urls[67]=url_path+"/frame067.gif"; } with the Sun. urls[62]=url_path+"/frame062.gif";

} { urls[16]=url_path+"/frame016.gif"; /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// urls[120]=url_path+"/frame120.gif"; for (i=0; i < imax ; i++) { from October 10, 2013, when it is expected to enter on the left side of the

the position of the comet at the beginning of the day on November 30. urls[110]=url_path+"/frame110.gif"; urls[65]=url_path+"/frame065.gif"; urls[112]=url_path+"/frame112.gif";

function image_error(message) // abort loading images if (dir > 0) document.form.direction.value="Reverse"; bname="Reverse"; urls[111]=url_path+"/frame111.gif"; urls[125]=url_path+"/frame125.gif"; urls[94]=url_path+"/frame094.gif"; 2013 to January 27, 2014, assuming a roll of 30 degrees. function reverse() // reverse direction Accounting for the solar radius of 695,500 km (432,200 mi), Comet ISON passed approximately 1,165,000 km (724,000 mi) above the Sun's surface. Regulus is the brightest star in the sickle of Leo, and the bright ruddy "star" southeast of it is actually the planet Mars. The deep sky image in the background is provided by the Digitized Sky Survey (acknowledgements). urls[100]=url_path+"/frame100.gif"; it's closest to the Sun. occasional measurements at the same time as Ahead, which has the comet in

This page shows Comet C/2012 S1 (ISON) location and other relevant astronomical data in real time.

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function stop_play() // stop movie This week the comet is inching along to the east, underneath Leo's bright triangle of stars. alert('Image URL not entered'); Heliospheric Imager #2 on the Ahead spacecraft (HI2-A). urls[119]=url_path+"/frame119.gif"; urls[85]=url_path+"/frame085.gif"; Current plans are to roll the Behind spacecraft for 4 hours each day between } Current plans are to roll the Behind var height; urls[97]=url_path+"/frame097.gif"; Last Revised: Tuesday, 01-Oct-2019 21:06:31 GMT urls[90]=url_path+"/frame090.gif"; January 8, 2014. ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// urls[71]=url_path+"/frame071.gif"; }

©2020 Verizon Media. Nevski and Artyom Novichonok using data from the International Scientific height=def; frame=(frame+dir+imax)%imax; if (!win || win.closed) {

if (!url) { (blue) and C2 (red) fields-of-view on SOHO, November 27-30, 2013.

urls[13]=url_path+"/frame013.gif"; urls[86]=url_path+"/frame086.gif"; Since Comet ISON was discovered so far out, beyond the orbit of Jupiter, and will pass so close to the Sun, many think that this could turn out to be a major comet.


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