Chris Harris Jr.: He won that big game, man. Just the way he orchestrated their offense. Kurt threw for 300 yards and three touchdowns that day, and I remember leaving the stadium, and Curt Menefee and I were like, We gotta tell our bosses this team is way too good for us to be calling it. Then, he came in and started to play well. The great thing is now I know the end of the story and I'm so grateful that it did play out this way.".

I don't know this stuff." Who does that? LaDainian Tomlinson: His success on the field is well documented, but the human being that he is speaks to what we all aspire to be. Playing for the Amsterdam Admirals in NFL Europe while under contract to the Rams, and heading to training camp wondering if he could beat out Will Furrer for the No. Brian Baldinger: The Super Bowl is the crown jewel of any player. Warner says simply of Martz, "He was hard on me. Those two developments should put the rest of the league on notice, Jim Trotter writes. If it just ended in St. Louis, I don't think he'd have a Hall of Famer career. In an emotional press conference, Vermeil—who hadn't seen Warner work with the first-string offense—famously said, "We will rally around Kurt Warner, and we'll play good football." Once Manning took the reins during the 2004 season, Warner was on the move again to Arizona in '05. That understand the struggles.”. But there was a plan in place there and he kept his mouth shut and handled his business. Steve Smith Sr. (NFL player: 2001-2016 | NFL Network analyst): He's always taken the scenic route. Basketball, flag football, it doesn't matter. But when you hear about Kurt and what he's accomplished, when you say Hall of Famer, he's not somebody you would think went through all of that. He might have led the league in that category. It takes a better man to continuously go through it expecting that the experience you are going to have is about to happen. Wade Phillips (Longtime NFL coach): I think decision making with quarterbacks is the key thing. That was two different messages that I really didn't understand until after the fact of what Mike was trying to do to see if I was worthy of being the No.

I think everybody in the NFL is competitive in some regard, but Kurt takes it to another level. Bucky Brooks: Everyone recognized Kurt's greatness in St. Louis, and I think he would've been a Hall of Famer solely from what he did there. There was no first impression from a college standpoint. Charley Casserly provides scouting reports on 11 notable players, including Jaguars rookie quarterback Jake Luton, who could be set for bigger roles in Week 9. And I got a chance to do that.

When Trent Green went down, I remember Dick Vermeil saying, "We will rally behind Kurt Warner," and I'm thinking, Kurt Warner? From that performance, you knew that when he got his opportunity that he might be better than everyone expected. Maybe one thing others don't applaud him for was when the job was taken from him in New York. Johnny Hekker (NFL player: 2012-present): Kurt was the kinda guy that, when I was a young player in St Louis, you heard all about how he was a larger-than-life, kinda urban-legend-type guy. He had a long career in the NFL, but I think it was a longer career outside of it for him. But seeing [Warner] win, I was kind of happy that they won. We will rally around Kurt Warner and we will play. Wide receiver Isaac Bruce was a finalist this year, while wide receiver Torry Holt has been a semifinalist three times. .. Dick Vermeil's quote after the injury turned out to be quite prophetic” Were the Rams listening? His integrity and character are impeccable. It was like, *They beat us once in 18 tries and now they're going to win the Super Bowl? from Tom Brady? I feel like every quarterback who's ever played against Kurt feels like they're a better athlete. That's the story of Kurt Warner. “We will rally around Kurt Warner, and we will play good football.” — Rams Coach Dick Vermeil, after his starter at quarterback, Trent Green, sustained a season-ending injury in the preseason I think that kind of just put him in there. I had never heard of Kurt Warner before, but I filed it. … So my first impression was he was raw, young and not ready for this level. Arizona Cardinals missed several starters in Sunday's loss to the Miami Dolphins. I feel like he always played with that kind of swagger, kind of confidence. I think Kurt was even surprised by his start. The following browsers are supported: Chrome, Edge (v80 and later), Firefox and Safari. LaDainian Tomlinson: His consistent ability to challenge himself and always continue to evolve. We're both lost and the guard helped us out. Brandon Mendoza runs down five overreactions from Week 8. What’s missing from the quotation is that Vermeil was practically sobbing as he said it. Jeremy Kerley (NFL player: 2011-present): The biggest thing about Kurt is he can hit a receiver on any part of the field. That doesn't happen often. Chris Harris Jr.: Of course, the Super Bowl. Being able to throw in different manners and be accurate. Or that they inspired millions of fans through their display of perseverance and personal character?


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