The character, Thyrsis, was a shepherd in Virgil's Seventh Eclogue, who lost a singing match against Corydon.

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Note 5. Hubbard, T.K. Corydon is mentioned in Edmund Spenser's The Faerie Queen as a shepherd in Book VI, Canto X. The name was also used by the Latin poets Siculus and, more significantly, Virgil.

Corydon is also the name of a 1924 Dialogue by André Gide, in which the discussion of the naturalness and morality of homosexuality and pederasty are linked to the character Corydon, inspired by Virgil. The town of Corydon, Indiana is named after the shepherd of that hymn.

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Victorian Poetry examines the poetry of the Victorian Period (1830-1914) from a broad range of theoretical/critical angles, including but not confined to new historicism, feminism, and social/cultural issues, and focuses on poets of all classes and genders in Britain and the Commonwealth. Though Thyrsis was defeated in battle by Corydon, the speaker blames Thyrsis for his own death. [2]. institution. These Corydon rehearsed, and Thyrsis those. Copyrighted poems are the property of the copyright holders. Or, if my wishes have presum'd too high, And stretched their bounds beyond mortality, The praise of artful numbers I resign,

Daphnis, a Greek shepherd, was blinded by a nymph whose love he would not return; he afterwards had his … MELIBOEUS CORYDON THYRSIS daphnis beneath a rustling ilex-tree had sat him down; Thyrsis and Corydon had gathered in the flock, Thyrsis the sheep, and Corydon the she-goats swollen with milk— both in the flower of age, Arcadians both, ready to sing, and in like strain reply.

Circumstantial evidence points to a possible authorship by Richard Barnfield, whose first published work, The Affectionate Shepherd, though dealing with the unrequited love of Daphnis for Ganymede, was in fact, as Barnfield stated later, an expansion of Virgil's second Eclogue which dealt with the love of Corydon for Alexis. In the second of Virgil's Eclogues, it is used for a shepherd whose love for the boy Alexis is described therein.

The name is again used for a shepherd boy in an English children's trilogy (Corydon and the Island of Monsters, Corydon and the Fall of Atlantis and Corydon and the Siege of Troy) by Tobias Druitt.

In this section he is portrayed as a coward who fails to come to the aid of Pastorell when she is being pursued by a tiger. Corydon is declared the winner. In Virgil’s Seventh Eclogue, Thyrsis lost a singing match to Corydon and died. Login via your "Thyrsis" (from the title of Theocritus's poem "Θύρσις") is a poem written by Matthew Arnold in December 1865 to commemorate his friend, the poet Arthur Hugh Clough, who had died in November 1861 aged only 42. Published By: West Virginia University Press, Read Online (Free) relies on page scans, which are not currently available to screen readers. This poem appeared the following year in another collection, England's Helicon, where it was attributed to "Ignoto" (Latin for "Unknown"). By registering with PoetryNook.Com and adding a poem, you represent that you own the copyright to that poem and are granting PoetryNook.Com permission to publish the poem. Victorian Poetry For terms and use, please refer to our Terms and Conditions With all my Codrus, O inspire my breast! With a personal account, you can read up to 100 articles each month for free.

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