He was just their preacher. Prêt-a-porter Brands, They lie.

Tim Reiterman, Journalist: When vice presidential candidate, Walter Mondale, came to San Francisco, Jim Jones was part of the entourage that boarded his private jet. It might not never happen. But he did find community in the Pentecostal Church. Get the solution together.”. Still, an interesting documentary to watch. Tim Carter, Peoples Temple member I can’t begin to describe it. Laura Johnston Kohl, Peoples Temple Member: Wednesday night we’d have a meeting in Redwood Valley and I’d go to the meeting for — until probably 10 or 10:30. We’ve worked too hard.”. You ought to just take off your clothes and show him what you got. Nba Games Tonight On Tv 2020,

Joyce Shaw-Houston, Peoples Temple Member: Jim said that all of us were homosexuals, everyone except — he was the only heterosexual on the planet. Jim Jones, who was a Pentecostal minister, in a scene from “Jonestown.”. Neva Sly Hargrave, Peoples Temple Member: And she takes this real slow, shaky step. Kenny Hotz Net Worth, They looked in people’s faces. We didn’t commit suicide. Tim Reiterman, Journalist: There were people tumbling and yelling and letting out cries as they were hit. Wherever there is people struggling for justice and righteousness, there I am. Lay down your life with your child. Laura Johnston Kohl, Peoples Temple Member: We thought of ourselves as one big family that did handle our own discipline. It was emotional.

And we were instructed that when Jim came in, we stood, and when he left or spoke, we’d stand and clap. Check out our editors' picks for our favorite Prime Video original movies and TV series, including "The Boys," "Fleabag," and more.

I remember someone coming to me and telling me that Congressman Ryan was dead. It’s a shame it didn’t happen. We got to — we got to go, that if we don’t go this way, we going to go like this.” They were coming, taking like newborn babies out of their mothers’ arms. On-screen text: Peoples Temple Children’s Choir — Welcome.

People could not leave him. This is the man that wants to leave his son here. What makes you think you’ve got something that he wants anyway?” And so another woman says, “Well, you know what? How Long Is A Century In Years, Eugene and June Cordell lost Edith Cordell and nineteen other relatives. Jim Jones (archival, subtitles): Anyone that has any dissenting opinion, please speak. But the character itself remains a mystery to me. Garrett Lambrev, Peoples Temple member Where there are no races.

And just as you reach the edge of the pavilion, people started rushing you that you knew.

Two of them are in the film.”. Girl (archival): Yeah. And you’re just — you want to run, but you know, you just try — “Alright I’m gonna be cool.”. And I held her and said, “I love you, I love you,” because it’s all I could say. Fred Lewis came home and found that his wife had taken their seven children and gone to Guyana, along with all their possessions. Laadla Cast, MacDonald and Associates Narrator (anonymous letter, archival): “There’s quiet as we leave this world. So when you were full-time Temple, you worked about twenty hours a day. Jackie Speier, Aide to Congressman Leo Ryan: I was lying on my side, pretending that I was dead, with my head down. But when Jones was present, it was very, very dark. Deborah Layton, Peoples Temple Member, Author, Seductive Poison: What he explained to each of us, and in sermons, was that sexual relationships were very selfish and they took away from the focus of the church — and that was to help others. Everybody had a job. Red Brick, Everything was new and unique and —- and just fun. Stanley Clayton, Peoples Temple Member: We all got suited down, neck-tied and everything. There were maybe eight or nine other people who were dying, or in the process of dying. Jim Jones (archival, subtitles): I’m listening to you. Jackie Speier, Aide to Congressman Leo Ryan: On the night of the 17th, it was still a vibrant community. Hue Fortson Jr., Peoples Temple Member: He was always paranoid that someone was going to get in and try to kill him — that they had two people that had dedicated their lives, that they were going to jump in front of Jones and take the bullet, kind of like the secret service so to speak. I would never have imagined that 24 hours later, they would all be dead. Gary Fong, San Francisco Chronicle I brought the only black young man in the town home and my dad said that he could not come in and I said, “Then I shan’t,” and I did not see my dad for many years. What I was feeling was — this is an opportunity that I can vocalize how much I believe in what we are doing here. Nobody’s gonna come out of the sky! Jordan Vilchez, Peoples Temple Member: It’s like a child in a dysfunctional family. Well, by this time the whole congregation’s running down these aisles with us — we’re all just running around the aisles, just hoopin’ and hollerin’ up a storm. Jonestown: The Life and Death of Peoples Temple Stanley Clayton, Peoples Temple Member: He said, “Well, we got to go. You need to leave.” And he said, “You don’t have anything to worry about.” He says, “You have the Congressional shield of protection around you.” And I just looked at him like he was totally insane. David Bushway, Mendocino College Library And there was a sort of feeling that smaller groups — neighborhood groups, activist groups — had a bigger chance. Stanley Clayton, Peoples Temple Member: I grabbed the kid from the shoulders up, and in that process of taking him out of the pavilion, this kid died in my arms. Don’t, don’t be this way.

