I havnt seen the option yet.. maybe a mod soon? We laugh, have fun, and is a great stress reliever. I looked at the screen and saw that the game was showing a car that the player was driving dragging a woman’s dead body along the road. Parents: Set preferences and get age-appropriate recommendations with Common Sense Media Plus. if your son is 11 up they can handle this without a problem. The last Just Cause game had a strip club in it that was very offensive, however this game does not contain any explicit content like that. Viper1754 - 4 years ago. The game is mainly about freeing the people of a fictional island from the oppression evil dictator. All rights reserved. My son deleted it after that. just cause 3 is a very fun game and i think everyone should have it. Near the South of the province is a large lake, with the jump sitting just a bit East of it. Just asking. 9z. There is minimal profanity, no sexual content and the violence is purely comical with the slightest hint of blood. At the North part of the province, inside Espia Bassa. You are not supposed to kill innocent civilians and the killing is only directed towards the evil bad guy's goons. ... Blood… This Below Fix is a Temporary Fix as we too are waiting for the upgraded Mod. Note: This is ONLY to be used to report spam, advertising, and problematic (harassment, fighting, or rude) posts. Located near the center of Sirocco Nord, the entrance begins with a turn off the main highway. Enemies will come in and you will creatively destroy them. No language AT ALL. The point of the game is to blow up everything in your path using a stunning variety of gadgets like wing suits grappler hooks and rebel supply drops. No swearing up art from h**l and no that much blood at all.❤️. This game is very lighthearted and shouldn't be taken as a serious action/killer game.

The other jump is in the very South end of the province, next to Guardia Val De Mar IV. No Sexual content AT ALL. Zenin | November 23, 2018.

I find that this is ridiculous and should be 9 and up. You play as a man working for "the agency" trying to overthrow the dictator.

Located along the southern border of the province, just south of a small outpost. There is absolutely no gore whatsoever. Di Ravello disappoints lol. Just a tiny bit north of the town of Perla Est, you will find this jump which has you landing in the city. Bring so many memories for any player ;), The only reason it garnished an M rating is because apparently "Tethering people to things is torture, which constitutes a 'Mature' rating.". Just Cause [edit | edit source]. Note that we do not allow non-gaming meme templates as submissions. But he showed me the game and then I realised it was fine for my child. The gameplay is great, and so is the story, however, the boss fight was a bit disappointing, there is a nice selection of guns to choose from, my favourite is the mini gun since it has infinite ammo which is hilarious. Don't have game yet but I was wondering if there was an option in-game to do this. Find answers now! it should be a 12 really.

But seriously, 18+!?!? My son, who is 11, has had this game for about a year. In some areas there will be smoking civilians but that is the limits of drugs and alcohol. I purchased this game for my 12 year old son some weeks back, expecting a largely teen-friendly computer game, that is exactly what I got. And if hour parents are worried about blood inna videogame where you explode absolutely everything, they're a bit weird. This game is fine me and my 10 year old son play it all the time and enjoy it and use it as a bonding experience. The wingsuit is one of the new gadgets in Just Cause 3. Just Cause 3 though focuses on explosions and action, not blood. I didn't see a way for it.

Español - Latinoamérica (Spanish - Latin America), https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CQpxDFExwhU, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tpRuKD7WQ9w. So you can shoot and stab people as long as theres no blood involved? This jump is found as you exit East from Fortalessa, and lands you in the province of Baia. The mechanics are hilarious and have me doubled over in my seat laughing.

You wont regret it. Can you turn off blood? Can you turn it off? If you have any doubts with the Missiles or any other issue with Just Cause 3 do let us know in the comments below.


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