Parents need to know that AJ and the Queen is a buddy road comedy about a down-and-out drag queen Ruby Red and the 10-year-old neighbor who tags along on a cross-country drag show tour in order to hitch a ride to Texas.

Moving episode to episode, each named after another city on Robert's tour, every beat of this journey feels 100% RuPaul-approved. If there ever was a platonic ideal of a Bachelorette, Tayshia might be that Bachelorette. The trickier and more curious question is whether AJ and the Queen knows itself for what it is. Wondering if AJ and the Queen is OK for your kids? See our. Common Sense and other associated names and logos are trademarks of Common Sense Media, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization (FEIN: 41-2024986). We're updating our reviews to better highlight authentic stories and accurate, diverse representations. Of course, there's at least one full-length flawless lip-synch moment in each episode, and one should definitely question Ruby's judgment for blithely ferrying a child across state lines, but a comedy that plays out in tawdry dressing rooms and gay bars and different towns connected by long highways navigated in an RV festooned with wigs is fun.

A maudlin montage features Ruby lip-syncing along with “Endless Love,” AJ staring longingly into a pet store at a dog she cannot have, and a con man baddie named Hector (Josh Segarra) reluctantly picking up tricks at a gay bar so he can buy new tires for his muscle car. A review of AJ and the Queen, the new Netflix series starring RuPaul as Ruby Red, a down-on-her-luck drag queen who befriends a 10-year-old ragamuffin with absent parents named AJ (Izzy G). My 12 yo wanted to watch this show based on the Netflix previews. It’s a multi-part series. Now Ruby has to head out on a tour of drag clubs to make enough money just to make ends meet, while AJ tags along to get a ride to family in Texas. With guest appearances by dozens of RuGirls, this sentiment of family is echoed throughout AJ and the Queen's first season. A minor (not positive) character says he's going to go to an AA meeting and then "go sell coke. Your privacy is important to us. The following is a spoiler-free review of Netflix's AJ and the Queen.. Robert, on the other hand, is easy to get to know. Ru's path towards a fantasy world of his own making has been a long one. Ridiculous fun with heart, Michael Patrick King, we may forgive you for Sex and the City 2 after all. All rights reserved. The cast is diverse in terms of age, race, ethnicity, physical ability, and gender and sexual identity. Slowly, but surely she returns the favor. But for fans of its creator and star, RuPaul Andre Charles, AJ and the Queen is something else. “In naive, or pure, Camp,” Sontag writes, “the essential element is seriousness, a seriousness that fails.”. Language and mature humor in charming drag comedy. I laughed at least partly in dismay, but it was definitely laughter. Ru's "We get to choose our family" quote is felt in every frame. RuPaul, the star of AJ and the Queen, is also one of the creators and co-writes episodes.

Lady Danger, Ruby’s blind roommate who yells “I’m blind!” at least once an episode, Ruby herself pretending to have been knocked unconscious in the middle of a drag performance before rising perfectly to the crescendo of Sia’s “Chandelier” — moments like these suggest that AJ and the Queen is trying hard for “campiness” and failing dramatically in the execution. Surely it’s trying to be this absurd? For many, that laundry list of accomplishments is "RuPaul." Embarking on a trip from New York City to Dallas, Texas, title characters Robert Lee (aka drag queen "Ruby Red," played by RuPaul) and his kid companion AJ (played by Izzy G) burn through misadventures, musical numbers, and guest appearances like road fuel. Positive messages of inclusivity and open-mindedness are sent by Ruby's colorful circle of friends and contemporaries, who cheerfully accept all types of people, including young AJ.


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