In this production the character "B" is played by three actors, both separately and together, assisted by a percussionist. If you’re playing Persona 5 Royal, you’re going to want to know who the best characters are and where they rank on a tier list. Click here for the Haru Persona Skills & Best Build Guide. This psychological conflict causes him to ultimately suffer a breakdown, after which he eventually awakens in a sanatorium.

Click here for the Ryuji Persona Skills & Best Build Guide. Early game he’s a great attacker, mid-game he’s strong all around, and late game he’s a fantastic supporter. However, that’s all she’s got going for her. [5], The story was the basis of the production 64 Squares from the Rhum and Clay Theatre Company presented at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in August 2015. Physical damage, magic damage, support, healing. While your other party members are lucky to put out a decent amount of damage, and get some decent moves that help them evade their weaknesses, your main character can easily become immune to all damage and acquire skills that kill any enemy group instantly, and take out the game’s most difficult bosses in just a few turns. Unlike every other character in the game, she doesn’t get both Boost and Amp skills for her element. His lightning element has surprisingly high utility, not only because it gives elemental variety for hitting weaknesses, but it regularly inflicts shock, which stuns enemies for a turn or two and opens them up to technicals. After happening to be on the same cruise liner as a group of chess enthusiasts and the world chess champion Czentovic, he incidentally stumbles across their game against the champion. Be sure to check out the Games Section for more content like this, and click here for more game guides for Persona 5 Royal. Her design is terrible, her character is annoying, she contributes nothing to the story, she exists in only like 4 scenes in the game, and gameplay-wise she’s a total dog. This is an online quiz called The Royal Tutor Characters. There is a printable worksheet available for download here so you can take the quiz with pen and paper.. Akechi has a wide variety of tools at his disposal where most other characters just have a few basic niches. Detailed plot synopsis reviews of The Royal Game; THE ROYAL GAME (Die Schachnovelle) has been written in 1937. Click here for the Makoto Persona Skills & Best Build Guide. With an account you can customize your profile and write blog posts that are seen by all other users, as well as possibly being showcased on the main site. Her physical attack skills never go past the moderate damage stage, so she can’t keep up in that arena, and her healing pales in comparison to what Morgana is capable of. Every time she does that she frees up Ryuji to spend a turn attacking instead of throwing up buffs on the party. By the time you get her, you’ve probably already trained yourself to have a backup persona on your main character for Nuclear and Psychic damage, so she really doesn’t add any worthwhile elemental coverage. You have 9 playable party members and a support character who you can make use of in your party. In endgame she gets a version of Debilitate that affects all enemies, but that’s actually worse than just the normal Debilitate, since it costs like 4x as much SP and you only ever need to cast Debilitate on a single target.


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