PS5 has a GPU with fewer (36 vs 52) Compute Units (CUs) clocked at a higher maximum frequency (2.23 GHz vs 1.825 GHz). Instead of trying to guess what max workloads and generated heat will be for now and during the lifespan of a console they chose to throttle with the help of variable frequency. Sony is using Kraken for decompression, which is faster than Zlib, but Microsoft is using 2 forms of decompression. Opinion .

But it is interesting. Custom flash controller and custom units in the main chip. Sony has slim pickings at launch, but they are committed to generational leaps and all games moving forward will be PS5 exclusives, no PS4 support. But microsoft is definitely going to take a relaxed approach and gamepass will really change the way we play games on the s. You get access to way too many games(now with EA titles) for 15$(10$ in my country idk). I wasn't trying to imply that the frequency would change based on thermals. I think the way to know is we are gonna have to wait for digital Foundry to get their hands on both and show us some multiplatorm games comparison. The ps4 beat Xbox due to their exclusive game and they have a lead in next gen how ever Xbox has hired many studios to make games for them and they will announce them at an event in July. Those extra CU's are in the GPU are pretty nice but that might just be peak performance and devs are forced to lighten the workload to stay in the power envelop, only time will tell.

An actual sensible, non-fanboy, thought out write up. That's where I'm going. The Reddit home for PlayStation 5. So devs had to optimize their game too not push the hardware too much. I suspect what we’ll find is the graphics take a hit to keep the CPU power constant in these scenarios. I mean it's literally as powerful as an rtx 2060 super so I was suprised that it doesn't have 4k support. A CPU is much more then transistors working at a certain clockspeed and when talking about power limits en throttling, clockspeeds are just 1 part of the puzzle. The XB1 & PS4 were a different story, jumping from DX9 level API to DX11-like & one console a launch specifically hit 1080p consistently, while the other console obviously lacked behind as they were both weak systems even compared to what the Master Race had at the time. The only option was to make the workload less intense for parts of the game that caused trouble aka "optimization". I don't think reducing unnecessary data two times means double the processing speed. Your hub for everything related to PS5 including games, news, reviews, discussion, questions, videos, and more. But as you can imagine that adds extra unnecessary costs. Im not even mentioning the exclusives as while ps is utterly dominating it, I have a lot of hope for xbox with the medium, avowed and infinite. PS5 most likely will enable dev not to worry about workloads types and constraints and they can push the cpu/gpu as far as they want without worrying about straining the system too much. Well then the series S is fine.

lol yeah.

TL;DR / / The generational leap from 7-8th Gen put the Xbox One in a bad spot since it couldn’t keep up.. Tho I suspect the 9th generation(since it’s not that big of a leap, besides ray tracing) will not matter as much. Overclocking an off the shelf part to X is not the same as designing a chip to run at X frequency. It's actually not more difficult.

More posts from the XboxSeriesX community. Hopefully we see some nice things come out of the Ps5 ssd. It will just shutdown because of either temperature or a power draw limit. I don’t see many games forcing the PS5 down to a lesser resolution from 1080p unless we hit another generational leap in Graphics. Ok so in terms of specs the 5 dominates the S in every single way. None of them happen at the same rate for all scenarios. Because unnecessary data is not really equivalent to necessary data and realistically it should be a lot less the the actual necessary data imo. I really don’t think the XSX is going to steal the cake from the PS5 just because of graphics alone.. The XSX’s GPU speed is stable. Im using hd gonna get 4k soon but series s sound very good, i may get series s and ps5. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. No because the workload is minimal. Whilst I've primarily been a Playstation owner over the years, I had the 360 as well but mostly gamed on the PS, the addition of Bethesda and the incredible price of the S swayed me to come back. ray tracing on AMDs RDNA2 seems to be tied to CUs and TMUs, both which are more abundand in XSX. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. If you want to see what happens when you have less CUs, but a higher frequency, look no further than this quote from Extremetech, on the original PS4 vs Xbox One. Some workloads generate more heat then others.

Tbh I actually intended to post this on the PS5 sub but this got removed. Dont hate I love hardware lol. I have seen a lot of debates over whether teraflops matter and how important a fast SSD is, over the last several days. alleviates from flushing all of the GPU caches whenever the SSD is read, which could impact the GPU’s performance. I think playstation fanboys should buy the full fat ps5 instead of the digital. La xbox séries x est beaucoup plus puissante que la PS5. Welcome to r/XboxSeriesX and thank you for your submission. PS5 is 5.5GBs raw. Sonys 8-9GBs compressed speed could be including the same kind of culling done from the hardware side and they just didnt separate it as it's own spec.

Ill never buy a digital console because I don't want to be locked into one way to buy games. Some theorycrafting based upon given specs. I'm not sure how the idea that raytracing is in the cu's leads to Xbox having better raytracing? This way Devs don't have to be afraid of making the workload too high anymore because the CPU/GPu will just take care of it anyway without the risk of shutting down because of reaching heat or power limits. We buy the consoles for one thing only, to play games. Honestly these consoles are going to be running on a majority of households at 1080p. This is going to be a long one, so strap in. I get it. For example I have my Intel Skylake CPU running at 4,7 ghz 24/7 , so even when i'm just checking my mail or staring at my desktop it runs at 4,7 ghz. I am a bot, and this action was performed automatically. I love these things.

And because I don't own many Xbox games, the s is perfect for me to get back into the Xbox exclusives. They are also affected by core clocks but its expected that a similar extra performance lead that the XSX currently has, will also translate to similar extra ray tracing performance. Also we dont know how much efficiency PS5 is getting from culling unneeded data. Somebody help me out here. I think a lot of people don't completely grasp what SONY is saying in regards to boosting and power throttling. The home of the Xbox Series X, the Xbox Series S, and the next generation of Xbox—power your dreams with us!

Nicely formatted and concise breakdown, OP :). An other option would be to make the power delivery and cooling solution beefier then necessary for typical workloads.

Also, a 4k Blu-ray player won't hurt. But that's only half the story. This does not mean that the PS5 will be bad graphically, it will just be a step behind. If you like PS5 exclusives better, than go PS5, if you like Xbox exclusive better than go Xbox. I've seeing people (fanboys) say 40% when Id expect it to scale off of frequency as well, which would bring it back to the TFlop gap. This time Sony has chosen a different approach. So for 2 years PS5 users will be enjoying true next gen games, while Xbox users will be playing Xbox series x optimized games. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. No it isnt but it does show it can be hard to predict what "typical" workloads will do now and in the future and their impact on a CPU or GPU. Its like boost clocks or compression algorithms. Workloads can be very different from each other in regard to heat generated and power drawn and it is very hard to use every part of a cpu/gpu a 100% for games. What most people don't understand is that even though a cpu is running at a high frequency it doesn't mean it uses a lot of power, power usage is more dependent on workload then frequency. A typical game when well optimized will rarely use the hardware to its limits but when running a synthetic app like Intel Burn in, be prepared too see temperatures that no game will generate. You're going to get the ps5 too? Does it use a lot of power or generate lots of heat ? Can somebody please tell me what is should buy. I don't care about cu's and stuff like that. Nice detailed summary of the specs, unbiased. It is designed to be able to run at the top frequency and could do so continually. Flash controller gives 6 levels of priority, which lets developers choose what game assets are loaded first. Series S is perfect for someone going all digital next gen. PS5 and Series S is a great combo.


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