Chocolate cake truffles dipped in chocolate and sprinkled with freeze dried strawberry dust or dried rose petals.

Dear Carrie I made this cake and just say it is the best Thank you so much, Be sweet. Mix shortly until combined.

B’coz i’ve been tried and it was ready, Hello! and you could use cream cheese frosting... ^_^ Oh man that'd be good. There's just something about that crunchy chocolate shell and that moist, rich cake center... you can't get enough! I had to trim a significant part in order to make them flat. Once decorated it should be stored in the fridge but served at room temperature. If you frosting separates, which sometimes happens if the water content of the butter is too high, don't worry it will still work in the recipe. It tones it down a tiny bit. You could certainly use what you have Courtney – but a Dutch processed cocoa powder will give you a deeper chocolate colored cake with a richer chocolate flavor. Just wanted a chocolate layer cake. What does your apron say?The truffles look delicious by the way :) Too bad I'm on a diet :(.

We decided we had to turn our health around.Myfitnesspal has been invaluable to me.

Melt chocolate in the microwave per directions on package. I’m more of a semi-sweet or dark chocolate fan rather than milk or, heaven forbid, white chocolate.

In a double boiler method melt chocolate with butter and stir until melted completely. Line bottoms with rounds of waxed paper. A sweet little bite of these cake truffles is all I want after my Valentine’s Day dinner! We’ve updated the recipe to make this more clear.

But this particular cake is really impressive as it is made of six layers, each one covered by the velvety frosting! I am allowed 1,200 calories a day, but if I work off calories those go back on my net for the day and I could eat that amount of calories again. For the Valentine’s Day though, I decided to use my favourite chocolate cake recipe and dip them into melted chocolate instead of cocoa, then dust with a bit of freeze dried strawberry powder. I’m afraid the frosting won’t be sweet enough for the cake.

I’m about to make it but first i wanted to know how long does the frosting last? If you don't just have cake lying around your house, you can still make these easily!

A wonderful chocolate layer cake with chocolate cream cheese buttercream frosting and truffles on top: the absolute dream of everyone who likes chocolate! Mix until well combined. We’d love to see a photo – just tag @thecakeblog on Instagram or use hashtag #thecakeblog! It is a real melt-in-your mouth cake as the moist layers are so tasty! Simple textured dollops of frosting on top finish off this pretty Chocolate Truffle Cake. Next time, though, I will try these! When the mixture thickens and increases its volume, add the vegetable oil. What I also love about this recipe is how easy it is, even children would be able to roll these little beauties! Chocolate Truffle Cake – a chocolate layer cake recipe with dense, moist chocolate cake, silky chocolate truffle frosting and chocolate flakes.

What is the recipe for the buttercream you used? on Step 2. Beat a bit more until the frosting becomes fluffy and creamy. I could have lost alot more but my eating habits haven't changed that much yet.

Return to lined tray to set in fridge for about 30 mins. Enjoy! Good when there is leftover cake which I have at this time of the year. Awesome! Stick a skewer or fork into truffles and dip into melted chocolate. I only have Hershey’s Special Dark Cocoa powder, can I still use that or do I need to go out to get something different? Place desired coating in a small bowl.

Serve warm. You can help balance it out by using moistened cake strips that wrap around the outside of the pan. There’s often some milk chocolate around (my husband loves it), but for me it’s all about that slightly bitter flavor of dark chocolate that my taste buds crave. When almost melted, remove from heat and stir the mixture until smooth. It simply melts in your mouth like a truffle and it is decorated with easy to make truffles: Here is the Best Chocolate Truffle Cake that you can make at home! That stuff sets quickly. It might not seem like a lot of frosting, but trust me, you don't want too much. The key are the truffles that serve for decoration. (Use two spoons to dip and roll in chocolate and then tap off extra.). I'm actually pushing 30, thank you! Cakes dome because the metal on the outside of the pan conducts the heat faster. The cake itself is dense and moist, just like proper chocolate cake should be, and the frosting….

(Which, I hope, you will wash first!!) I need to make time! It’s silky, creamy, and basically pure chocolate heaven. If you are a sweet truffle fan, take a look at my Baileys Truffles. Hi i am also huge fan chocolates & chocolate cakes thanks for sharing the recipe i will try it for sure. And it would also make room in the freezer! Xx. Can I substitute buttermilk with whole milk instead and would the quantity be the same? Mix well and make balls out of the mixture. Mix until well combined. I've been given a set of these as a gift from someone who makes these for Easter and called them Cake Eggs. Melt 100g milk, dark or white chocolate for 10 truffles. I kept the decorating on this cake simple and classic, just like a chocolate truffle. Kinda hard to work with as it is pretty drippy. I hope it worked out well for your husband’s birthday! Start mixing! I think you’re asking specifically about making the chocolate frosting? And if you want to check other chocolate cake recipes, see the below selection: Your email address will not be published.

