His tactic was to work within the parliamentary system, by mobilizing powerful financial supporters to bankroll his expansive propaganda campaign while his black shirts rode roughshod over picket lines and working-class organizations. Leveraging the Ruling Class’s Loss of Legitimacy, Terra & Demos: A Unified Ethics for Conservation and the Human Quest, At Breaking Point: Why the Constitutional Crisis Will Only Get Worse, Nichole Stepehns, Administrative Assistant. Christopher Williams is an American singer–songwriter and actor. [the team’s] “strengths lie in their versatility as a commercial law firm, their speed of delivery, and their energy.”  -Client Feedback. GUEST WORDS-“The intellectuals cast a veil over the dictatorial character of bourgeois democracy not least by presenting democracy as the absolute opposite of fascism, not as just another natural phase of it where the bourgeois dictatorship is revealed in a more open form.”. + It channels people’s energy into fighting over the best methods for managing capitalist rule rather than abolishing it. Sullivan & Cromwell worked with nearly all of the major U.S. banks, and they oversaw investments in Germany in excess of a billion dollars. O’Neal Webster holds a decidedly unique position among all BVI law firms, being among the first to establish exclusively in the British Virgin Islands to serve onshore and offshore corporate and finance, banking, business, real estate, and trust and estate clients. This was also true internationally. This framing of the relationship between liberalism and fascism not only presents them as complete opposites, but it also defines the very essence of the fight against fascism as the struggle for liberalism. The…, O’Neal Webster advised The Bank of Nova Scotia, a leading bank in Canada and leading financial services provider in the Americas, on the sale of its British Virgin Islands operations to Republic Financial Holdings Limited. This was also a time when the world had just witnessed the first successful anti-capitalist revolution in the U.S.S.R. Mussolini, who had cut his teeth working for MI5 to break up the Italian peace movement during WWI, was later backed by big industrial capitalists and bankers for his anti-worker, pro-capitalist political orientation. It is not surprising that the bourgeois democracies of the West were extremely slow to open the Western front, allowing their erstwhile enemy, the U.S.S.R., to be bled by the pro-capitalist Nazi war machine (which received ample funding from White Russians). Although one prefers the velvet glove of hegemonic and consensual rule, and the other relies more readily on the iron fist of repressive violence, they are both intent on maintaining and developing capitalist social relations, and they have worked together throughout modern history in order to do so. The firm sits on legal panels for many international banks and is the BVI law firm of choice to advise on transactions such as property acquisition financing, asset and project financing, debt financing, and general banking transactions involving BVI entities. Follow on twitter: @GabrielRockhill). The ideological construction of false antagonisms, in the case of liberalism and fascism, serves multiple purposes: + It establishes the primary front of struggle as one between rival positions within the capitalist camp.

|, INTO THE SANDBOX: FINTECH INNOVATION IN THE BVI, O’Neal Webster Acts for Scotiabank on the Sale of its BVI Operations, O’Neal Webster Advises on JPY 3.8 Billion British Virgin Islands Plan of Arrangement, Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court Adopts Measures for Alternative Effect Of Service On Bvi Business Companies. Should LAUSD Property be Used for Affordable Housing. According to Christopher Simpson’s masterful study, “a half-dozen key U.S. companies—International Harvester, Ford, General Motors, Standard Oil of … Sullivan & Cromwell worked with nearly all of the major U.S. banks, and they oversaw investments in Germany in excess of a billion dollars. Kris denied the affair in 2013 in an interview with … How Do Medical Students Get More Experience in the US than Cuba? It is Now Trump vs. Clinton, So How Valid are Predictions of American Fascism?

Given the ways in which the current public debate on fascism tends to be framed in relationship to purported liberal resistance, there could scarcely be a timelier task than that of scrupulously re-examining the historical record of actually existing liberalism and fascism. The fascists, who had only had 35 seats in parliament, gained 286 seats with the help of the liberals. In addition to scholarly work, he has been actively engaged in extra-academic activities in the art and activist worlds, as well as a regular contributor to public intellectual debate.

CHRISTOPHER SIMPSON Partner. Not unlike sporting events, which are very important ideological rituals in the contemporary world, the logic of false antagonisms amps up and overinflates all of the idiosyncratic differences and personal rivalries between two opposing teams to such an extent that the frenzied fans come to forget that they are ultimately playing the same game. Official tennis player profile of Christopher Simpson on the ATP Tour. Only weeks after Hindenburg’s election, he invited Hitler to become chancellor. This was equally true of many of the major corporations and banks whose headquarters were in Western bourgeois democracies. ‘Trumpism’ is All-American: Don't Tread on Me, Damn It! The O’Neal Webster BVI Banking and Finance Team has extensive experience in advising financial institutions and borrowers on international and local banking transactions, both commercial and personal. The fascists rose to power in Italy at a moment of severe political and economic crisis on the heels of WWI, and then later the Great Depression. Position: Partner.

It was not only large industrialists and bankers, as well as landowners, within Italy and Germany that supported and profited from the fascist rise to power. KERRY ANDERSON Partner. This was also true internationally. According to Christopher Simpson’s masterful study, “a half-dozen key U.S. companies -- International Harvester, Ford, General Motors, Standard Oil of New Jersey, and du Pont -- had become deeply involved in German weapons production.” In fact, American investment in Germany sharply increased after Hitler came to power. In the reactionary political culture of the U.S., which has attempted to redefine the Left as liberal, it is of the utmost importance to recognize that the primary opposition that has structured, and continues to organize, the modern world is the one between capitalism -- which is imposed and maintained through liberal ideology and institutions, as well as fascist repression, depending on the time, place and population in question -- and socialism. Once its power was secure, however, fascism revealed its authoritarian face, transforming itself into what Trotsky referred to as a military-bureaucratic dictatorship of the Bonapartist type. The team offers comprehensive, practical, cost effective service to render general legal advice regarding the relationship of banker and customer, regulatory requirements in disclosure of information to authorities, and matters affecting the daily business concerns of the banking industry in the BVI. Since 1989, the practice has been particularly noted by clients and peers for its talent and service, consistently exceeding expectations in both international and domestic markets. By replacing this opposition by the one between liberalism and fascism, the ideology of false antagonisms aims at making the fight of the century into a capitalist spectacle rather than a communist revolution. Its conquest of power took place within this legal and constitutional framework, which secured its apparent legitimacy on the home front, as well as within the international community of bourgeois democracies. Led by Managing Partner Vanessa King, the practice counts major international and domestic banks and trust companies among its prestigious client base, including the only BVI-based financial institution. The capitalist state turned itself over without a fight, but Mussolini was intent on forming an absolute majority in parliament with the help of the liberals. This apparent opposition has been deeply engrained in contemporary so-called Western liberal democracies through their shared origin myth. As Domenico Losurdo and others have explained with great historical precision and detail, this is pure ideological pap. It was, above all, the Red Army that defeated fascism in WWII, and it is communism—not liberalism—that constitutes the last bulwark against fascism. Constitutional fetishism brings the best aid to fascism.

Follow on twitter: @GabrielRockhill, Liberalism and Fascism: Partners in Crime, received ample funding from White Russians, Peter Kuznick, Max Blumenthal and Ben Norton reminded listeners in a recent discussion, Escalating the Demographic War: The Strategic Goal of Israeli Racism in Palestine, Trump’s Cult of Personality Will be Badly Damaged by Defeat, But His Toxic Politics Marches On, When the Symptom Has Been Removed, But the Disease Remains, The Urgency to Hold Biden Accountable on Foreign Policy.


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