Dubbed Mini Model, the new spot will offer Stumptown Coffee to pair with pastries, grab-and-go lunches, freshly baked goods and breakfast sandwiches. Try it. A family business, Karen Mitchell and her daughter, Sarah Mitchell Hansen, are dedicated to authentic, artisan baking traditions.

Social distancing - which is so important - is a buzz kill for ambience.

© 2019 BREAKFAST STOPS AT 1PM. Their packs of 6 English muffins were all sold out, but I was able to order 8 individual English muffins and a coffee drink.

Look delicious.

Napa Valley is beautiful without the added patina of faux French rusticity. Pathetic.

Visit our events calendar for the latest events happening in Yountville and the Napa Valley.

About: This is the second outpost of the Model Bakery in Oxbow Public Market.

© 2020 YOUNTVILLE.COM | brought to you by, Bread & Butter Tasting at Handwritten Wines.

The employees were able to find my order in their system and cancel the English muffins, so how did my order not go through? Hours: Add to wishlist Add to compare Share #1 of 9 coffeehouses in Yountville #4 of 30 cafes in Yountville #5 of 8 restaurants with desserts in Yountville . I wish it was a lot cheesier though but for an artisan version (vs typical doughnut shop versions) it's pretty good.

Yountville is a good place to have a store. All locations offer Stumptown Coffee, delicious daily breakfast and lunch specials for dining in or take out, and other favorites such as their English muffin (as featured on Food Network and Oprah’s Favorite Things 2016), chocolate cookies, cinnamon morning buns,a variety of distinctive sandwich combinations, and much more.

HOURS Monday: 6:30am-12pm Tuesday: CLOSED Wednesday: 6:30am-12pm Thursday: 6:30am-12pm Friday: 6:30am-12pm Saturday: 6:30am-1pm Sunday: 6:30am-1pm

Wasted our brunch hour, didn't get food, and they were straight nasty about it, seeming annoyed at us, the customer for asking for food... what the heck. Friday - Sunday.

You can have good cupcakes, parfait and Scones at Model Bakery. Most of our sites are not the same domain.

Model Bakery; Model Bakery.

Try it. © 2020 YOUNTVILLE.COM | brought to you by, To Kalon Tasting at Robert Mondavi Winery, 24 Hour Wine Country Getaway in Yountville.

707-944-1701. goods is one that year after year has been on Oprah's Favorite Things list...The Englis Muffins.

Housed in one of our 125 year old Cabooses, this charming setting not only serves up specialy coffee and tea drinks but along with many of their wonderful baked … In May 2017, The Model Bakery opened its third location “Mini Model” in Yountville. Order online and track your order live. Drink the delicious wine served here. 707-944-2000 $8.95 6523 Washington St, Yountville, California, USA, The best English muffin you will ever have in your life can be found at Model bakery. Our menu includes Breakfast Sandwiches, English Muffins, Sourdough Bread, Coffee Drinks & Pastries. 6523 Washington St, Yountville It is the Mini , and it is housed in a trailer on the main drag in Yountville. | var xmlhttp0; xmlhttp0 = new XMLHttpRequest(); For almost ninety years The Model Bakery has been a Napa Valley mainstay, serving discerning residents and visitors alike. This location just opened on June 2nd and is a smaller version of … So by the time I arrived, they were all sold out.

A family business, Karen Mitchell and daughter, Sarah Mitchell Hansen, are dedicated to authentic, artisan baking traditions. You're welcome.

The wait was reasonable 10 am on a Sunday. If you're in Yountville looking for a delicious and quick breakfast, this is the place to go.

Didn't have time to drive to St. Helena and Napa was also sold out.

Monday - Thursday. Discover why Yountville is considered the Culinary Capital of the Napa Valley. In May 2017, The Model Bakery opened its third location at in the charming town of Yountville, often referred to as "Mini Model". var AFT = "Z9PIV2OFU1WIJUM2MUFSDNB1DZPED3QBDFOCUK8WDXQBDCOJUZ8MD72H24Q8DMORUK36G32322Q5DVOQUV3GGZ3N103214QY2GV0TL0AQ7DZODU740BA6H65Q5DWOOU54LBU332RQ32TVWTEB5N4QZDCOAUQ85DMBQEOEVMYJ8TOUNJUO1HYSIFTG6FKSXSTBMM8FEOEUDSHJ6F1T6"; function recordReferralOnClick(profileidcsv, listingidcsv, referraltype) {

Restaurant menu. Seems like an exaggeration, but it is not. Seems like an exaggeration, but it is not. xmlhttp0.open("POST", "/external/wcpages/v12/referral/record.aspx?ProfileIDsCSV=" + profileidcsv + "&ListingIDsCSV=" + listingidcsv + "&ReferralType=" + referraltype + "&FileName=" + filename + "&AFT=" + AFT, true); This place seems to be one of many trying to capture the quaintness of Napa. This location in Yountville is not the famous location.

Offering specialty coffee drinks, fresh juice, nutritious smoothies and fresh baked pastries hotel guests do not have to leave the hotel to enjoy a great start to their day of exploring the wine country.

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The employees were able to find my order in their system and cancel the English... Coqueta Napa Valley - 6525 Washington St, Yountville, Bouchon Bakery - 6528 Washington St, Yountville, Southside Yountville - 6752 Washington St, Yountville, Bottega Napa Valley - V Marketplace, 6525 Washington Street. but the whole breakfast sandwich... 9/6/20 xmlhttp0.send(xmlhttp0POST);

Whether breakfast or lunch, or even in between, you’ll always feel part of our vibrant Napa Valley community at the Model Bakery!


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