Termed "MACS" (Mainline Automated Clearance System), it allows a truck to travel from Florida to Ontario without a second inspection. On the first day of the convention, McQuesten announced his vision of the freeway: an uninterrupted drive through the scenic regions of Ontario, discouraging local business and local traffic from accessing the highway except at infrequent controlled-access points. [13], Highway 401 does not yet extend the last few kilometres to Detroit;[14] an extension to Brighton Beach (at the Canada–US border in Windsor) was completed in November 2015, after which the Gordie Howe International Bridge will extend Highway 401 across the Canada–United States border to a connection through Delray to Interstate 75 in Michigan by the end of 2024. [108], In 1993, the stretch of Highway 401 eastbound near Milton and westbound near Whitby had chevrons painted in each lane in an effort to reduce tailgating, a concept borrowed from France and Britain.

[32][33] Hon. Unlike the QEW, this highway would not be built along an existing road, but rather on a new right-of-way, avoiding the need to provide access to properties. It returns to its eastward route through Toronto, now carrying 12–16 lanes of traffic on four carriageways. It was announced in the days thereafter this concept would be applied to a new "trans-provincial expressway", running from Windsor to the Ontario–Quebec border. a series of propane explosions in Toronto in 2008, explosions at a propane facility in Toronto, "Annual Average Daily Traffic (AADT) counts", Long-Life Concrete Pavements in Europe and Canada, "Ontario Provincial Highways Traffic Volumes On Demand", "Engineering Feats: 401 is the busiest highway in North America", "Driving directions from Toronto, ON to Montreal, QC", "$3.8B to build Gordie Howe bridge, complete by end of 2024", "Location and Geography of Sarnia–Lambton", "Boredom becomes a killer on 401 ; Straight and smooth, 'carnage alley' encourages a lethal lack of attention", "Canada and Ontario Improving Highway 401 in London", "Cambridge Committee Grants Weekend Noise Exemption for Hwy. Hwy 401/Exit 543 < Hwy 401. Continuing to use this site, you agree with this. [169][170], In the Kitchener/Cambridge area the widening of the highway from Highway/Regional Road 8 to Highway/Regional Road 24 was completed in Summer 2019. The part of Highway 401 that passes through Toronto is North America's busiest highway,[4][5] and one of the widest. Construction begun in early 2014, opened November 2015. [7] Progressing eastward, eight lanes are carried beneath the large spaghetti junction at Highway 427. At Harmony Road, the suburban surroundings quickly transition to agricultural land. [160] Two bridges have been widened in advance of an eventual widening to six lanes of the highway including the bridges over the Trent River in Trenton,[183] as well as the Salmon River bridge between Belleville and Napanee. The highway curves around the south side of Bowmanville and travels towards Highway 35 and Highway 115. It was the first new segment of the highway to be opened since the Thousand Islands Bypass in 1968. [29][30] Beyond Highway/Regional Road 24, the highway returns to a six-lane cross section and meanders towards Milton, passing through hills and rock cuts along the way. and the highway was opened between Weston and Highway 27 in September 1955.


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