My little age is 3-7 years old. When (if) I regress, I don't lose skills.

People who half regress also enjoy doing childish things. There’s actually a term for it - half regression. You can call me Indigo. im really scared of joining a community because of all the hate all of them have ;-; but i also don't want to be alone, and i want to help people cause im a big bro sometimes but i cant do either of those things without a tag and agere doesn't have too much on it ;-;-;-; what should i do?

Since you don’t feel comfortable with that I suggest not joining cglre or cg/l because the majority of them call their caregivers mommy/daddy. For example, if an age regressor tagged a cute post with both “#cglre” and “#d-d-l-g” (not hyphenated). hi, i use age regression as a coping tool, i'm 23 but i like to pretend i'm 12-14, sometimes younger. Some otherkin claim that their identity is genetic, while others believe their identity derives from reincarnation, trans-species dysphoria of the soul...". Rule Ideas for Age Regressors Without Caregivers.

(Ageplay makes me uncomfortable now.) Regression makes sure I can survive.

People who write cgl(re) are lumping them in together.

Long post! 100% Upvoted. It can be used in a s3xual way, but not by age regressors. I right now would identify as I have no idea, I have a lot of mental illness' and such but I don't fall under 'age regression' because I do mentally understand I'm an adult but I love being little and being cared for and to me it's a life style but it's also play.

kiwis cut in half (use a spoon to eat the insides) !

Do not follow if your blog spreads hate towards any age regression community. Autumn age regression moodboard!

cglre: “Caregiver, little (regression).” It’s an age regression community where there is an age regressor who has a caregiver.

Do you have any suggestions?

If you’re age role playing then there is nothing (legally) wrong with having sex.

It is always s3xual.

pet regression: It’s when someone mentally goes into the mindset of a pet or another animal, such as a dragon. a-b-d-l: “@dult b@by di@per lover.” It’s a k!nk/fet!sh where an adult wears diapers and acts like a baby. I don't know. I age regress to cope with anxiety and depression! I just suck. Not trying to be mean, but I looked up the definitions of kin and it's all "a person who identifies as nonhuman, typically as being wholly or partially an animal or mythical being." mxlg/b: “Mommy x little girl/boy.” It’s when a mommy is the caregiver for an age regressor. It’s known for using the terms “little,” “littlespace,” etc., which are also used by k!nk communities, although cglre is not k!nk and is separate from k!nk. Enjoy!

Blue and green shark age regression moodboard, for anon! This is my age regression advice blog.

But cglre gets a lot of hate and liltot does also but I don’t think it’s directly towards members. It’s known for using the terms “little,” “littlespace,” etc., which are also used by k!nk communities, although cglre is not k!nk and is separate from k!nk. Pastel pink Animal Crossing age regression moodboard, with cherry blossom trees and desserts, for anon!

I suffer from anxiety, PTSD and PPD. cglre: “Caregiver, little (regression).” It’s an age regression community where there is an age regressor who has a caregiver. REQUESTS ARE CLOSED!

You can call me Indigo. share.

i was severely abused in a ddlg dynamic and now a lot of things surrounding the concept are massive triggers for me. So you do belong in age regression :). Icon by the wonderful @softyshy! I can still do "teenager/adult" things, I just use child like methods. It is always s3xual.

Hi! If you don’t want to have sex at all you need to tell your caregiver this and he needs to understand that he can’t just make you (even if you aren’t saying no its still wrong to make you consent to something you’re not in the mood for.)

If you don’t want a label then you don’t need to have one.

Find the right community? My little age is 3-7 years old. We believe that our soul is wholly or partially [x] animal/character/creature. Hi!

Do Not Interact If: DD/L/G, k!nk, MA/P, or NS/F/W in any way.

When you use the term “age regress” instead of “ageplay” you’re putting your sexual partners at risk of being arrested because age regressed people can not legally consent to sex and someone could mistake your for an actual age regressor. If a k!nkster did it, it might look like this: tagging a N5FW picture with tags like “#pretty” or “#kitten.” That would be harmful because then people could be exposed to k!nk posts when they scroll through SFW tags.

d-d-l-g/b: “D@ddy d0m, little girl/boy.” It’s a k!nk - a branch of B-D-S-M - where the daddy is the d0min@nt, and the little is the 5ubm!ss!ve. It’s similar to pet regression. I don't want to invade spaces ment for minors & I want to be respectful. hi, i use age regression as a coping tool, i'm 23 but i like to pretend i'm 12-14, sometimes younger. Try to take a shower or bath every other day. I age regress to cope with anxiety and depression! Try to drink 8 glasses (or 4 bottles) of water per day.

They also allow you to call your caregiver whatever you want and they do have a branch that doesn’t want cg/l, dd/lg etc. It is s3xual.

You can send me an ask and I will reply.

Age regression is an actual medical condition/therapy. No, that’s not weird!

There are many age regression communities that don’t allow dd/lg to interact with them so maybe that could help you age regress without getting triggered. Please let me know if you want me to add stuff specific to age regression! Maybe with people who struggle a bit with growing up like me?

caregiver: It’s someone who cares for an age regressor while they’re regressed. This can be done by k!nksters, or even by well-meaning age regressors.

