Yet, even in the midst of grueling hospital work, the Nancies never let down their guard and never stopped training to face the enemy in battle.

On an historical note, I recall when Morgantown Writers Group published Mist on the Mon, 20 years ago.

Ann Morgan grew up in the colony of North Carolina. Serving first with the Moccasin Rangers, a pro-Confederate guerrilla group in present-day West Virginia, she later joined the Confederate Army and continued to serve as a guide and spy under General Stonewall Jackson. "Will the Real Nancy Hart Please Come Forth."

You were a member back in the day.

Still, one started toward her and fell wounded.

Tensions had been mounting between the British and American Colonists for about a decade before the revolution erupted in 1775. Either way, copious amounts of alcohol figure into the story. Be well, my friend. Born in a Cherokee village on the Little Tennessee River, Nanye’hi was the daughter of a Cherokee mother of the Wolf clan and a Delaware father. Though there are few contemporary accounts to confirm many of the stories surrounding her, in 1912 workmen found six bodies near the site of the Hart cabin that had been there for at least a century, confirming at least one of the many tales of Hart’s bravery. 2015, “Nancy Harts: Female Company Defends Against Raiders.” Troup County Archives,

Since LaGrange was close to an intact rail line, their four hospitals were often full and women routinely took the wounded into their private homes for medical care.

Benjamin Hart died shortly thereafter. But the story begins in April 1965 when a fire tower watchman was laid to rest beside the grave of the Confederate spy. Reports say that Nancy was red-headed, badly scarred by smallpox, about six feet tall, and often was beguilingly described as “muscular” with no additional commentary. She likely wasn’t quiet about where her sympathies lay; something led a Tory spy to come a-creeping up on her cabin. Only shortly after the troops left LaGrange to continue on their way to Macon, word came that the war was officially over.

Nancy Morgan Hart (c. 1735 – 1830) was a heroine of the American Revolutionary War whose exploits against Loyalists in the Georgia backcountry are the stuff of legend. (Yes, ladies, I know many of you consider that redundant, but we’ll leave that discussion for another day.). They killed the last turkey in her yard and demanded she cook it for them, which she agreed to do.

She was inducted into Georgia Women of Achievement in 1997. Some accounts say that Nancy fired off a warning shot into one of the soldiers that attempted to rush her. The marker on Nancy's grave was erected by a 4th grade class at Beaver Elementary School in Craigsville, WV, in 1987 as a class project.

The Nancies obtained whatever weapons they could and drilled twice a week.

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do not show any casualties for July 18–25, 1862[5].

Six British soldiers arrived at the Hart homestead demanding food. Coulter, E. Merton, "Nancy Hart, Georgia Heroine of the Revolution: The Story of the Growth of a Tradition," Georgia Historical Quarterly 39 (June 1955): 118-51. Our writers group is going strong with 16 active writers, many as WVW State award winners, and/or with work published in short story, non-fiction, novel. She grew up in the Yadkin River Valley, which was along the western frontier of the North Carolina colony.

[2]That same night, Hart escaped from the Union camp on Starr's horse and joined a regiment of about 200 Confederate soldiers led by Major R. Augustus Bailey (the Moccasin Rangers had been disbanded since the death of Perry Conley). Nancy Morgan Hart died in 1830 and was buried in the Hart family cemetery outside of Henderson, Kentucky. She sent her 12-year-old daughter, Sukey, to fetch water, quietly instructing her to blow into a conch shell kept near the spring. The National Women’s Historical Society is a Mississippi-based nonprofit corporation. While the turkey was cooking, Nancy sent her daughter to fetch some water from the spring and secretly instructed her to blow a conch shell there to warn her husband and the neighbors.

But there is one piece of physical evidence that supports the legend. Chandler, Ray, "The Legend of Nancy Hart," North Georgia Journal (summer 1999), 22-26. Note: Your privacy is important to us, so please know that your information will always remain confidential! She then hog-tied him and turned him over to the Patriots. Michals, Debra. Nancy Morgan married Benjamin Hart, and moved with her husband to northern Georgia.

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1902 [1913(?)) To the residents there, Hart was the pinnacle of Southern frontier grit. A Myth is Born. George M. Lies, To demonstrate their gratitude for his honesty, the women hosted a dinner for the Colonel. Nancy Morgan Hart was born around the year 1735, the daughter of Thomas and Rebecca Morgan.

Your email address will not be published. Georgians have memorialized Nancy Hart in a number of ways.

The grave of Joshua Douglas is in the Richwood City Cemetery in Richwood, WV.

In the end, the Nancies chose to use their diplomacy rather than their military training to protect their town. Benjamin Hart arrived with help. Rather than sit back and hope for the best, the women of LaGrange drew inspiration from their tall, tough Georgia ancestor.

He died shortly thereafter, and Nancy returned to Broad River only to find that her home had been washed away in a river flood. She also generously shared her corn liquor, ensuring that the soldiers were well intoxicated.

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Easter Disaster in Wellsburg, West Virginia, 1902. Gerald Some Cherokee neighbors named her “Wahatche,” usually translated as “war woman.” Drawing from the same reports, some surmised that it was more Benjamin’s desire for freedom rather than his patriotism that drew him into service. Women and The American Revolution, by Mollie Somerville.

Born Nancy Hart in 1846 in Raleigh, North Carolina, she and her family moved to Tazewell, Virginia, when she was an infant. Image of Nancy Hart and daughter Sukey holding soldiers at bay. It was said she was hot-tempered and that she, not her husband, ran the family. One such reoccurring story recalls Nancy’s abilities as a spy. Estudio del trabajo I 13:00-14:00, Hechos historicos de la historia de Puerto Rico, linea del tiempo contextual de mexico 1940 a 1980. All the best to you, Your email address will not be published. Madam C.J.

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During the Civil War, a group of women in LaGrange, Georgia, founded a militia company named the Nancy Harts to defend the town from the Union army. Because stories about her are mostly unsupported by contemporary documentation, it is impossible to entirely distinguish fact from folklore. Who was going to argue with her? This fueled Nancy's rage and hatred toward the Union cause.

Shortly thereafter, she and a female friend were captured by Union troops led by Lt. Col. Starr and taken prisoner in Summersville, West Virginia. Stories this good have a way of taking on a life of their own, and perhaps some details got muddied. Nancy grabbed another shootin’ iron and renewed her threat. She could reportedly operate a gun or handle a horse as well as a man. There is no existing information about her parentage, but it is believed by most scholars that she did, indeed, have parents.


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