Add the cake crumbs into the chocolate and mix until combined. Cool upright by using a cake pop stand or inverted styrofoam cup with a small hole in its bottom. I've been using myfitnesspal on my phone. This takes some trial and error to get down, but I've found using a frosting spatula or a butter knife to push it off the fork works best.

4 ounces bittersweet or semisweet chocolate, cut into small pieces, 2 tablespoons flavoring of your choice (orange, almond, or raspberry liqueur, etc. Line a tray with baking paper. If you're already a MoM member, you need to login to vote for this recipe.

If you are looking for an intense hit of chocolate, this cake is for you! I'm only 5 feet tall, so according to weight standards I'm like 60lbs overweight, which I think is total crap, but I'd love to lose 30 in the end of all this.

For the truffles: Combine the chocolate, cream and butter in a small heatproof bowl set over simmering water and let melt.

Hence it was only a two layer cake :(!

Except I add a teaspoon of lemon juice. XoXo Valentina. Allow to thicken and set overnight.*. You're looking for a good, liquid consistency. Then I discovered cake truffles! I'll show you how! I am now requested at all family functions as long as make cakes like this fantastic show / heart stopper. Place flour, sugar, cocoa powder, baking soda, baking powder and salt into the bowl of a stand mixer.

Using a small ice cream scoop measure out 20 golf ball-sized truffles, roll them into balls and place on a parchment lined cookie sheet, refrigerate for 1 hour to firm them up.

You can bake any flavor of cake!

Quick question…do you have a recipe for the chocolate frosting used for the dollops on top? Place plastic wrap directly on top of chocolate. They look amazing! Allow chocolate to cool slightly. Add eggs, milk, oil and vanilla and beat on medium speed for 2 minutes. Add the dry ingredients and continue mixing until completely absorbed.

Spoon the chocolate … Comment document.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "a76c0d8ea8a0d633e12286ee6e989719" );document.getElementById("i6aa4553d9").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); Julia Frey is a London based recipe developer and photographer. I forgot about these.

In the top of a double boiler or a small heatproof bowl set over simmering water, melt together the chocolate and butter, cool slightly. it's pretty hilarious.Also- I'm on a diet too!!

Share Chocolate cake truffles on Facebook, Share Chocolate cake truffles on Pinterest, Share Chocolate cake truffles via browser, 100g dark chocolate, melted (for coating), Crumble the sponge by hand or use a food processor. Crumb coat the cake.

Be sure to bring it out of the refrigerator an hour or two before serving, so it can be enjoyed at room temp. One cup of butter is equivalent to 226.8 grams. Place one layer on a serving plate and generously spread on top Chocolate Mousse (about 1/5 of the whole quantity).

Meanwhile, melt the chocolate for coating.

Now that I can make them myself I won't need to wait on her to give them out. Is there a solution to this or was there possibly something I did wrong?

Thanks Laura!! Enjoy! Because I like simple and elegant, I chose to cover the whole cake in gorgeous chocolate flakes. My kids were the first taste testers and they both commented on how much they loved the strawberry dusting on top. Did you doubled the recipe to make 4 layer cake or you just cut each cake into half to make 4 layer cake ? Bake for 45 to 50 minutes or until a toothpick inserted in the centre comes out clean. It’s easier than making the usual truffles! Can any cake truffle be turned into a cake ball?

on Introduction. I was looking for a recipe like this to make and send in a package for my sister for her birthday, since I can't really send her a birthday cake. The key to keeping them fresh is making sure they're totally sealed in chocolate. These look delicious.

Scrape the chocolate mixture into a pastry bag fitted with a #3 plain tip.

My husband was at 350lbs and we were just like holy crap we're fat American slobs!!! Preheat oven to 350F. Thankfully, practice makes perfect and every batch will be better than the last! But these delicious looking balls are not only for decoration purposes, they are also very tasty. Spoon a little of the batter into each of the prepared cups, top with 1 truffle, and cover with the remaining batter. You can find cake strips in cake decorating stores, craft stores and on amazon. Add cream cheese and rum extract and beat until combined.

Arrange the cups on a baking tray and bake until the edges of the cakes begin to pull away from the sides of the cups, 12 to 13 minutes. I could waste away to nothing hahaha.

Roll sponge mixture into 2cm balls. This is MUCH easier then trying to dip the balls and will give you a wonderful, smooth texture. In a medium saucepan, combine heavy cream and butter. Thank you so much for this recipe! NOTES: For steps 3 and 4, I found it works very well to … You could add some sprinkles to make them look even fancier. Bake at 350F/180C for 50 minutes or until the cake tester comes out clean. Let’s just be honest for a minute here. With a fork, pick up one truffle at a time and hold over the bowl of melted chocolate. By our contributor, Olivia Bogacki. This is a clever idea, I love not wasting and turning cake into chocolate truffles is so good.

Coat them with chocolate sprinkles and cocoa powder. They are EXCELLENT when cold. Chill for 30 minutes. Nuts work as well! Pipe 8 (1-inch) mounds onto the prepared tray.


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