Deborah Layton, Peoples Temple Member, Author, Seductive Poison: What was once a really boring meeting, all of a sudden, became like really interesting when Jim Jones became the head of it — because we all came down on the buses. The documentary reveals new footage of the incidents surrounding the Peoples Temple and its leader Jim Jones who led over 900 members of his religious group to a settlement in Guyana called Jonestown, where he orchestrated a mass suicide with poisoned Flavor Aid, in November 1978… But as the church grew in numbers and influence, Mr. Jones’s paranoia deepened. There were grape vines everywhere, and I fell in love. It’s nothing to death. I’m right now making a call to Russia. He really understood it. Want to share IMDb's rating on your own site? The dvd is highly recommended, the whole evolution of Jim Jones since he was a kid obsessed with religion and death to the beginning of People's Temple (full of "miracles" made by Jim Jones), to their move to Guyana and the unavoidable death of his followers is something worthy to be studied. Eugene Smith, Peoples Temple Member: We were people that — we wanted to make a change. With Rebecca Moore, Janet Shular, Tim Carter, Stanley Clayton. Laura Johnston Kohl, Peoples Temple member Phyllis Wilmore Zimmerman, childhood friend of Jim Jones, Special Thanks Aberdeen, Maryland, Elspeth Domville You think they’re going to allow us to get by with this? Stanley Clayton, Peoples Temple Member: I was like the first to rise up the following morning. Daeyeol Golden Child, I love it here and this is the place where all of you are going to be. Claire Janaro, Peoples Temple Member: The purpose of the bus trips was to spread Jim’s beliefs about socialism and the world, and how we can live a better life and about an integrated lifestyle. He continued his flamboyant methods, lying down on the ice between fur hunters and baby harp seals on a fact-finding mission to Newfoundland. Garrett Lambrev, Peoples Temple Member: The Peoples Temple services, they had life, they had soul, they had power. A small child would turn in a parent. In 1972 Leo Ryan was elected to the United States Congress from California’s 11th District. Peoples Temple welcomed people of every race and ethnicity.

Speak up!

John R. Hall, sociologist Andrew Buck Jonestown: THE LIFE AND DEATH OF PEOPLES TEMPLE. I certainly do.

I mean, I just felt the life go out of him. or communication with parents or any kind of, you know, update that could show us, really, that there’s a whole other thing going on besides what Jim was interpreting for us. The trailer comes to a stop and then you can see the wooden pathway that leads to the pavilion. They were well looked after. Eugene and June Cordell, Personal Collection We had Indians in front of us with machetes, and we had Indians behind us with machetes.

And I went Wednesday night and I listened to him, and I was impressed by how it was such an interracial group and people were really happy.

You know, people would be dancing or singing. Traditional Former Peoples Temple Member (archival): My impression now — that those are fronts for him. Bless your heart.
When Warren Jeffs rose to Prophet of the Fundamentalist Church of Latter Day Saints, he took control of a religion with a history of polygamous and underage marriage. FILM Archives Eugene Smith, Peoples Temple Member: When Jim Jones wasn’t there, things tended to be a little bit lighter. I didn’t know I’d never see her again. I looked to my right and I saw my wife, with our son in her arms and poison being injected into his mouth. Tim Carter, Peoples Temple Member: I had been in the Temple for just a few months.

And that’s it. Tim Reiterman, Journalist: As we approached Jonestown, it was spartan, but very impressive. On-screen text: 909 Peoples Temple members died at Jonestown. Then, I’d work on files.

Jim Jones Jr., Peoples Temple Member: He talked black.

Christine Miller, Peoples Temple Member (archival, subtitles): I look at all the babies, and I think they deserve to live. What he spoke from the pulpit wasn’t what he did behind the scenes.

“But it is very clear that the kids — something like 250 people who were under eighteen – were all murdered.” Stanley Clayton, one of the few who escaped alive, clearly states his opinion in the film: “That man was killin’ us.”, Teleplay by FILM Archives Please, just let me catch my breath; let me figure out what’s happening here. Hue Fortson Jr., Peoples Temple Member: Being in an environment where you’re constantly up, you’re constantly busy, and you’re made to feel guilty if you take too many luxuries like sleeping — you tend to not really think for yourself. And pretty soon she’s running. Not Mississippi, I’m talking about New York State. And all of a sudden, the answer was there.

Jim Jones (archival, subtitles): Feeling as an outcast, I’d early developed a sensitivity for the problems of blacks.


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