Russia is now in a position where it has a seemingly uninhibited disinformation campaign constantly running in the United States. Fast forward to today, and the global dynamic has shifted dramatically.

T HE UNITED STATES, Andrew Bacevich writes near the start of his account of post-cold-war America, is like the man who won the Mega Millions … The show “South Park” was taken completely off of Chinese websites after recently releasing an episode that was extremely critical of the Chineese government. While the show’s creators have been vocal in their positions against these actions, they are in the minority when it comes to businesses and products with an international reach. American company Blizzard took down a livestream of a championship announcement when the game’s winner shouted in support of Hong Kong’s protest. To put it generally, hot wars generally involve active hostilities — two sides engaging in violent conflict to assert some form of dominance and will upon the other. Twenty years ago, the United States could have reversed this course and reaped the peace dividend, but instead the government pressed ahead and extended American influence into the former Soviet Block–taking on new powers and responsibilities along the way. Change ), Cannabis Prohibition Doesn’t Deter Cannabis Use, Copenhagen Considers Fighting Crime by Regulating Cannabis, Former Narcotics Officer Calls for an End to Cannabis Prohibition, The Opportunity Cost of Cannabis Prohibition, Former Brazilian President Calls for the Elimination of Criminal Penalties on Cannabis, Corrupt Sheriff Blames Federal Forfeiture Dollars for Corruption. Kevin Benavides, Opinion Editor | October 17, 2019. There is much appeal in this view for both ends of the political spectrum.

While they’re not wrong, many citizens of the newer generations and even older generations may not understand the social ramifications of a “cold” war. The player was subsequently stripped of his title and the prize money and was banned from the game he was playing for six months. We may be richer than when it started, but a larger portion of our incomes go to the government. Even Russia, which is still far from free, is a much freer place than it was under the Soviets. Select the purchase Read your article online and download the PDF from your email or your account. WHO WON THE COLD WAR? The first breach in that wall set off a chain reaction that would eventually topple Communist governments and liberate people across half of Europe.


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