To make sure the priestesses followed his orders, he cut off Panchrates' finger and sent it to them as a warning. He was one of his closest advisers, so he takes the news hard. Bayek ultimately is sent to deal with him with the pointy ends of his blades.

The final resting place of the king was constructed in the form of a step pyramid, with the burial chamber hidden deep in its substructure. Seems like a good leader! It dates to the beginning of the Fourth Dynasty (ca. He was also incredibly corrupt and cruel, being willing to pollute the entire city of Memphis with rotten corpses and even to draw crocodiles to attack innocent people just to see his and the Order's plans succeed. Remember that death is nothing for us, remember that we value life; but the house of death is precisely for life! We do not even know the site of the final resting place of the ingenious builder of the Step Pyramid, Djoser’s high official, architect, and later also patron of physicians, Imhotep, whose fame and for ages recounted wisdom have survived the fall of ancient Egypt to last virtually until today. Order of the Ancients The objective says you have to win, but I'm honestly not sure what happens if you lose because it seems almost impossible to lose unless you're trying. Civiche Raccolte Archeologiche e Numismatiche di Milano, Fragmentary statuette of priest Ka-em-hotep, Bottom valve of the coffin case of Paefciauauiset, Fragment of relief from the temple of Derr, Museo di scultura antica Giovanni Barracco, Identificazione (Label is not translated), Precedenti_localizzazioni (Label is not translated). Behind this frontier lay the other world, from which the spirit of Hetepi returned to partake in daily rituals. Human [1], Hetepi contracted Tjuyu and Tjanefer to spread death and chaos in the vicinity of the Palace of Apries by dumping bodies in the river, luring crocodiles to attack the living much more frequently and aggressively than normal. He is known from his stela that is now in the National Archaeological Museum of Florence. Among Hetepi’s main titles, we find the king’s herold with a strong voice, great one of the ten(s) of Upper (southern) Egypt and overseer of the slaughterhouse. Died

Stub This article has been rated as Stub-Class on the project's quality scale. This article is in desperate need of a revamp. Together with the double-winged door, the niche represented a magical gate connecting the world of the living with that of the dead. The only one that could possible be mistaken for blue is the black one, but Hetepi makes this even easier for you by coughing loudly when you get near him.

The mummies were later brought to a tomb beside the palace, where they would decompose due to the spoiled natron used, producing a foul smell which spread throughout the city. At the same time, he joined the Order of the Ancients with the goal of reviving "Old Egypt", and he orchestrated a series of accidents, ill omens, and general foulness to fall on the city to give the locals the impression that it was a divine curse. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. 14.11.2005 Miroslav Bárta. Hetepi the Lizard (93 BC-48 BC) was a priest of Anubis and a member of the Order of the Ancients during the 1st century BC.

As soon as the scene completes, so will the quest and you will get the reward. The complex itself was called The refreshment of gods.

In 48 BC, he was responsible for poisoning the Temple of Ptah's Apis Bull and High Priest Pasherenptah's wife Taimhotep, and he was assassinated by the medjay Bayek once his conspiracy was uncovered.

Only several fragments of a wooden coffin remain from the original burial, together with pieces of funerary equipment, which was also considered indispensible for an undisturbed afterlife existence. From other sources it is known that these local inspectors of priests also had non-religious functions and were therefore the local governors of their towns. Djoser’s complex symbolized an eternal palace.This was the place where the deceased and deified king met with other gods of the Egyptian pantheon. property custodian of the king. The tomb of priest Hetepi was excavated in the year 2000, and represents the oldest of the tombs hitherto discovered on the Czech archaeological concession. Hetepi was born sometime around 90s BCE. Historica Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community.

2600 B.C.) Both A Dream of Ashes and Taimhotep's Song become available at this point, and both are high XP quests that require a fair amount of traveling but actually not too much combat. Another day, another target. When you're ready, go back and talk to Aya who will be in the same place where you left her. Listen for the loud cough, and find the priest with the blue scarf. In 48 BCE, Hetepi attempted to sabotage the reputation of Pasherenptah, eager to usurp the position of High Priest and take it for himself. The only one that could possible be mistaken for blue is the black one, but Hetepi makes this even easier for … Hetepi - The Lizard is a Major Enemy. Attenzione: non tutte le voci sono attive. She does not yet seem to have the love of the people, who are booing her as she talks. © 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. 2600 B.C.) Hetepi (c. 90s BCE – 48 BCE), also known as The Lizard, was a priest of Anubis who served under the High Priest Pasherenptah in Memphis and a member of the Order of the Ancients during the reign of Ptolemy XIII. The original provenance was not known,[1] but must come originally from Naqada, where there was a cemetery of the First Intermediate Period. Acknowledgments and Additional Information. Assassin's Creed Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. It belongs to the few well excavated and decorated Egyptian tombs of the Third Dynasty. She'll lead you over to horses, and when you get there she'll tell you she wants to race. Another day, another target. 48 BCEMemphis, Ptolemaic Kingdom Privacy PolicyCookie SettingsDo Not Sell My InformationReport Ad. However, stone pivots were preserved in the limestone floor, attesting the existence of a double-winged door, which had once closed the western part of the chapel. Even better, Hetepi is very easy to find because there is only one priest with a blue scarf. Hetepi’s burial chamber was hidden at the bottom of a deep shaft and was accessed from the north by a unique winding stairway. And who knows, perhaps the nearby sand hides even the legendary tomb of Imhotep, the discovery of which was and still remains a dream of several generations of Egyptologists. In the very beginning, it was necessary to carefully choose which of the several possible interpretations of the individual hieroglyphic signs and their combinations was correct. [4], Hetepi even poisoned the food in the Memphis Temple with flesh of the rotted mummies, so as to cause sickness among the population, especially in Pasherenptah's wife, who suffered many miscarriages due to this. To make sure the priest would follow his orders, Hetepi cut off his nose and threatened to do the same to his daughter. Real-world information Priest Hetepi, the Oldest Known Face from Abusir. Priest Hetepi, the Oldest Known Face from Abusir.

After rescuing Panchrates, the Medjay Bayek discovered The Lizard's true identity. c. 90s BCE Ptolemaic Kingdom

Museo Archeologico: raccolta egizia”, Milano, p.  56 (cat.869). His twin agents Tjuyu and Tjanefer dumped bodies in the river to cause more crocodile attacks, he forced the Wabet of Memphis' head priest to make the mummies decompose to spread a foul smell throughout the city, and he kidnapped Panchrates to force his sisters Taous and Tawe to poison the Apis Bull. Currently, intensive excavation works are in progress around the tomb of Hetepi and further important discoveries are expected in near future. Voice actor The building of a tomb was one of the basic prerogatives of the afterlife existence of the ancient Egyptians. At the bottom of the shaft a short, almost two meters high corridor led south to the burial chamber, which was, however, plundered already in antiquity. Hetepi (c. 90s BCE – 48 BCE), also known as The Lizard, was a priest of Anubis who served under the High Priest Pasherenptah in Memphis and a member of the Order of the Ancients during the reign of Ptolemy XIII.He is known for condemning the said city based on a divine curse, but it turned out to be nothing more than bribes and illegal business. The bad news is there are five Anubis priests that work here, four of which are innocent and you probably shouldn't kill. David Collins He orchestrated a series of accidents, ill omens, and general foulness to fall on the city, claiming it all to be a divine curse. In all likelihood, the door originally protected a niche, which may have contained a representation the striding figure of Hetepi. Shortly after the excavation began, it became clear that already in terms of its size, the tomb is exceptional and belongs to the largest contemporary buildings of its kind (it covered the surface of 1000 m2).


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