It isn’t a kink and I don’t care how long you have “age regressed sexually.” You’re using the wrong term. Do I belong? I'm new to age regression; I knew about ageplay before & was a part of that community, as a legal adult, but I'm now figuring out that it's not for me & age regression is a better fit.

It’s similar to age regression.

[Part 3] So csn you give advice on how to find people like that?

It is always s3xual.

chire: “Child regression.” It’s an age regression community. That’s when you don’t fully regress into an entire child-like state of mind. Because of my medication, I have virtually no sex drive anymore. Many regressors out there don’t baby talk. 0 comments.

It is never s3xual.

i dont wanna be forced to hate people!

This is never s3xual. It’s known for wanting to be separate from cglre, and commonly doesn’t use terms like “little” or “littlespace” (to my knowledge).

It is never s3xual. I have fixed the post! You can call me Indigo. Please help ._.

I'm very confused myself. Any resources anyone could recommend?

If you don’t want them interacting with you at all then maybe you should join ch ire, teen(ie)tots or kid heart. My caregiver has a high sex drive and constantly wants to play. It’s okay not to feel comfortable calling him daddy! A couple people asked for the fairy milk recipe so here you go!

An age regressed person can not consent because they are mentally incompetent.

I’d really like to know where I fit though. Im not really "new" to age regression, but have yet to be an active part in the communities. This blog is not k¡nk related.

That’s perfectly fine, don’t worry. DinoNuggetsSquad Apple Juice is underrated Caregivers need love tooMy name is Scarlet and if you think all of these are true come find me let’s be a #DinoNuggetSquad!

Nice to meet others! You’re role playing (ageplay.)

Send requests for themed age regression moodboards! Try to make at least one person smile every day. i want to cope with the trauma by regressing but now it feels like that itself has been ruined and taken away from me :( also i'd love to have a real, non-abusive caregiver one day but i never want to have a sexual relationship ever again, is there any hope for someone like me? It is never s3xual. Sort by. I’m taking requests for age regression moodboards!

Icon by the wonderful @softyshy!

This is a guide to Age Regression, more towards the caregiver perspective though. I don't LOSE vocabulary, as much as I PREFER childish talk. Adult teens have the most independence from their chosen Caregiver (if they even want a Caregiver/parental partner, as some may prefer to "date") and may also become dominant over, or even responsible for the care of, their Caregiver. It’s usually easier for them to go back into a bigger headspace. It is never s3xual.

Well you should figure out if you’re age regressing or age role playing (or both) because having sex while you’re regressed can do serious damage to your mental health and stability and your caregiver could also get into legal trouble because since age regression is a type of therapy, age regressors aren’t able to consent.

c-g-l: “Caregiver, little.” It’s a gender neutral version of d-d-l-g/b and m-d-l-g/b.

We don’t think that our physical body is.

Helpful, but please never write cglre as cgl(re). Hihi!

b-d-s-m: "B0nd@ge, d!sc!pl!ne, s@d!sm, and m@soch!sm.” It’s a k!nk/f3tish where consenting adults engage in d0min@nt/5ubm!ss!ve roles. If you call your caregivers mommy/daddy or like the caregiver/little dynamic then I suggest cglre. I’m a half-regressor too. The “x” is used instead of the “d,” to get rid of the “d0min@nt” part of it, and therefore ridding of it of its N5FW and k!nk affiliations.

Icon by the wonderful @softyshy! I'm an age regressor who recently started antidepressants. It is never s3xual. You can consent. Here’s a list of common phrases, terms, or words used in agere tumblr and what they mean. Do Not Interact If: DD/L/G, k!nk, MA/P, or NS/F/W in any way. It is never s3xual. But ki dheart is going through a bit of rough patch I believe and ch ire and teen (ie)tots are an ti cgl and they get a bad stigma because of that. I’d also stay away from kid heart because they are a minor based community. I only baby talk because it helps me feel little, but you should do whatever works for you!

It is never s3xual. Out loud I may pay less attention to enunciation but nothing else is different, and in writing my vocabulary actually becomes more formal and scientific, unless I’m regressed unusually far, in which case I’ll begin to use words like “kinda” and “wanna”. It seems that cglre and liltot don’t specifically hate on other communities so if that’s something you want then you could join them.

I think you’re just age role playing (not ageplaying) and that usually is summed up with age regression so nobody gets confused and thinks you’re into ageplay.

I will not disclose which community I belong with because I don't want to get hate. So I really don’t want to join dd/lg community since I feel uncomfortable.

:). crosstagging: It’s when someone tags a post about one thing with tags about something else, usually about something N5FW. I don't know if I feel comfortable identifying as anything since I don't necessarily bring any of my little activities into the bedroom, but I still don't suffer from age regression. Hi! Halloween candy and trick-or-treating age regression moodboard, for anon! save hide report. I’m tagging kink in this post because I want them to realize this. Age regression! The Dom in a DDLG relationship.

You know you’re not a child. They don’t really interact much with haters or anything. petplay: It’s a kink where someone pretends to be a pet or other animal, and someone else pretends to care for them. It implies a link to the kink community that does not exist.


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