AMAA 2015, Berlin, concept in Sec. Accounts and Identity 15. : The Need for Safety & Cyber-Security Co-engineering and Consequently, these methods might get too superficial for complex vehicular func-tions, systems, or ECUs or too heavy-weight for quick risk assessments., 2 Secure Development of Automotive Systems, that cover both hardware and software. different phases in the automotive development lifecycle. Threat-modeling techniques might focus on one of these use cases. There is a pressing need for holistic approaches for safety and security analysis to address the challenges. PDF | On Nov 26, 2016, Zhendong Ma and others published Threat Modeling for Automotive Security Analysis | Find, read and cite all the research you need on ResearchGate Join ResearchGate to find the people and research you need to help your work. SAFECOMP Workshops (2016), AMASS creates and consolidates the de-facto European-wide open tool platform, ecosystem, and self-sustainable community for assurance and certification of Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS) in the larges. with the CPS in an aspect-oriented manner to evaluate the system under attack. motivations, capabilities, and actions and its tactic, development, and production and operatio, for conducting actual penetration testing on finished aut, design and implementation of the automotive sy, maintenance of a knowledge base in w, reusing analysis efforts for future proj, show in the next section, current tool is able to support such a visio, the elements in the diagram into different trust zo, systems and external hosts communicated from u, threat identification methodology such as STRIDE, threats. In this paper, the Data Flow Diagram was established in consideration of stakeholders approaching the ship system. Overview of systematic threat modeling in automotive secure development lifecycle, Example of top level DFD diagram of automotive unit, All figure content in this area was uploaded by Christoph Schmittner.

•Threat Modeling is a process by which potential threats can be identified, enumerated, and prioritized. Trike is a threat modeling framework with similarities to the Microsoft threat modeling processes.

However, Trike differs because it uses a risk based approach with distinct implementation, threat, and risk models, instead of using the STRIDE/DREAD aggregated threat … practical need in the automotive industry. We also discuss the general applicability of STPA-Sec to high level safety and security analysis and the relation to automotive cybersecurity standards. This requires a considerable amount of functionality, sensors, actuators and control, situation awareness etc., and the integration into a new type of critical infrastructure based on communication between vehicles and vehicles and infrastructure for regional traffic management. In this paper, we report on findings from the HeavyRoad project concerning these areas. Consequently, cybersecurity must be adequately addressed among other dependability attributes such as safety and reliability in the automotive domain. The application of the approach is shown and demonstrated by an automotive case study and different use case scenarios.

Threats to cryptosystems Part IV: Taking it to the next level 17. 5 concludes the paper. security, automotive, threat modeling, safety,

assessment in the automotive development process. The Spoofing, Tampering, Repudiation, Information disclosure, Denial of, alternative methodologies can also be used for opti, specific mitigations can be defined in the correspo, panel right shows customized stencils with syste, we enumerate and identify the attacks on confidentiality, integrit. From safety perspective, this can be perceived as boon or bane - it greatly increases complexity and uncertainty, but at the same time opens up new opportunities for realizing innovative safety functions. Virtual integration and continuous integration and delivery are increasingly used to cut development time, improve product performance and reduce development risk. To improve the security of connected vehicles, threat modeling can be applied to proactively find potential security issues and help manufacturers to design more secure vehicles. However, there is a lack of experience with security concerns in context of safety engineering in general and in automotive safety departments in particular.


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