We bring holiness into the world in many ways: Connect with Reconstructionist communities and resources nearby and around the world: Learn more about us and the resources available here: This Torah portion, whose name translates as "Sarah's Life," ironically begins with her death. Section 3 is concerned with the pre-Christian religion of the ancient Celts, and takes data from several sources, including archaeology, classical writings and comparative religion. It's an approach to Jewish living. -- An important work from early Northumbria, it was written and illuminated about 698 in honor of St Cuthbert, the famous Bishop of Lindisfarne, who died in 687.

Many Neo-Druid groups follow the Celtic Reconstructionist path, and both groups read similar historical, anthropological and archaeological texts as part of their study. 16th, 2017 11:34 am. Neither are they pretentious; if a fact is not known for sure, then they say so clearly and present the evidence for the individual to judge. There is many a volume out there with the word ‘Celtic’ prominently displayed in the title that bears little relation to real historical data, is badly or not referenced at all and which certainly doesn’t offer genuine information about Celtic culture. But we still have a lot to say, and you are not going to want to miss this one.Join Monstrous Host Elisabeth for a compelling discussion on tribalism: what it is, how it impacts Christian discourse and behavior, and what its implications are in a “culture war”. When Revivalist writers ignore undisputed fact (such as the Runes being Norse in origin and the Celts being Indo-European rather than Atlantean), it does put Revivalism as a whole in a poor light. Full Moons The new Evolve podcast features interviews with thought-provoking rabbis, leaders and creators about the urgent issues faced by Jewish people today. Hashivenu Episode: Writing Ourselves into the Book of Life. -- One of the earliest surviving manuscripts in Welsh and written around the year 1250. Because the Celts had an oral tradition, their knowledge was never committed to a permanent medium; even their stories were only committed to paper hundreds, if not thousands of years later by Christian monks who would not be dedicated to putting across decidedly pagan values. Should valuable aspects of shamanism that have become accepted parts of Druidry be rejected because a practice originated in Scandinavia or pre-colonial America and not Ireland or Wales? Many Celtic Reconstructionists have Celtic ancestry, however all that is required is an interest in Celtic culture. Barry Cunliffe, The Ancient Celts (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1997) -- This book explores the archaeological reality of the Celts by investigating the texts of the classical writers and contrasting their views of the Celts with current archaeological findings.


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