In the event ISIS loses ground imminently, either Jabhat al-Nusra or the Assad regime will have the numbers, and potentially the resources, to retake ceded ISIS territory. last week, four senators — three Democrats and a Republican — criticized the program.       The U.S. military also garrisons a small contingent of special operators near Syria’s border with Iraq and Jordan, an outpost known as al-Tanf. “The Syria Train and Equip Program goes beyond simply being an inefficient use of taxpayer dollars,” the senators wrote. Washington's train-and-equip program for the Syrian moderate opposition began this month. The program also offers a potential opportunity for the United States to organize a more efficient force to retake the ungoverned spaces lost by the increasingly Iran-dominated and sectarian government in Syria, while simultaneously confronting the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham (ISIS). Those are partnered with the Internal Security Forces, or InSF, and the Provincial Security Forces, or PRISF, on operations. , But officials said they were trying to adapt in real time by seeking to identify the leaders of “capable, indigenous forces” in Syria who would sign a pledge to fight the Islamic State group, receive some instruction on human rights, review the law of armed conflict, and leave with communications gear and some help on how to call in airstrikes. This fact is not lost on regional allies who propose training larger numbers of moderates through the program. The administration was expected to provide classified briefings to lawmakers and their senior aides on Capitol Hill on Friday to explain the changes to the train-and-equip program. Promises of Syrian Rebel Train-and-Equip Program Meet the Battlefield’s Realities It will take months, if not years, to train and equip Syrian rebels. On the other hand, Jordan lives under the shadow of the Assad regime's continued existence. Augmenting the planned force could help address intensifying threats posed by ISIS, along with Iran-backed militias and the Assad regime. On the one hand, reports quoting Jordanian officials indicate a real concern about the spread of Iranian influence inside Syria, particularly in the south. In addition, some moderate opposition elements seem to have either joined ISIS or left the field of battle altogether. var s = document.getElementsByTagName('script')[0]; The new program would be the first time the Pentagon has provided lethal aid directly to Syrian rebels, though the C.I.A. These purposes include supporting U.S. efforts to combat the Islamic State and other terrorist organizations in Syria and setting the conditions for a negotiated settlement to Syria s civil war. President Barack Obama has signed off on a new plan to train Syrian rebels to fight the Islamic State, a move that comes just months after the Pentagon shut … “For us, they are an enemy, not a friend,” he said. Defense Department training sites across the Middle East, including ones in Turkey and Jordan, will soon suspend almost all operations, officials said, in favor of a revamped program that briefly screens Arab rebel commanders of existing Syrian units before equipping them with much-needed ammunition and, potentially, small arms. AIR DEFENSE SOUNDBITE: (English) Ash Carter, US Defence Secretary: Military officials have asked for the same amount in their 2021 budget request. Operation Inherent Resolve officials want to double the size of some proxy forces in Syria and finish training a 2,200-man “oilfield guard” unit in the northeastern part of the country, according to an OIR inspector general report released Aug. 4. Jordan. Sign up for the Army Times Daily News Roundup to receive the top Army stories every afternoon. When the Pentagon announced that the program was being halted, it said the balance of the $500 million would go to equip Syrian Kurdish fighters …

Any Qatari support for the train-and-equip program could be viewed as hostile by the jihadists the program aims to uproot. The Obama administration is "adapting" the Pentagon's $500 million program to train and equip moderate Syrian rebels to fight against the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS). Impact. plans to provide “more-powerful” weapons to “moderate” Syrian rebels. In part, American attention is shifting to northeastern Syria, where officials hope to assemble a group of Sunni tribes in a “Syrian Arab Coalition” to fight alongside Syrian Kurdish forces against the Islamic State. U.S. officials involved in the OIR campaign to defeat the Islamic State have said their plans to secure oil fields deny ISIS a valuable revenue stream. However, US military officials have admitted that the program has failed. His publications include "Syria's Collapse and How Washington Can Stop It" (Foreign Affairs, July-August 2013) and the 2011 book In the Lion's Den: An Eyewitness Account of Washington's Battle with Syria (Chicago Review Press). The Washington Institute for Near East Policy, The Washington Institute: Improving the Quality of U.S. Middle East Policy, The Rise of Turkey: The Twenty-First Century's First Muslim Power, "Syria's Collapse and How Washington Can Stop It", In the Lion's Den: An Eyewitness Account of Washington's Battle with Syria.

Turkish policymakers therefore seem content at the moment, believing that the program's expressly anti-Assad recruits could one day be used to fight the regime. Washington's train-and-equip program for the Syrian moderate opposition began this month. Pentagon officials on Friday announced what they called the “operational pause” in the training program as Defense Secretary Ashton B. Carter left London after meetings with his British counterpart, Michael Fallon, about the continuing wars in Syria and Iraq. With Washington and its regional allies wanting to avoid a Bay of Pigs scenario, providing air cover to guard against this possibility would seem a natural common interest. Abstract : In 2014, Congress for the first time provided the President with authority and funds to overtly train and lethally equip vetted members of the Syrian opposition for select purposes.

