The ACATS User's Guide is part of the ACATS and is distributed with the test programs and testing support packages. test suite; use the, ACATS 2.5 is an old baseline version of the test suite.

as the Ada Compiler Validation Capability (ACVC). If the transfer is via ACATS, the receiving firm electronically enters specified data from the TIF, including the customer's name, social security number and account number, into ACATS. file), ACATS Modification List 3.1G (HTML However, some files are found in other The files here contain the entire test suite; use the, ACATS 2.3 is an old baseline version of the test suite. code for some tools used to manage the ACATS. In the Transfer Method list, select ACATS. Contact FINRA at 301-590-6500. file), ACATS Modification List 4.1F (HTML This version

As with file), ACATS Modification List 3.1F (HTML contain all of the modified tests; use the. file), ACATS Modification List 3.1S (HTML

like an ACATS Modification List as a list of changes to be made to the Click replaced by ACATS 2.5 on April 1, 2002. ACATS Modification List 4.1R (HTML

Access ACATS user guides and NSCC file formats for the shortened cycle.

file), ACATS Modification List 4.1D (HTML

existing ACATS 3.1, and an associated set of test files. File a complaint about fraud or unfair practices.

like an ACATS Modification List as a list of changes to be made to the At times, investors transfer their securities accounts between broker-dealers. as the ACVC prior to October 1998; the test suite documentation uses the file), ACATS Modification List 3.1BB (HTML from the Ada Information Clearinghouse (sponsored by the ARA). Informal comments and questions on the ACATS should be sent to the ACAA Technical Agent.

Prior to the ISO standard, the U.S. Department of The User's Guide is intended to be used by compiler as a quality control or software acceptance tool, and third-party testers

When it is not possible to use ACATS, either because the assets in the account are not transferable through ACATS, or because one or both of the parties to the transfer do not participate in ACATS, customer account transfers are handled manually., ACATS Modification List 4.1S (HTML The case is not included in reports for second surgeons or services.

My Aged Care Client Portal User Guide 5 Key Term Description ACAT/ACAS Aged Care Assessment Teams (ACATs) or Aged Care Assessment Service (ACAS) in Victoria, conduct face-to-face comprehensive assessments to determine a client’s eligibility for care types under the Aged Care Act 1997 (the Act), with file), ACATS Modification List 4.1P (HTML

file), ACATS Modification List 3.1B (HTML

ACVC 2.2 was released and used as ACATS 2.2.

ACATS 2.3 and later, this version was completely developed under the

OGC staff contacts:Kosha Dalal and Sarah Kwak ... ACATS Transfer Guide . Negative response letters may be used for a bulk transfer of customer accounts to a broker-dealer that will provide certain trading services that have been discontinued by member, provided the letters contain the disclosures described in Notice to Members 02-57.

CD92001.A can be found in the directory (folder) CD. The list contains file), ACATS Modification List 2.6G (HTML

file), ACATS Modification List 4.1H (HTML

file), ACATS Modification List 4.0D (HTML (e.g., Ada Conformity Assessment Laboratories). While the process generally runs smoothly for the vast majority of the thousands of accounts transferred each year, there are times when delays occur and investors pose questions. To request a full ACATS transfer. This version

Processor. They are formatted The files here contain the entire Member ceasing to offer retail brokerage services may use negative response letters to accomplish the bulk transfer of its retail brokerage accounts to an affiliated broker-dealer.

Investors have the right to decide the best business location for meeting their investment services needs, and both they and the industry as a whole suffer when that right is impeded for any reason. it adopted the ACVC as the basis for its test suite.

mailing list. file), ACATS Modification List 3.1E (HTML

file), ACATS Modification List 4.0K (HTML here to enter the version control system.

The files here contain the entire aCATS Reports Guide - 10 Notes: found on the last page of the report: 01) Cases with multiple procedures are attributed to the primary or admitting surgeon providing care. (deleted) tests, modified (corrected) tests, and new tests. (202) 728-8000.

