The Planning Commission approved the ND for the Tract Map in 2005 and staff has concluded that the findings in the ND are still relevant. “If there are areas we are lacking in, we would work to improve those. As long as we’re being considerate and compassionate and helping these folks get the attention they need, that’s the most important thing.”. Like with Kingsburg, some of them also camp near railroad tracks and Highway 99.

166 0 obj <> endobj Kingsburg City Manager Alex Henderson said his city doesn’t have a consistent homeless population. Nationwide, 564,708 people were homeless in January 2015, a 12.8 percent decline from 2007.

endstream endobj 167 0 obj <>>> endobj 168 0 obj <>/ExtGState<>/Font<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageC]/Properties<>>>/Shading<>/XObject<>>>/Rotate 0/TrimBox[0.0 0.0 612.0 792.0]/Type/Page>> endobj 169 0 obj <>stream The Kingsburg City Council certified both EIRs and a "Statement of Overriding Consideration" was recorded with the Final EIRs. �Fa��=M=�ʅ��:H�B1�B3�_�ig��rӞ=?�x*�p���$t�f] ���3�}�r�%l �a�dG�!_��S#E� �;!S>���P��}��ig�\��8��7N���S�}��Ї����y|�L�9 Y\c�ց��w�����䭣7r�$��d ��8�e���x����U����l_�@�{R�I�7�N�'h�q�x�s s��{��G6w�4hc�������jڞ�O:mfs�����ͩ�I�4��-a&��@w���go�K!h���� *>���aۖ:��(v����h��z�ϗ(�ư[b��N�5dº�a�����Y]TR���%�٧���2~� � SO:�.�H{��� nu��.��!Ŏ�`6� 솅�J\��.���W6&�w-����H�F���_,��c&F�N�U"@;�� �3�� q�c�V�-< �P�Z�����n����"���q�����8�[�X���S��=~����@K/ ]3gC ��\�e�C1x��K�hY�ᢥ��3 R[�Y2�@���^2=�a��fA�̩�&�|�F�^ ȃU>��� � �l�a.^*�0+���$�bq����ht�.�J/i�������l�'~\�E�����ˉ� Louis Martinez, formerly of Santa Maria, wound up staying in Selma years ago. The project will not have an adverse impact on the health, safety or welfare of the community or immediate neighborhood. At 5:50 P.M. the Public Hearing was opened, Commissioner Parlier asked for comments from the citizens present. Noise – The City of Kingsburg General Plan contains policies regarding noise that limit noise levels between the hours of 10:00 p.m. and 7:00 a.m. During this time, noise levels are restricted to less than 45 decibels (dB) as measured within the interior living spaces in the areas adjacent to the Historical Park. “We’ve had some small camps show up along the railroad tracks or by the freeway,” he said. More than 350 people were chronically homeless at the time. “They’re not always in the same place, but they usually stay in that general vicinity. stream “We don’t have the same type of challenges that the larger cities are facing. <>/ExtGState<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI] >>/MediaBox[ 0 0 612 792] /Contents 4 0 R/Group<>/Tabs/S/StructParents 0>> %PDF-1.5 %����

%���� We do our best to make sure [the homeless] are treated equally.”. “I’ve talked to people that used to be nurses, teachers —all walks of life.”. “I think our departments are engaged in things,” he said. Struggling with health problems, he’s taking steps to get an identification card so he can sign up for help with county officials.

1 0 obj endobj

Many times, the homeless will be referred to shelters and other services in larger cities such as Fresno or Visalia.

The first two stories are in today’s paper and two more are scheduled to run in the Dec. 21 paper. He said most are transients, coming from Fresno or other towns up north, stopping in Kingsburg for a short time before leaving again. "There's a homeless shelter in Fresno and a homeless shelter in Visalia. "We're doing the best we can with the resources we have available," he said.

General Plan. It’s a bit of a different dynamic.”. <>/Metadata 153 0 R/ViewerPreferences 154 0 R>> The homeless have to go to there for assistance.”.

Kingsburg General Plan and North Kingsburg Specific Plan. Henderson, on the other hand, said he isn’t aware of Kingsburg ever having a shelter in town or other facility. @�B����MVj�k�Z���yq6�+�e�S�/����h�p�hg���o�8"ws��q Everything goes to the county, and they typically use the money on the bigger cities.

