You keep the stock from the beef carrots and potatoes.

If you use chicken the cooking time will be much shorter as you won’t need to wait for the chicken to become tender as for the beef chuck. Heat the oil in a large saucepan and fry the beef in batches until well browned.

Use tongs or a paddle strainer to get the meat and vegetables out of the stock.

Allowing the chicken to stand for 5 minutes before frying allows the flour to absorb the flavour of the marinade, and then dry slightly. Adding the pieces one at a time stops you from pouring in too much of the marinade, and stops the chicken from sticking together. Its where you took out the meat and carrot and potato. I made this, it was not good. Sorry for the long ass comment, I’d really love to develop “my own” curry for katsu kare and the likes so I really want to learn how to do it from scratch!

Remove from the heat and strain off the solids, reserving the stock.”, “150g shimeji mushrooms, broken into clumps”. Its all in the text, In the ingredients list. Add the coconut milk and a further 400ml of water (use the empty can as a measure), reduce heat and simmer, covered, for 15 minutes.

But an uncle disagreed, saying that spicy food is cooling. From other research, many places suggested it is a starch. I’m keen to try the above recipe. Kachumber is the perfect foil to a rich curry. After they are done you remove them from the boiling liquid and use, don’t discard, that flavourful stock. A flavourful soy-based marinade sits underneath a very light flour coating which gives the dish it’s name. For each batch, deep fry for 1 minute then remove the chicken to a rack and rest for 30 seconds. "If you're hot on the inside, then the outside doesn't feel so hot.". It was awesome, on the side I had a small bowl of home made Korean fried chicken dressing, a match made in heaven. Or however often Amazon would deliver the potato flour.

Amazing taste my family loves this with coleslaw using kewpie Japanese dressing. Fry for another few minutes and then add the chicken thigh, wing and drumstick pieces and the potato and toss to coat in the spice paste. Trying this recipe right now.

Worked out great. Just think of the fiery sauces from South America, spicy curries from India, and the incandescent heat of just about anything from Thailand.

Great recipe! Because it was very mild.

Is it the Chinese style light soy sauce (which was delicious but very salty when I tried it)? I am also wondering this – as many recipes say potato starch not flour and that they are very different things. Return all of the beef to the saucepan and add around 2L of water to completely cover the meat.

Return all of the beef to the saucepan and add around 2L of water to completely cover the meat. It’s explained in the video. If this is happening, the chicken is done and you can remove it from the oil immediately. Place a rack above half of your frying pot. !thankyou Adam, Just tried it.

• 3 coriander roots (whole plants, about 10 stalks per plant), • 2 medium brown onions, peeled and roughly chopped, • 6 chicken thigh fillets, cut into large chunks. large carrots, peeled and cut into irregular chunks, 2 Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

I added additional cayenne powder to kick it up a notch. Hey Adam! I made this for lunch today. This curry is more about fragrance than fire but if you want a bit more bite, just add some extra chilli powder. Place the flour in a tray or large bowl. Coconut and coriander chicken curry. It's callous to expect people to work their entire lives, ... Do you really want to be the sort of parent who prioritises ... Celebs not giving a damn on the red carpet, Women who challenged their employers, and won, 21 striking displays of feminist art activism, Help Then add slowly back in to the roux. I wonder whether this can be used for bonto box for kids’ lunch. Awesome job Adam! sebago potatoes, peeled and cut into irregular chunks, Japanese pickles (rakkyo and fukujinzuke), to serve. Hi Adam, I made this and went back to your Japanese documentary to re- create this exactly. Hi Adam,

I’m slightly confused! Hi Adam, Better and fresher than takeaways! Same thing.) Is the Worchestershire sauce an important part of the curry? Mushrooms are in the ingredients list actually, And the stock’s mentioned in the method – it’s what’s left over after boiling the meat, Yes there is. The list included 150g shimeji mushrooms. Allow the floured chicken to stand, uncovered for at least 5 minutes before frying. Amazing taste moist and flavorful. Required fields are marked *. Thanks for the wonderful recipes that you provide on your site, kara-age being just one. I just made this for dinner tonight and it turned out delicious. Add the coconut milk and a further 400ml of water (use the empty can as a measure), reduce heat and simmer, covered, for 15 minutes.

Your email address will not be published. Shake any excess flour from the chicken and place in a tray in a single layer. Super tasty. Heat another large saucepan and add in the butter and flour.

Add the chicken to the oil in batches. Photography by William Meppem. I’m from Indonesia and I’m currently having difficulty acquiring them. Super simple using my electric wok with an ordinary cooling rack sitting on the side. the stock is made from cooking the meat in the 2L of water for 1.5 hrs. Japanese curry is very different to most curries you might be familiar with. Styling by Hannah Meppem. If you want to try making it from scratch, here’s how you do it. Stock is in the method and the ingrediants are clearly listed! Alcohol burns off, just the taste remains… no worries using sake, This is apparently a myth. This little resting time is the secret for producing crispy and flavourful kara-age. Because I’m a dum dum who don’t labe the stuff in my freezer properly I accidentally made it with pork today and it was delicious.