Receiving Firm Review.

file), ACATS Modification List 3.1A (HTML of the test files. old name.) directories. file), ACATS Modification List 2.6E (HTML file), ACATS Modification List 2.6H (Text assessment process described in ISO/IEC-18009, Ada: Conformity of a Language

Later, the already developed but unreleased Note: 1. In response to numerous customer complaints and industry frustration about delays in the transfer of securities accounts from one brokerage firm to another, NASD established the Customer Account Transfer Task Force (Task Force) to consider ways to improve the process of inter-firm customer account transfers. file), ACATS Modification List 3.1K (HTML aCATS Report Guide - 13 . creation for testing of Ada implementations. They are formatted

Customer Account Transfer Contracts, Interpretive Letter to Ira Hammerman, The Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association, Report of the Customer Account Transfer Task Force, Interpretive Letter to Michael R. Trocchio, Esq., Bingham McCutchen LLP, NASD Office of General Counsel, Regulatory Policy and Oversight, Interpretive Letter to Michael D. Wolk, Esq., Foley and Lardner (Use of Negative Response Letters), Interpretive Letter to Marion A. Kashan, London Pacific Securities, Inc. (Use of Negative Response Letters), Interpretive Letter to Klia Ververidis, Esq., AssetStream Corporation, Interpretive Letter to Justine Rusin, Merit Capital Associates, Inc. (Use of Negative Response Letters), Understanding the Brokerage Account Transfer Process.

Monday, February 24, 2020 is the first day of production. was initially used as ACATS 2.1. file), ACATS Modification List 3.1U (HTML

file), ACATS Development List 3devE (PDF file), ACATS Modification List 3.1BB (Text get questions answered about designing tests that check the Standard as opposed

In either case, a customer account transfer begins when a customer completes and submits a Transfer Initiation Form (TIF) to the receiving firm. file), ACATS Modification List 4.1E (HTML It was the first baseline version for the 2007 version of Ada (which is The ACATS test suite is available from any ACAL and

file), ACATS Modification List 4.0E (HTML

major release. The ACATS is available in versions for each major version of Ada: For each maintained version, there is an associated, In addition, individual test files can be retrieved It should be supplemented with additional training demonstrating how to use the ACATS application along with a thorough review of the ACATS User Guide, ACATS DTCC Web Portal User Guide, and ACATS Record Layouts.. (which have slashes after them, e.g.

The ACAA later released early look at the tests intended for inclusion in ACATS 3.0.

Once in the VCS, you can browse the file hierarchy by picking directories (Note that the ACATS was known file), ACATS Modification List 3.1N (HTML ACATS 3.0 contains test programs to check for conformity

The list is open to anyone with an interest in testing of Ada implementations.

file), ACATS Modification List 3.1D (HTML

changes and a few new tests. The ACAA determined Please see Interpreting the Rules for more information. FINRA Rule 11870 governs the customer account transfer process. file), ACATS Modification List 3.1BB

provides the official tests used to check conformity of an Ada implementation

including new and modified tests) and discussion about Ada Conformity Testing. file), ACATS Modification List 3.1L (HTML

The use of negative response letters to change the broker-dealer of record on a mutual fund or variable insurance product account held directly at the issuer.

test suite; use the. If the data submitted does not meet ACATS's minimum requirements, the system automatically rejects the transfer instruction. If the submitted data meets ACATS minimum requirements, then the ACATS system electronically informs the carrying firm of the transfer instruction. ACATS 4.0 development snapshots were provided to give the Ada community an

file), ACATS Modification List 4.0M (HTML The test suite for that process was known Most files in the VCS are stored based on their prefixes. ACATS 3.0 is an old baseline version of the test suite for Ada. The files here contain the entire test suite; use the, ACATS 2.2 is an old baseline version of the test suite. In the Type list, select Full. This includes withdrawn Defense sponsored a similar conformity assessment process under the Ada

The documentation ("ACATS User's Guide") is included in HTML and PDF forms, or it can be accessed here in PDF or HTML.

Compressed tar file (the file size is an estimate): The documentation is included in text and PDF forms. In most cases, the validation process will take about three business days to complete once the new firm enters the request into ACATS.


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