Garner said that while he wishes the City of Selma had more resources to help the homeless, police have to settle for what they do have.

According to the U.S. Housing and Urban Development’s 2015 Homeless Assessment Report, there were 1,722 homeless people in Fresno and Madera counties during annual January census of homeless people. <>

City officials discuss homeless situation. However, he said he believes the way the city currently handles the homeless works well. As neither town has shelter facilities, homeless people are mostly living out on the street, both inside and outside the city limits. If they express a desire for assistance, they are referred to the Kingsburg Community Assistance Programs and Services, a nonprofit organization that helps connect the homeless with shelters and other services provided in larger towns. Erwin Ohannesian, 1880 Nelson Way, Kingsburg, stated that a lot of time was spent on the North Kingsburg Specific Plan and something very different than this proposal was envisioned for this area. h޼Y�o�H�W��VU:��miU ȣ�I�-i�m}r� ���M7�_�� �H�J���c^�3��s�Xz�yLz��'˄08�L� 瀉��Q���cJ ��υd��qV̧�B�������y��Pi��ѣ".��D���'ѱ����ɐ*KŔQ���)�S�ƈ�2-���t�� �rȌTd�nj�+I�l�E���/��X/��5�d�T�Y�a���j�*��Cv���^7*�LW���7���;����2��3�)/&Q�{&�z���)9�8c�:�*f1�E�T�b~9����:TQ�a���Ӻݻw��[�5 �`�h�>�~�����t6I��L��Y���[9c�z)����zv�\�4��״QE��y1��$���Y��{�?��IY�W�Q~���t��3����Mh5��q*x�uz��}�܏+f������qݗ�������ۍ+UI��~���DU��'��I̿�>�p��HM\ɠ*�j8^�=���Ҟ��U�&�Nv��4kUPMU��K31/�Y?���݄�/���Y4��W��kc9���6�����d�|4�_]#�1�77�=y��`�m�baQ^:�C#e�|��_�v�~9: ����K��R������nV���1���� 4^q0m��i����?������G~�i~�/8��G|�G>��� We try to assist with problems like that. x��\YS�H~'��P��U�΍ "�z�93ݱ;1˘]c{@n�����%ɲU������*++��C����?�xtR��0�?�N'E1y����m�]g��x���z��}�L����X�������|���T���S%����o?���������')R/���`O�e��"V���O���}��~����)�[R~�i��)n�߻��s��*�;�&2��~�ɿ&�a�"q�ۙGר��]���VN4�(�� �g"�{�0�8�r��t��E�PwzW��W���m�0�\^}�!��@O�H�@R7�8�� r�yA� �\���č�$���ˏ�i�b{��~�E���v��w{�՝��_AU��X��Wp�'AG>�G�T�]����g���|���$� �H;��#F8.%�d'e[r��7W ��f��w �P��IX ���}�$�~c���|i����څ����Kc+��hH D�8`�!���R��]'��$|M'5{��D��O@�Cs�3����t�I�̦��lj�xHaڛ?��M���z v��&\�n � X����X����^�0���Ɓ��I�;�R>.P��Rv^��dY?�٨2�CE�移���(���6�NG j�-�B�J�N�r1ect;Ӝ�x��5R��t�����q�����n\^�4�P*/�\�̸`�}�^��}�A���s��~H�Êŷc/tM� D�nT��f�sN6}0����@����Z�I�*����᧦��h�P��Dv�F:����.��,+r�9i���v̩�I/w�:: “This is the rough part of the year.”. We try to pair them with faith-based organizations.". Staff reporter Tomas Kassahun contributed to this story. "One of the things that make it a little easier on my department is that there are a number of local organizations who serve the needs of the homeless," Garner said. Jerry Howell, who is in charge of building services and code enforcement for the City of Selma, said he’s also seen homeless people break into buildings for shelter. `��W�eD�-%[ಮ^3D���u6/�h�.��u�h��c��6Ʈ�ߏON��m���5yi�����FZ(�H�2�r���������8)ʊf1!-�ծ�4j�m[+.VW����P�j\^���׾?���g}Y!`#�����ǝ���$�@�k��'>���m! Howell said homelessness was at its worst in Selma during the economic recession, when there would be 75 or more homeless people at any given time. That's always a problem.". 0 “I think we do a pretty good job in the cases where we do come into contact with them,” he said. %PDF-1.7 Editor's Note: This story is a follow-up of our Tackling Homelessness series that ran in December 2016.