Did you use 15ml or 20ml tablespoons? How would i do this type of curry with chicken? Would be great if theres a tip to avoid it. Add the shimeji mushrooms, sliced onion, grated apple, and other remaining ingredients and simmer for 10 minutes until the onion is softened, stirring regularly to stop the sauce from sticking to the saucepan. Add in the stock a ladle at a time until a smooth sauce develops. using this website - Accessibility statement, Anne Summers: ‘Rosie Batty can't do it all by herself’, Here's how to change your bad eating habits, Date puddings with maple syrup and pistachio ice cream.


(We use mirin instead of sake and sugar. Add in the coconut cream, water, salt and curry leaves. Cornflour is a lot lighter than wheat flour because it doesn’t contain gluten. Plenty food especially for my 17 year old son! Also mentionted in the second paragraph of the “method” section. Wash the coriander well and separate the leaves from the stalks and roots. If you can’t find the rakkyo or fukujinzuke, try adding a few pickled cocktail onions instead.

You can, but it won’t be the same. Stock is in the method and the ingrefiants are clearly listed! Thinking of doing a karage chicken and kewpie panini, and like to offer a vegetarian option for my guests. Heat the salt for about 2 minutes, then pour the hot salt over the curry powder. It takes a bit of French sauce technique and Japanese stewing technique and combines it for a unique style of curry where the European-style roux forms the base of a richly flavoured thick curry sauce that is used to coat the main ingredients. We all know curries taste better the next day. It was surprisingly delicious.

Your email address will not be published. The stock is from the boiled beef, carrots and potatoes.

Like the others said. Frying the chicken in three short blasts at high heat with rests in between produces a crispy outer coating, while the inside cooks gently from residual heat for tender and succulent meat. I subbed the shimeji mushrooms with portobello mushrooms because I couldn’t find any in my supermarket. When the beef is tender (but not falling apart), add in the potato and carrot and simmer for a further 15 minutes until the vegetables are tender. Thanks for the docos’, I keep referring back to them for inspiration. Curry was introduced to Japan by the British navy which usually had canned curries for ocean voyages, and today it is often made from packaged curry roux blocks.

Get an eye exam my friend. Place the flour in a tray or large bowl. This version uses beef, but you could easily substitute any other meat or vegetable you like.

Pull the chicken out of the marinade with chopsticks and drop it into the flour, one piece at a time., Making this tomorrow.

Set aside until ready to use.

Love watching your videos on YouTube. Season the beef with salt and pepper. I use wings thighs and chicken breast was moist and tender too.

When the beef is tender (but not falling apart), add in the potato and carrot and simmer for a further 15 minutes until the vegetables are tender. and the mushrooms are indeed listed. May I ask tho, can I substitute cornflour with regular flour? I always want to make the Japanese fried chicken and onigiri for my boy’s lunch box but the food safety issue always puts me off. Thanks so much for the recipe. Combine all the ingredients in a non-reactive bowl - stainless steel, ceramic, glass or enamel - and allow to stand for at least 10 minutes before serving. Then, as the sweat evaporated, you felt cooler.

Skin-on fillets can be hard to find, so if you’re having trouble you can debone a few chicken thigh cutlets or use wings instead. And the mushrooms you put in the curry when you mixed the powder and stock. Return the chicken back to the oil and fry for 30 seconds, and then rest on a rack again for 30 seconds. Add spice mix ingredients and fry for a further minute. Watch the video guys, all will be made clear. The stock is from the water that was used to cook the beef and root vegetables.

I am just wondering what type of soy sauce should be used in this recipe? Your recipes are all amazing but as I am a Muslim I wanted to ask you if there is any other alternate to Sake. Another uncle disagreed. Cut the chicken into 5cm pieces. It tasted just like I’ve had in Japan on various occasions. I used the curry powder and garam masala from my Indian grocery. More of a salad than a relish, its fresh, light flavours balance the curry without being overwhelmed by it. We also hunted down a few bottles of kewpie mayo so it’s now a regular rotation in dinner. “Season the beef with salt and pepper. In the end it’s like a beef stew.

You may notice that the chicken starts to spit and sizzle more on the third fry, this is because the chicken is cooked and is now contracting and squeezing out the juices from the meat (the watery juices contacting with the oil is what is causing it to spit). He said it was about equalising the temperature inside and out. Stir the coconut and coriander leaves into the curry, remove from heat and allow to stand for about 10 minutes before serving. Copyright Adam Liaw 2015. Combine the chicken with the soy sauce, sake, ginger juice and sugar and stand for 10 minutes. Thanks for all the inspiration!

150g of shimeji mushrooms broken into clumps. Add the chicken and stir to coat.

Serve with steamed rice and kachumber (recipe at right).Adam's tip. Your making the stock yourself by cooking the beef with water. Set aside the leaves. I’m thinking maybe some grated onion should still get in there cause when making the curry from the recipe I felt a lot of flavor development when adding the onion.


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