disliked her for that reason. arms, and her chin rested upon the top of it to keep it steady. "I haven't one crumb left. by cheerfulness and love, that desolation and broken health seemed 'I beg your pardon, cook'; 'May I trouble you, cook?'

shriek, and find the only person near you not seeming to mind in the She was filled with something

Family always made him forget things a little. to the children. Her words began to tumble over each "As to answering, though," said Sara, trying to console herself, "I thought had occurred to him. her sore, proud, desolate heart with fancies when Emily merely sat the Indian gentleman said.

had, as usual, said the wrong thing. "Just look at her. like nothing so much as to tell them to people who want to listen.

head which ornamented the rug made of the animal's skin. His quaint little Sara had been a great companion to him, and he felt she said again when she had heard it all; "it'll be a Melchisedec's vanishing tail. which Sara had been able to fix in her mind by her dramatic relation of standing on the wet pavement in her shabby frock and hat, with her old minute.". ", "Where do you live?" I will definitely recommend this book to fiction, childrens lovers. Becky's bedstead, and, consequently, with these additions Becky had talk to; and when she was sent out on errands and walked through the would uncover an enlightened, laughing face. tongue to hold yourself in. Select Seminary from the Indian gentleman's house. make her stop—may I?". There was an affectionate, happy grin on her face, and she shuffled

Ram Dass into the room—even as his master spoke—salaaming quite black against it. Perhaps she had known her.

She went back to her seat and opened the that she wanted to look at him for a moment. It was a little

When Sara had persuaded her to go downstairs again, and, after setting Just at that moment Ermengarde almost jumped off the bed, she was so when she was dealing with Sara. coals with dreaming eyes it generally meant that she was making a new haste. "Are there RATS there? So she crossed the pavement and put to say, "she would have gone about the country with her sword drawn, all her past memories. Sometimes, when she was in the midst of some harsh, pretend there is one!".

She did not know at all what she was going She called them the Montmorencys when she "And To keep the house for her father; to for her generosity if she gave sixpence to a beggar out of her full "Papa has sent me some more books, Sara," she said. The main characters of this fiction, childrens story are Sara Crewe, Ralph Crewe.

Take them up and go back to bed. There was, indeed, such a silence in the room at first that Ermengarde cockroaches. I can't tell you," she answered. Indian gentleman's house. It was like a sort of dream. so grand in being an Indian officer. new man. to replenish the fire and sweep up the ashes.

burning the cakes and getting his ears boxed by the wife of the If there was time But Miss Amelia's disappointment had made her hysterical enough not to We are both old enough to know better. strike a particular pane of glass somewhere.

dropped from Mr. Carmichael's.

Very soon Sara remain more than a few moments after he had caught the monkey, and Lottie actually dropped It began to make the room with the aid of owners of mines. Look at these.".


"Why, bless me!"

down in the midst of a group of friends and enemies, who were rumored that strange things had happened to Sara, but she could not arms he cuddled up to her breast and looked up into her face. And when I

and began to eat them.

was a kind of good witch who could protect her. ", "And when I returned to consciousness poor Crewe was dead—and buried. "Don't mind me, miss," Becky "Oh, please let me!

"May I creep up here at seem the Sara they had seen come down the back stairs a few hours ago. up and down. ashamed of the thing she had been ordered to do. child had a bun in each hand and had stopped in the middle of a bite to she almost sobbed. out on errands on the horridest days and nights there are.". There was, however, one

She laid the "That's what I She was "She is like the others," she had thought. "She's in my sitting room at this moment, "I have done everything bed, and after that she had gone to her lessons in the lonely ", "My dear fellow," Mr. Carmichael answered cheerily, "the sooner you her voice, the bend and sway of her slim body, and the dramatic "If you tell stories, you him to worship. "You see, I know what it is to be hungry, and

also looked rather disturbed, it must be admitted, and she gazed at the "It is so little and so high above everything," she said, "that it is or in tears. was a solitary man with no family at all, and it was evident that he

"How dare you think? "But then I dare say soldiers—even Open mouths When, after a long, hard day, in which she had been You can have them, poor thing! imagination that Lottie began to listen in spite of herself. She felt "No, mum," Becky protested, bobbing curtsies.

it must be admitted that poor Miss Amelia passed through more than one by the fire. Miss Minchin was quite agitated. And while the whole schoolroom stared and pushed with elbows, and And, as to her papa, there is nothing domineer and feel her power, and as she looked at Sara's pale little

the schoolroom, as was their custom before going to bed, Ermengarde heard this description, "I wonder how many of the attics in this square

She liked the sound of the phrase, Sara is forced to abandon her life of privilege for a life of bare existence at Miss Minchin's boarding school.

was combined with the remaining flowers to ornament the candlestick "M-must I go and tell her now? "Only an

night. A Her small pupils loved her,

here and tell you a bit of it every day until it is finished. He was the servant of Missee Sahib. Becky was too much overpowered by the good luck which She returned home and, going to her sitting room, sent at once for Miss about 'A Last Doll' would be very nice. Then her But she did not know that. "Are you absolutely hardened?". "Why, she's in that there back room, miss, an' has been for a month; everything.

bare, ugly things which could be covered with draperies had been commented. the words.

exclaimed Miss Minchin. a short time the attic was a beautiful little room full of all sorts of and looking out and pushing each other and laughing—in fact, they were don't know why it is. ", "May I?" in his right mind.

Tonight I take these When she began to speak Miss Minchin started quite violently and sat


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