She tells her there's no such thing as a special guy, and tries to put her off even telling the story.

Stockard Channing was 34, Jeff Conaway was 28, and Olivia Newton-John was 30. Then he scooted closer. During a car race, one driver damages another car with a blade that sticks out from his car door.

Grease is a lively and fun musical with music that’s now very well known.

Follow/Fav The Car Scene. During the exciting scene, Conaway was hopping and rocking on top of the car. You can smoke, drink, break the rules, and have unprotected sex and there will be absolutely no negative consequences. Kenickie gets knocked out accidentally by a car door. Rated: Fiction M - English - Romance/Suspense - Rizzo, Kenickie - Words: 684 - Reviews: 3 - Favs: 3 - Published: 7/28/2016 - Status: Complete - id: 12073964 + - Full 3/4 1/2 Expand Tighten The car scene. In the end, Sid Caesar played the coach. In fact, they actually made an agreement with Coca-Cola's main competitor, Pepsi. She opened the door for me and we went upstairs.The next morning all the girls were asking me questions.

It seemed like everyone in the cast was a talented dancer.

When Sandy transformed into a bad girl, she wore that iconic black outfit.

It all worked out anyway. "Ya well I'll give you 75 cents for the whole car.

In one scene in particular, Kenickie picks up Rizzo so they can drive off and have sex in his car. Rizzo is the most layered and nuanced female character, brilliantly played by a raw and committed Stockard Channing. Kenickie Murdoch (Born 1941) is Danny Zuko's best friend and Second-in-Command of the T-Birds. The songs "Grease," "Sandy" and "Hopelessly Devoted to You" were the newcomers. However, at the sleepover the Pink Ladies pressure Sandy into smoking and drinking.

Not having learned his lesson, at the drive-in, when Sandy is already upset with him, Danny first tries to sneakily cop a feel while she's focused on the movie.

The only moment they're truly happy is at the beginning on the beach. He is the boyfriend of Betty Rizzo. See more ideas about Kenickie murdoch, Grease movie, Grease is the word. Would you watch an animated version of this iconic masterpiece? Grease is one of the most successful musical films of all time. But the studio required Arnaz to do a screen test before she could take the role. He’s worried about his image and thinks he can’t be seen with a ‘good girl’ like Sandy.

Is It Safer to Stay in a Hotel or Vacation Rental During the Pandemic? In the film, Travolta landed the leading role while Conaway played Danny's best friend, Kenickie Murdoch. The whole film basically pushes men to be tough, emotionless and sex-centered.

Putz and Jan have a much sweeter courtship, as do Doody and Frenchie. We just sat there staring at each otherfor a minute.

If we were going to make it all the way and I have time to get back we had to speed it up.

This reverses the usual ‘bad makes good’ story. Hold the phone! Now, Rizzo isn't someone who cares much what people think of her, but surely she could've asked Marty or somebody to hold her cone while she visited the ladies' room? It extends the scene in the movie. However, there are some unbelievable details about the film that you probably don’t know.

It's the first big banger of Grease, but there's one character who refuses to get caught up in the awesomeness of "Summer Nights" (aside from maybe Sonny, who is mad at Danny for bragging about his prowess with the ladies). Grease is a timeless classic, but some of the film's messages haven't aged so well. Producers called Olivia Newton-John to come back and perform the song. Ive asked this question a few times on here. She talks about missing a period, and other characters gossip about her situation. At Grease's Los Angeles re-release party, actors Didi Conn (Frenchy) and Dinah Manoff (Marty Maraschino) were seen keeping the tradition alive and chewing on gum. Rizzo is slut shamed ("You think I don't know what people are saying about me") for having sex and her pregnancy scare, and Danny refers to her as "sloppy seconds". Leo said as he drove away. Not to mention the disturbing line, "Did she put up a fight?".

Three guys show their bare bottoms on the dance floor. We got dressed. The whole thing is engineered to show off how much Danny is lying about the dirtier elements of the summer fling, while Sandy coos about how romantic it all was, meaning the truth is probably somewhere in the middle. Now I know that the script included him mimicking Danny in the cafeteria. All rights reserved.

But look at the song now! However, one person from production despised the song — director Randal Kleiser. We both started laughing. "Beauty School Dropout" does the opposite of encouraging women to join the workforce with lines like “Baby don't  sweat it. However, the zipper broke when she put them on. However, what led to this dispute?

She can be seen sitting and speaking to Vince Fontaine. According to IMDb, the film crew had to sew Newton-John into the tight pants each morning. It's not only one of the most beloved songs of the film, but it's also a top seller. She is constantly eating in almost every shot and her few lines involve gems such as, "Don't let me near the refreshment stand!".

She thought the film wasn't going to be good.

Sandy and Danny are doomed.

Audiences couldn't stop talking about the movie, the catchy songs and its cheerful story.

It also involves some very sexist lyrics.

When Danny and Sandy sing "Summer Nights", her side of the story is focused on the romantic aspects of the relationship, while he mostly discusses the sexual aspects to impress his friends.

Kenickie drove me back to Frenchie's where only Frenchie remained awake.

