Whilst many are out shopping […], Continue reading "3 Important Holiday Checklists for Those with Chronic Illness (and Their Supporters)" →, September 22, 2019June 19, 2020 by Sheryl Chan, The Many Negative Associations with Painkillers Painkillers – hero, villain, friend and foe in one. Like my husband, both of our children have faced and conquered battles of attention deficit and processing disorder.

I have discovered that considering the difference between what can and what cannot be changed is a very humbling process, but it has resulted in such a freedom to be me - the ‘me’ that I am now, rather than the impossible ‘me’ that I was before I became ill. But I just wanted to scribble these thoughts down as guideposts, for those bad days when I lose my way. This is especially true if you experience a long-lasting decrease in your quality of life—like needing to give up a favorite activity, or having difficulty walking. Loneliness is a common issue for chronically ill patients, Cheu said. DIAGNOSIS, CHRONIC DISEASE – MCTD. Also, remain open to the possibility that even if a recommended change didn’t help a couple of years ago, it might help now. Go figure, right? Articulating lifelong illness from various perspectives.

Our company, Polishing Genie upholds an excellent reputation in the industry. It is a thought that can be disturbing to me especially when I’m in the throes of extreme pain. Hi, I’m Kim McConnell, I reside in the Treasure Coast area of Florida. (function () { There’s not one simple way to make yourself accept the more difficult aspects of living with chronic illness. I aspire for Blog Peace to become a community of likeminded individuals fostering growth, empowerment and encouragement in the spirit of overcoming our adversities. Show My Work Saturdays: A Chronic Illness Blog …

It's hard to go wrong with humility. In addition to practicing mindfulness, other ways to cope with unhelpful thought patterns include challenging negative self-talk. Suite #412 That’s where my fight not to give up begins. But apart from the metaphorical aspect of this idiom, it’s actually pretty literal as well. Well, you see, it’s simple….

Psych Central does not provide medical or psychological “Today is a bad day” was the very first thought that surfaced in my mind. Please always check with your doctors before changing any aspects of your treatment course.

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