>� -�{ ��U�IBeyh���C. 3. 3 0 obj "Every department that deals with the homeless issue would like to have more resources, but given the resources we have, I think we are doing the best we can.". “They have places to stay, but because of relationship issues or something like that, are not welcome there. "We find them in closed-off areas like where people keep the large garbage bins, breaking into other structures and abandoned locations to find shelter. Louis Martinez found an abandoned, but mostly burnt, house in which to live on Floral Avenue just west of the city limits in Selma. “It’s not because the community isn’t caring. h�b``�d``������ � € "@16�� V�L6�վ3cL��v�CO�:�-/�M��9)ܫ�j#�����[ZGG���Y40�f�H���Y@3�D�_ie ��� �$�qW/Y�����7�*&q�y���s�3������#���4�H�_���0/c�������jFc�)�Y%�0j3\���hϮ�l���-���A��W ֋Ad �٢7J��xmt�@Y�����2� ^��b�{Q��#J�B��� �e(Ά�LI�&?�����Kt���^����>9�����$x=""'nr���L;���*4`�K�5��ߵ�1�\�U](�/�a�6�0K��֋NղP� �kKP�l}Z�6*��U 6��F�Jn�%��k$�+�?�� .�ԫ�hI���[!\�z��r�V�}�[�

"That makes it easier in terms of having resources to turn to.”. We've been able to provide shelter for those seeking to those locations as well.". A tent used for shelter by Selma-area homeless is shown. endobj %%EOF Editor’s note: This is the first of a four-part series about homelessness in Selma and Kingsburg. ���{�U�c0��I^�D���\6!�LK^h�����%;-�E?7AүWv�+6�Ŵ�GZ��|�bN��8��(�q:�RW��A�2B��dK`V|i*"gg\�>�r�[�Jiaa� �?�9s�P*�Eʂ��0���:������z�密��UnTV�-���|�qN�R��>�@�=km�ᬹ6ڰ�s��!k>5v�I�01�E2��~�왌�(2�sc�H���c#���aj������Քm90\�wm�G(��\Dշћx��vHf�3-A��x�V�[&�g��A�o�n�s���ds�����A�k �q����:?>��;U�R���G�3�ON�C. endstream endobj startxref White people made up about 70 percent of the homeless population during the study. However, he said he believes the way the city currently handles the homeless works well. "KCAPS has been very useful," Dadian said. Please be aware that the City bills for water utility services approximately 2 months behind usage, so the amounts shown on mailed bills reflect water usage for monthly periods several weeks in the past. Henderson said that when police officers or other city personnel come across homeless people, rather than arrest them or kick them out, they will often ask them how they are doing and if they need help. Henderson said there are no current plans for Kingsburg to get a shelter or similar facility in town. endobj An encampment off Golden State Boulevard in the north end of Selma has been abandoned, but shows the efforts homeless have made to survive underneath oleander shrubs. You have permission to edit this article. 203 0 obj <>/Filter/FlateDecode/ID[<2F8FE81443F001469DDEAAE2FF739C12>]/Index[166 73]/Info 165 0 R/Length 162/Prev 1491911/Root 167 0 R/Size 239/Type/XRef/W[1 3 1]>>stream 4 0 obj Selma gets up to about 50 homeless people at a given time while Kingsburg has about a dozen, according to city officials.

“We’re willing to work with them to get some help.

h�bbd```b``.��`v6�����[@�� �4� ��� ��4Xe�d�}b[I�H&�5�f*X� �+��ܺ R�D The reporter can be reached at 583-2429 or

“Some of them have been here for over ten years,” he said. 2 0 obj The study shows that the local population has markedly decreased from the 2,599 homeless reported in 2014. 2.4 Project Setting Incorporated as a General Law City in 1893, Selma’s current population, as of January 1, 2008, according to the Department of Finance (DOF), is 23,286 persons. Get up-to-the-minute news sent straight to your device. Kingsburg SOI 0 0.1 0.2 0.4 0.6 0.8 1 Miles Kingsburg - General Plan Land Use Designations µ Official City of Kingsburg Land use/General Plan Map R evis d Jun 17, 2 04GPA - Revised October 9, 2013 City Limit Change SUBJECT City Limits


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