrows on the HUD, Fixed overlapping buttons on the main menu in non-widescreen resolutions, Fixed corrupted Fireworks Arrow animation, Power and level of consumable items no longer on the HUD in online multiplayer, Fixed mob health bars get wider as the game progresses, The friend list now updates properly after kicking a player, Fixed the friend list automatically scrolling when clicking buttons or hovering the "Join" button, The host of an online multiplayer game now always appears at the top of the player list, Fixed an issue that caused the Corrupted Cauldron not to spawn in the Soggy Swamp mission during online multiplayer, Fixed an infinite loading screen when accepting a game invite while the title was suspended during online gameplay, Fixed a crash that could occur when joining local multiplayer, Improved data collection to help identify game crashes, The game now has the correct naming across all languages.


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