Littles need someone to take care of them and will depend on you.

Caregivers do a lot for littles and it is nice to let them know they are loved and appreciated. Here at DDLG Playground we are passionate about cute, kinky, and kawaii fashion surrounding  the DDLG / CGL / ABDL / BDSM and littlespace communities! Planning a date for just the two of you is super adorable! There is an endless amount of activities you can do together! Homemade gifts are always a sweet way to show someone special you care. In comparison to traditional BDSM relationships, DDlg relationships are usually far more focused on the dominant partner's role as a caregiver for his submissive partner. You'll find all kinds of people from all walks of life in DDlg. Even though people say actions speak louder than words, there’s something special about hearing how much you mean to someone. Some fun ideas of items you can include in their lunch are a handwritten note from you, healthy snackies to show you care, and a fun shaped sandwich.

May I simply just say what a relief to find an individual who actually knows what they’re discussing on the net.

Your blog is amaze :), Can you do a guide to how a caregiver can make a little more comfortable as they and the caregiver are both new to it all. Most people who are into DDlg are not at all interested in diapers or in 'adult babies'.

Having “rules” might sound a little controlling for some people, but if the rules are created properly they are one of the best ways to provide the support, guidance and structure a li… A Little Guide for Littles and Caregivers Non-Fiction. Friends, Community, Dating - We're the home of DDlg on the internet. Making a gift means it is one of a kind because it was specially made for them.

The most obvious difference however is that the power-difference is played out in the form of a Caregiver/little (parent/child) relationship,

This is information I use and follow because I am a little, but please feel free to use it too! They will typically take on child-like behaviors and mannerisms which emphasize their submissive position. The term Cg/l (caregiver/little) is sometimes used as a less gendered way of referring to DDlg style relationships, but most people use DDlg to refer to any caregiver/little Some advice for new littles and daddies/mommies #advice #cgl #ddlb #ddlg #howtoguide #mdlb #mdlg.

Little’s can show their caregiver how thankful they are for them in the form of a gift, special surprise, and words or actions. idea of being in a submissive BDSM relationship where they can be completely open, innocent and vulnerable, and still trust that their Dom/caregiver will look after them, care for them, and accept them.

relationship, regardless of the gender of the participants. Little space 65.9K 344 245. The Daddy-Dom (or 'Caregiver') is the dominant partner in the relationship, who takes on the role of a caregiver, similar to the role of a caring parent. for the submissive partner. It’s surprising you’re not more popular because you surely possess the gift. Little’s can show their caregiver how thankful they are for them in the form of a gift, special surprise, and words or actions. DDlg is not in any way about pedophilia. #abdl #caregiver #cglre #clg #ddlb #ddlg #guide #little #mdlb #mdlg #nonfiction

There is obviously some overlap between ABDL and DDlg, but those with an DDlg does not involve actual children in any way. No matter how big or how small your idea is to show your caregiver you are thankful for them, they will love it and remember it forever. Thanks, All comments are moderated before being published. Little Girl (DDLG little) — usually female, who takes a submissive role. It's a way of trying to recapture that innocent, child-like state of youth. Subscribe to receive updates, access to exclusive deals, and more. In any AgePlay relationship, rules are agreed upon tasks or behaviours that are to be carried out, usually by the little.

We ship WORLDWIDE for free AND discreetly so you can easily find and indulge in cute clothing & accessories that appeal to you or your special someone's personal ageplay style!

They will typically take on child-like behaviors and mannerisms which emphasize their submissive position. A super sweet idea to surprise your caregiver with is to plan a relaxing day or evening!

instead of a Master/slave relationship. You can pick out some movies to watch in a fort or cozy area of your choosing. Age-regression, also referred to as 'little-space', is a state of mind in which a person 'regresses' to a younger mental state. You can go out to eat, have a spa day, play mini golf, or watch a sports game. ... You will have a certain role as their caregiver. The submissive parner in a DDlg relationship is the 'little'. Some people find themselves drawn to the idea of fulfilling a 'parental' role, getting to take care of their parner and be their protector, provider and mentor. The age can vary from baby who wears the diapers or a young teenage girl.

There are many caregivers and littles of both genders (and states in-between). Some people also call it CG/L — CareGiver/Little In BDSM this idea is pushed even further where Daddy Dom becomes the caregiver, and little girl becomes childlike. You can color or draw them a picture, decorate a frame to place a photo of the two of you in, make a craft, or plenty more.

Don’t forget to give them lots of cuddles and kissies as well, maybe even a massage! Like a child/parent relationship, DDlg offers a caring, loving, and supportive environment

The submissive parner in a DDlg relationship is the 'little'. To help you feel inspired, here are seven cute things little’s can do for their caregivers to show they care. You're welcome to poke around and see what we're all about, or even register an account and ask any questions you may have! Anything and everything can help and put a smile on their face when they return. DDlg is a sub-category of BDSM, and uses a parent-child relationship as a model for creating a loving, caring Dom-sub relationship. Many people utilize the "ABDL" acronym and "little" title in more broad terms instead of explaining a specific age-range to identify themselves or someone else.Ultimately, the idea is that these are everyday men and women who choose to express their unique personality traits of being immature, childish, and youthful, embracing childlike innocence and attitudes. Making a meal or ordering one in can also help your caregiver relax. The Daddy-Dom (or 'Caregiver') is the dominant partner in the relationship, who takes on the role of a caregiver, similar to the role of a caring parent. DDlg grew out of the BDSM (Bondage, Domination, Sadism & Masochism) scene, and generally involves a dominant partner (the Daddy-Dom or Caregiver) and a submissive partner (the little).

You can do chores they normally would, or other basic cleaning like laundry, vacuuming, or tidying up the living room. Non-Fiction. Never ignore your little. Daddy Dom takes the role of the caregiver, the one who dominates and disciplines the little. Diaper fetishists make up a separate community, known as ABDL (adult-baby / diaper lover). Thank you so much for this! It will be the highlight of their day. It will show your caregiver that you truly care for them and have taken time out of your day to plan something special for them. But it's not purely about dominance and submission. What is a 'little'? Packing your caregiver a lunch for them to eat during their long day of work can put a smile on their face. DDlg is a BDSM-related fetish for consenting adults. Did your caregiver just leave the house for a few hours? Discipline and punishment are often present, but it's likely to be emphasized as being for the submissive partner's benefit. A Little's Guide To Caring For Their Caregiver, How To Get Into Little Space Without A Caregiver, 12 Ways To Feel Little While Outside The House. Spend $30 more and get FREE shipping worldwide! DDLG has a lot of different shades from the most hardcore to the most vanilla.


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