If you ever withdraw your consent to allow a TPP access to your account, we will tell the TPP that you have done this. All outgoing international wire transfers must be initiated at a Santander Bank branch. You can find your routing number on personal checks and online. Businesses cannot open personal checking accounts. You will receive your PIN in a separate envelope when you receive your new debit card. While dates printed on cards do not specify a particular day, the rules are the same regardless of which financial institution issues the credit card. Registered Office: 2 Triton Square, Regent's Place, London, NW1 3AN, United Kingdom. We have also made some changes to make the Data Protection Statement easier to understand.

The introduction of the Standardised terms, Glossary and Fee Information Document, as well as the replacement of the Annual Summary with the Statement of Fees, will not result in any change to the fees or charges, or the way you manage your account. Who our agreement is with: We’ve amended the definition of “you” in the terms of your account to make it clear that the agreement is between ourselves and you, or anyone you’ve chosen and agreed can act on your behalf, such as under a power of attorney. Overdrafts on the Statement of Fees: For overdrafts the ‘Number of times the service was used’ shows on a daily basis and the ‘Number of times the fee was charged’ shows on a monthly basis. You can continue to use your existing PIN unless we've said we'll send you a new one. As of July 31, 2020, the Annual Percentage Yield (APY) for Santander ® Premier Plus Checking is 0.01%, the APY for Santander Select ® Checking accounts with balances up to $74,999.99 is 0.01%, and the APY for Santander Select ® Checking accounts with balances of $75,000.00 or higher is 0.03%. You must be 18 to open a checking account on your own, or you can open a checking account between the ages of 14 and 18 with a legal guardian as a co-owner. This means that the effective date of the change in cashback depends upon your statement date. Summary of changes1. Foreign currency purchase fee for debit card payments, previously £1.25 per transaction. Foreign currency transactions: We’re also updating the CHAPS, EEA and International Payments terms and conditions to clarify the cut-off times for these payment types. Also, as you may hold an account with us for a long time, we can’t anticipate everything that might happen over this period. For more details on how we use your information, please read the full statement (50 KB). This detail does not impact the services or fees and charges on your personal current account, but makes it easier for you to compare common charges and fees across our personal current account range and those offered by other providers. Confirmation of payee: When sending money to accounts in the UK you will now need to provide us with the exact name of the person you want to pay, along with the account number, sort code and type (business or personal). If we’ve refunded a fee after it’s been charged then you won’t see it in the Statement of Fees, but you can find it on your statement for your account. Changes to laws or banking regulations can often affect your current accounts and other banking services. may incur commission fees imposed by the retailer or bank that carries out the card payment or cash withdrawal. The Bank sent me a letter asking me to pick it up in person from the local branch, but they sent the wife's through the post! When your current Visa debit card expires or you need a replacement for a lost, stolen or damaged card, you may receive a new debit Mastercard rather than a Visa debit card. Your account number will be listed on your checking account statement, in the bottom left corner of personal checks associated with the account, and in your online banking profile. To close an account, please visit a local branch or call a Customer Service representative between the hours of 8AM -8PM ET at 877-768-2265. Is it worth renewing the Santander All in One CC (0.5% cashback with £3 monthly fee) or asking them to close the account once the card expires and the final payment takes the balance to £0? It shows all the fees and charges you’ve incurred on your account for the previous 12 months, as well as any interest earned.

Bring supporting documentation of the name change, such as a marriage license, divorce decree, or court document for our records.


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