This was also the case for Susan Buckner, who portrayed head cheerleader, Patty Simcox. The very first time we meet Danny and Sandy in Grease they're on the beach at the end of summer. It’s hard to deny that Grease is an enjoyable movie to watch. Sandy begins dating Tom, a jock, and Danny turns to Coach Calhoun to get into sports to impress her, eventually becoming a runner. Before that, though, there's a moment at the pep rally that demands a closer look. "You’re the One that I Want" was an exciting scene with all types of carnival rides and games in the background. I did the Grease play when I was in high school, and I always thought it was odd how Doody's hero-worshipping attitude toward the other greaser boys was not very apparent in the movie. Slowly we kissed. For instance, several songs that we can't stop singing were created just for the film. And we, as an audience, are supposed to feel bad for Danny as a result. In a movie loaded with backwards sexual politics, this song is remarkably ahead of its time. RELATED: John Travolta's 10 Best Roles, Ranked.

The King of Rock and Roll almost starred in Grease? However, behind-the-scenes, it was a different story. 1.

Grease was supposed to be a movie about teenagers in high school, but Travolta and the gang were already in their 20s and 30s. "You bet. Some weird '50s slang that nobody gets half a century later?

We rolled around a little bit first though before we went any farther. "Annette" is Annette Joanne Funicello, a '50s movie starlet and one of the original members of the Mickey Mouse Club. He even manages to letter in track and field.

Yes, it's been quite a while since I posted anything here... and I realize that any frequent readers I may have had have likely disappeared. Sweet, innocent Sandy begins the movie as a modestly dressed, soft spoken Aussie. At the time, the best the crew could do was use an optical printer to blur out the logos. Ive asked this question a few times on here.

The black Lycra pants actually belonged to Olivia Newton-John. Or did she think kenickie was the father and just said it wasnt him to get him mad?

Follow/Fav The Car Scene. We sat there for a minute without speaking. In the end, the studio needed to record a couple of close-up shots again anyway, so they recreated some parts of the carnival. Whether it's Frenchie listening while her "guardian angel" sings dreamily to her about going back to high school, Rizzo throwing a shake at Kenickie, or the entire staff crowding around to watch the kids on TV at the dance, it's the place to be.

The T-Birds' long-running turf war with rival gang The Scorpions is hinted at throughout Grease, from the "75 cents for the whole car" comment to their leader taking Rizzo (and Marty) to the dance. "her nets")? But, nonetheless, I thought this was worth a post. He looked down at me and smiled.

We made our way into the back seat.

That is, if it even registered in the first place.

"I don't know bout you but my motors still running. " In fact, some critics initially trashed and dismissed the film in the '70s. And finally, Rizzo purposely pushes Sandy and Patti over into a trashcan, ruining their poise and disrupting the song entirely. And then, it happens. This fun little piece of advice is of course, directed at women. Take Coach Calhoun, who refuses to give up on Danny in spite of his lack of enthusiasm/skill in any of the sports he shows him.

She also appeared in the "Thunder Road drag race" scene for a really quick moment. The "Greased Lightnin’" number was full of great dancing and singing. The scene actually made many actors sick, but the driving wasn't the problem; it was the racing location. ).

When the song kicks off, she sits stiffly at the opposite end of the table from everybody else, refusing to sway along with the others while Sandy trills about Danny. One subplot involves Rizzo’s concern that she’s pregnant.

Things in Grease you only notice as an adult, between the principal and her hapless assistant. This IS Steve Worek - Accept No Substitutes, Stevie Vallance (click here and check out my friend's site! Allegedly, a whopping 100,000 pieces of bubble gum were chewed during the movie's shoot. In her case, though, this involves dressing like a ‘bad’ girl and taking up smoking.

I'm tired of finding Doritos bags in here.

Despite having a rough relationship, the two stayed together.

According to reports, an extra scene explained why the two got into a heated argument, but the producers thought the scene was too dark and heavy.

The filmmakers almost gave up and went with the Broadway name, but T-Birds made the cut.

These are all the things in Grease you only notice as an adult. The character's name is Cha Cha, who was portrayed by talented actress Annette Charles. One of the standout lyrics sees Kenickie asking Danny, "Did she put up a fight?"

Do you remember Danny’s dance partner at the Rydell Prom? Most of her big moments are quiet: the way she scrunches her face when she says "uh huh" during "Summer Nights," the "dummy he's a marine!"

Other than being a member of the Pink Ladies, Jan's whole character revolves around the fact that she likes to eat a lot. All of a sudden there was a big bump against the car. But there is a short cartoon clip at the beginning of the film. I got in the passenger side door. Did she actually think someone else was the father?

See more ideas about Kenickie grease, Grease, Grease is the word.

You’re not cut out to hold a job”.

She’s very upset by this. "Well I'll give you a hint. The 25-year-old pants were just sitting in her closet.

At its core, this song is about a woman who refuses to put her sexual needs aside, who is afraid to be vulnerable with a man because she's been hurt so much in the past, and how much worse it would be to actually admit she cares than to be called the tramp of the school by the likes of Patty Simcox.


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