New squad weapons are on their way to replace the SAW and M4. Amman fears a massive wave of refugees that would accompany any regime offensive, as well as the spread of jihadist groups such as Jabhat al-Nusra from southern Syria into its territory. A fatal parachute accident, new squad weapons, and jetpack assault teams? But this wasn’t the only recent announcement of a shifting policy to train and equip the Syrian rebels. Jordan is keen to roll back jihadist advances and keep ISIS out of southern Syria. Detainees rioted in one facility to protest their conditions and an uprising in another facility, where some detainees demanded trials and family visitations, lasted two days. In Pursuit of Good Ideas: The Syria Train-and-Equip Program. In this arrangement, Islamabad brought in nearly 80,000 Afghan fighters to be trained on Pakistani soil with U.S. assistance, and then sent them back into Afghanistan to fight the Soviets. But even as it shutters the existing program, the administration is hoping to bolster groups already fighting in Syria. “With respect to the issue of training forces in Syria that will take the fight to ISIL on Syrian territory, that is an important ingredient of our overall counter-ISIL strategy and the United States remains committed to that.

The train-and-equip program will provide countries such as Turkey and Saudi Arabia with a potential proxy on the ground against the Damascus regime, which the two states have long opposed. Some of these militants subsequently "trained" their local trainers, infiltrating their cadres and shaping the thinking of Pakistan's security services.

WASHINGTON — The Obama administration on Friday abandoned its efforts to build up a new rebel force inside Syria to combat the Islamic State, acknowledging the failure of its $500 million campaign to train thousands of fighters and announcing that it will instead use the money to provide ammunition and some weapons for groups already engaged in the battle. PRESIDENT(UNITED STATES) How did wind power just become America's biggest renewable energy. , The United States has stopped recruiting new militants from inside Syria for military training outside the country as the troubled “train-and-equip” program is reevaluated. Additional funding could be provided from other sources for the Syrian Train and Equip Program, including from foreign contributions, subject to the approval of the congressional defense committees. Of the challenges faced by the nascent force, the greatest may be its limited scope. Yet the program's end goals have been cause for tremendous early tensions. Should you join in? “We were focused on identifying individuals who wanted to fight ISIL. })(); Title :   Train and Equip Program for Syria: Authorities, Funding, and Issues for Congress, Corporate Author : LIBRARY OF CONGRESS WASHINGTON DC CONGRESSIONAL RESEARCH SERVICE, Personal Author(s) : Blanchard, Christopher M This is why Amman seems eager to start the program -- and reportedly the Jordanian training site might be the first to churn out soldiers. "I am grateful for the work that has been put into trying to make this program successful," said Murphy, ranking member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee's Subcommittee on Near East, South Asia, Central Asia, and Counterterrorism. We have been looking for now several weeks at ways to improve that programme - I wasn’t satisfied with the earlier efforts in that regard and so we are looking at different ways to achieve, basically the same kind of strategic objective which is the right one, which is to enable capable motivated forces on the ground to retake territory from ISIL and reclaim Syrian territory from extremism. “Adjusting one program, even if it were successful, will not solve the problem.”, Senator John McCain of Arizona, the chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, said the shift in strategy was doomed because the United States is unwilling to support rebels fighting against Mr. Assad as well as against the Islamic State. Mr. Obama’s advisers insisted that he remained committed to a broader strategy in Syria that seeks to destroy the Islamic State even as the United States and its allies pursue a political transition that pushes Mr. Assad out of power. the whereabouts of 18 militants in the first class are unknown. The $500 million program was intended to train more than 5,000 rebel fighters, who administration officials hoped would counter both ISIL and, to a lesser degree, Assad.

“We have received large promises surrounding future military aid, and we really did begin to receive equipment,” a spokesman for Thuwwar al-Raqqa, a Sunni group that has worked with the Kurds, told the website Syria Direct. Senior officials at the White House and the Pentagon admitted that the strategy to pull fighters out of Syria, teach them advanced combat skills and return them to face the Islamic State had simply not worked, in part because many of the rebel groups were more focused on fighting the Syrian president, Bashar al-Assad. The force is made up of site security guards and mobile perimeter security elements who operate surveillance cameras, set up blocking positions and can act as quick reaction forces “to attempts at sabotage,” the report reads. 113-291) and the FY2015 Consolidated and Further Continuing Appropriations Act, 2015 (P.L. On a few occasions, Qatar has reportedly played a vital role in gaining the release of hostages, most notably those belonging to the United Nations Disengagement Observer Force (UNDOF) held by Jabhat al-Nusra. And it comes amid Russia’s forceful entry into the Syrian conflict, a move by President Vladimir V. Putin that has highlighted the lack of progress by the United States and its coalition. And “the critical petroleum infrastructure security forces” that protect sites in northeastern Syria “will number 2,200 once fully-manned and trained,” the IG report added.


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