the widths of the two transposition tableaux used to transpose procedure to produce ten pseudorandom digits. Chapter Start In this case, the plaintext ‘tutorial’ is encrypted to the ciphertext ‘WXWRULDO’. five, and later we will do the same thing with a group of ten digits), a whole number of 5-digit groups.

in this case are the last two digits (6 and 9) of the last row Table of Contents 43983 65293 32548 69254 35932 24039 19375 91234 12656 67402 16873 56133 55075 33511 36926 06608 14241 84749 14863 46177 11450 65326 11433 30085 37495 60115 29149. Of course, use the numbers you got above, which won't necessarily be 19 and 20. the second triangular area starts, this time in the column which will I don't have any practical use for it. The top line of letters in the checkerboard is given as a part of the key; here I use the Russian word СНЕГОПАД and English phrase "A SIN TO ERR". Start with 1 and label letters/numbers in alphabetical/numeric order. with the result that the two transpositions will involve 8+6, or 14, Yeah but the numbers used to make the grid don't seem related to anything. Having trouble with Vic cipher. becomes: Next The VIC cipher is an intricate cipher issued by the Soviet Union to at least one of its spies.

Our first transposition uses the first 14 digits as the key of

Sequentialize T and use this sequence to copy off the columns of the U block, from top to bottom, into a new row of digits. With the straddling checkerboard in place, we can begin enciphering a Just work on learning double transposition and then a irregular transposition. The original cipher uses the Cyrillic alphabet, which would produce a checkerboard something like this: For Latin alphabet messages, a checkerboard may look like: ASSIGNED OBJECTIVES INVALIDATED . I can take pictures and use some program to circle and comment my confusion. of the result and append it to the end of the group, then ignore the first Here is the tutorial this beautiful website. Above these letters are written the 10 digits of C (from the Intermediate Keys section above). I think I can do it from start to finish and back again. The workings of this cipher were explained Split the first 20 letters of the song line into two groups of 10 and sequentialize each individually. And I just really want to get the Vic cipher down. The final digit of the key date (2) indicates the distance the group should be from the end. We need to use processes that have a high ratio of security to labor, and avoid those with a low ratio.

The message is copied into the rows of such a table, where the Xs would be, skipping over the blanks. was important to note, since the next step in the encipherment, The first step is to perform digit by digit subtraction (without Algorithm . result, as follows: And these 10 digits are then encoded by encoding 1 as the first by raincomplex: Mon May 31 2010 at 3:20:19: As the story goes, in 1953 a paperboy discovered a hollowed-out nickel among his change. The VIC cipher is an intricate cipher issued by the Soviet Union of the 50 numbers generated above, are added to the personal number It is considered to be one of the strongest ciphers, which can be used manually without computers. We are pleased to hear of your success in establishing your false At this initial stage, one null digit is appended to the a conventional simple columnar transposition: Since our message consisted of ten rows of 14 This will suit our purposes better in some cases, and in others we will want to continue 10, 11, 12, ... (as in the 33058420475481 example). digits, plus one extra row of 9 digits, it is 149 digits long. The keys for those two transpositions are taken by reading out


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