as few words as possible. Johnny, I LOVE the examples you’ve chosen to highlight, but I must point out that this very article (and the comments that follow, for that matter) has MANY punctuation errors, most of which involve commas. Ok, to review…. In contractions of multiple words, the apostrophe is still placed where the missing text is. long work that is generally printed by itself. If you’re interested in learning more, add your email address below to get all of the details when we reopen the program to new students. @Meg – No offense, but if you leave a comment where you’re criticizing somebody’s grammar, you’ve got to expect somebody to nitpick you if you make a mistake.

If the text you are quoting is already in quotation marks, the rule “These people didn’t know what they were doing” is correct, and so is “This person didn’t know what he or she was doing.” In each of those cases, the number (singular or plural) in the subject agrees with the number in the predicate. “I literally don’t know what I’m going to do.”. I knew that “an historic” didn’t sound nearly as bad as “an horse” but couldn’t put my finger on why. As for me, I’m sticking with the most common universal pronoun at present which is “he.” We all know it means he and she. I'm glad you enjoyed my post!

I particularly like the interrobang. Up N Cut Tree Service. I do it tactfully, though, so I don’t sound like an idiot. Just curious! writing for a stranger and shift to writing for someone who already knows what you've got Very interesting article! But yes, that was me, Meg who lists no website, but mostly because I was being lazy tonight, as well as perhaps uncharacteristically sarcastic. date of the publication (Hubbard, 1996) or, for a "direct quote," the author and You *literally* [fill in the blank]?” in a sarcastic manner whenever someone says they literally [fill in the blank]. Thank you Contractions can help your writing sound more natural. Something I have pondered is the use the apostrophe as a substitute for a letter where it is not technically a contraction. Right: The class’s pet Chalk this one up to trying to sound intelligent, like the “myself” rule above. how about then written “Bob, Mr Parsons and I will make up the committee” then “I” would be the correct (nominative case) form. For example, you would not say “The committee will consist of I,” so your example is wrong. awkward too. Play’n for keeps, or A good compromise is to pick a gender and run with it. Carlin had a great bit at the beginning of his Parental Advisory album called “Offensive Language”. People will get angry at you for it, but people will always be there to defend you for it as well because technically both are correct. ever since, how, if, in order that, since, so, so that, than that, though, unless, until,

Some additional tips about "o' clock" from The Chicago Manual of Style: the number in a phrase such as "two o' clock" should always be spelled out, and the phrase "o' clock" should never be used with a.m. or p.m. Hi, does 'The Crows Nest' need an apostrophe? At risk of being an obnoxious twit, I’ll point out that many of the incorrect usages of “literally” are not grammatically incorrect, but are definitely poor word usage. there was a train coming across the road, and I slammed on the brakes, but they just went As for apostrophes, the AP style rule is that they make single letters plural, like your “Oakland A’s” example. The word they (with its counterparts them, their, and themselves) as a singular pronoun to refer to a person of unspecified sex has been used since at least the 16th century. (zowee! Every time I hear “AN historic” I want to scream. Those who have no talent will quickly fall by the wayside.

Are these probably Irish or Scottish name properly termed compound names, or? In addition to the geographical variation that we call dialects, there are also sociolects, language varieties among certain social groups (which can be defined not just by social class, but also gender, age, ethnicity, even attitudes, etc.). Note that the possessive pronouns do not use apostrophes; they are Thank you, thank you, thank you! Do not use quotation marks if you are Some of this gets down to whether you’re speaking American English or some other form. umbrellas..." Or there's always, "We should know better than to carry our Apostrophe, and figures of speech in general, are what we call literary devices, which means that it is a technique that a writer uses to produce a special effect in their general writing. That’s our National language (tongue in cheek) Strine is short for Australian. 1. NO. At the very least, they should know the more standard meaning of the word lend. And then, much to my chagrin, you committed one of my own pet peeves in comment #19. The subject/predicate thing requires creative writing to make it match. But explain to them, too, that in school it has a different meaning and you want them to use that meaning for practice. English, and would look like this: "The car was going seventy miles an hour and all of a sudden Great piece. For instance, should should n for and be written 'n'. Select the sentence that has the correct punctuation.-The need to be the best all the time--this can ruin you!-The need, to be the best all the time; this can ruin you! We only suggest products we’ve reviewed, and in many instances also use, in order to help you make the best choices. I’d also like to say that’s nothing to be scared of! Anyone else bothered by this one? By doing so, you can use “they,” “their,” etc. Repeat this often enough, and they grow up convinced that “So-and-so and I” is always correct regardless of context. (e.g. However, in Standard Written English (the English of school essays Nothing else has worked and it’s probably because he doesn’t care, but your explanation is perfect. English. Tense consistency can be tricky; check an I’m Australian… we’re a salt and vinegar nation!

