Thailand (TH) The receiver is also often called a “liquid receiver” and you will see it on everything from small self-contained refrigeration units to very large commercial and industrial systems.. /Filter/FlateDecode Then, the total equivalent length Le from condenser to throttling device or from receiver to subcooler must be estimated, this value is the sum of the straight pipe length and the equivalent length for fitting (elbows, contraction, etc.). The liquid line design procedure is the following: using the system capacity and the proper tablefor the considered fluid (see Figure 1), the nominal line diameter is determined.

The fig-ures are arranged in columns, each with an appro-priate heading.

R-22 are used for the example calculations. New Zealand (EN) We also use third-party tracking cookies to gauge users' preferences. <<

An energetic criterion can be considered to design the piping system; pressure drop in suction and discharge refrigerant lines reduces system efficiency because,as the saturation pressure decreases, the saturation temperature decreases, accordingly.

>> Then, consult the table below to find the charge weight needed per foot of lines. We don't collect information from our users. Subscribers can view annotate, and download all of SAE's content. Unilab SRL is a Heat Transfer Software Development Company with 30 years' of experience in the HVAC&R market. El Salvador (ES)

pressure receiver” and raises the pres-sure of the liquid for delivery to one or more evaporators having a common refrigerant temperature requirement. The liquid line that connects the condenser and the throttling device needs of different considerations; in this case, the pressure drop does not affect the energy efficiency since the aim of the throttling device is to reduce the pressure from the condensation one to the evaporation one. Refrigerant charge and internal volume of the components have influence on the performance and reliability of an Air Conditioning system. Israel (EN) 8772 0 obj <>stream Sweden (SV) << … Since the topic includes several interesting aspects, it will be subdivided in three parts: the first one will introduce the general principles of refrigerating line sizing and then will describe the procedure for the liquid lines, the second part will explain the suction and discharge design procedure, whereas the last one will be devoted to the oil management in refrigerant lines. If a receiver is used to control the refrigerant charge fluctuation during the operation, this components should be fed with saturated liquid from the condenser and, then, it should feed the liquid to the subcooler to achieve the requested subcooling level. I have two Racks that were never labeled with final charge of R22.


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