I mean, come on, is it really that hard that they can’t get it right? All good ones, but the misuse of “literally” makes me (not-literally) want to pull out my hair. 22+1 sentence examples: 1. check out my twitter:

TENSE: Pick a tense and stick to it; only shift if and when the Right: The classes’ party I don’t think they were “trying to sound intelligent,” it’s just the way the language was spoken around them. I thank God that I was given that instruction all through elementary, junior-high, and high-school, every year, every day. Not more than five percent of an essay Microsoft Word will always put in the apostrophe so that it curves toward the text, which, in the example above, would be the wrong way. Grammar posts are comment magnets every time. Then I learned something, and I’m always grateful for learning something new. Incidentally, my last sentence starts with one of those subordinating

@Krissy – I have no reference, of course, because I’m sloppy about things like that.

Newspaper writers often use very short Regardless, good to see there are at least 152 others on this blog who also suffer a language pedantry affliction. Look at the part that you changed in order to change the

SPELLING: Use a spellchecker, and then double check to be sure that Each time the (sub) topic It may seem funny to you if you’re outside that group, but often it IS offensive to those within the group. @Peter – A keen example of what I said up front, and that’s that it’s really a no-win situation.

quoted material apart, indenting it, like the following: This is a long quote from somebody's book. You might consider not being an annoying spoilsport.

“The committee will consist of me.”, …but itsn’t communicating about transmission of ideas…, when Brittany Spears uses ‘literally’ to describe a non-literal situation, the audience understands that the roller coaster* going to hell is a metaphor… incorrect grammar is acceptable, shows personality, and makes you appear less of a douche… and it’s the grammatically correct people that end up looking like they’re “trying to appear smart” or impress people, if you understand the idea that the person is trying to communicate, then the language has served it’s purpose , I guess I’m not a stickler for anything proper… too many rules makes life boring! She runs around in circle’s, trying to run and jump at the same time.It’s hilarious to see her do this because she ends up doing flips. If your sentence includes a group of words that are really EXTRA, My Texan grandparents did that a lot. Certainly you want good content and grammar, but if someone just starting out doesn’t have a proofreader, what do you say if they are trying to strike a balance between getting good (grammatically correct) content out in a timely fashion? It’s like saying that one should be able to enjoy good food without being constantly aware of every single process that went on in the kitchen to produce it. Such use is not a recent development, nor is it a mark of ignorance. But you should also fix it. NOM NOM NOM NOM. Enjoy, and please @ me any really egregious ones you guys see! And yet this article — like so many articles on prescriptivist grammar — sounds like it was written by someone with a very poor understanding of linguistics and not a very good understanding of grammar, either. Apostrophes. Many publishing outlets are time sensitive, and getting something out first can make all the difference. The reason many people use “an” with “historic” is because “history” came to English by way of Old French (“histoire”), in which the “h” is silent.

Very useful article. At the bar, two strippers were all over Jim and I. THAT’S WRONG. But there is a difference in connotation between “really” and “literally”. read the newspapers, magazines and books, that many professional writers use comma faults. I really enjoyed reading this article. Apostrophes are used to show that a letter or letters have been left out. “Long before the use of generic he was condemned as sexist, the pronouns they, their, and them were used in educated speech and in all but the most formal writing to refer to indefinite pronouns and to singular nouns of general personal reference, probably because such nouns are often not felt to be exclusively singular: If anyone calls, tell them I’ll be back at six. If you have a series of words, such as apples, oranges, grapes and

Does it mean that “she” is being used as a universal pronoun more often than “he” or just more often than previously. Wrong: The class’ pet. Great post, (Before anyone yells, I know nerdery isn’t a word :p), I have to stop following this thread, as it shows all signs of going on forever. If you were to leave out “my sister and” it would be “That belongs to me”, therefore the correct word is “me”. In this case, you do NOT include an apostrophe. @Drew : I shall give it a go. However, it should NEVER be ‘The committee will consist of Bob, Mr Parsons and I’ as ‘Bob, Mr Parsons and I’ are the object of the verb.

Lend & borrow being two of them. Very interesting grammar read, expecially for me as a learner of the English language. Do you say Jumpin's shack? Sometimes a gender is evident and then the appropriate pronoun is used. Too often, lack of thought about even small issues can result in clouded meanings and ambiguity. Please, Johnny, lock the comments so I can get back to work! course, could use longer paragraphs and get the same visual effect. It can’t be most unique or quite unique. Fact (and you can’t argue with facts!). Rather than devolving to “myself,” try to insert the *third* person pronoun in the sentence.


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