How cool! What a great idea to make your own spy kit!!! He and his sister have gone through it several times and are planning their first mystery. Get it Tomorrow, Nov 9. Thanks — it was a big hit here! Wish you could go on an exciting adventure? Love, love ,love....totally doing this :-) :-) thanks.

This pretend spy kit led to hours of imaginative playtime fun with the kids! Definitely pinning this! The book had two activities that were perfect for the job! (Did I mention that this is brilliant beyond brilliant? ), Disguise Gear:  Sunglasses, Hat, Mustaches.

Hours of fun!! That is so fun!Mt first ever godson is a senior in high school this year. Then this activity is for you! The boys decided that this was so cool that they also needed to make their own kits this week so they've been scrounging the house to replicate as much as they can of it. I love how he sat and read all of the instructions and had to work to complete the instructions in order to make his decoder work. Have you checked out 101 Kids Activities That Are the Bestest, Funnest Ever! My kids LOVE them. Santa is ordering now and will put a spy kit together for Christmas. I hope so, because this is genius!).

Drew loved it! This is great!

But the truth is that for you 2 be a kids spy, you don't need a lot of money for great spy equipment. Which is right down crazy, if you ask me. ), "Lock Picking Kit" (screwdriver set with some bobby pins thrown in), Binoculars, Zip Ties (for securing the suspect, of course). My nephew just turned 8 and I, too, plan to shamelessly copy this because it is brilliant. Sorry about my brainlessness.

Ridiculously awesome that is! These cookies provide information to our analytics and advertisers. Article from Your email address will not be published. This is such a great gift!! Explore.

She took beautiful black and white shots of the kids holding chalk boards with a career of their choice written on it. This. Apr 10, 2015 - DIY spy kit in a box. Please know I read and appreciate every comment even if I can't always reply personally. The only thing not from the dollar store or my own stash was the fancy briefcase which I scored at the Salvation Army for three dollars. But his kit was not done yet! Mary this is such an awesome idea! It is my go to resource for simple, easy activities to do with all of my kids. you are ridiculous. Do you yearn to be a secret agent?? ? Oh, I love the treasure chest idea! so much that they have our summer to do list filled to the brim with ideas they want to try.

They make a good travel game for getting that slightly older (than toddler) kid to look around. You are very welcome! Discover how to get siblings to get along even when all they do is annoy each other with the Sibling “Get Along” Poster Pack! To make your own, gather up some secret spy type things like: flashlight; cell phone case; watch; sunglasses; iPlay; anything else that is stealthy or cool looking! Maybe discovering this some morning would do the trick. And we don't do seventy dollar birthday gifts 'round here. John Paul especially is crazy excited to give his cousin his new kit and because I'm the most fun aunt in the entire world, we even made up a series of clues that will lead him to his present when we give it to him! Today, I am excited to share a simple DIY Spy Kit, made for kids by kids. I saw a link about a pencil box and my mind just didn’t connect that the case pictured was a pencil box! This website uses cookies to improve your experience. […] creatively and this DIY Pretend Spy Kit from Inner Child Fun would be pretty easy to […], Copyright © 2008–2020 Inner Child Fun Media, LLC, ... and get instant access to 100 rainy day activities for kids (free download). Next, he made a Voice Modulating Mustache! As soon as the book arrived, the boys both sat down and proceeded to look through the book for over an hour each. He read the instructions, gathered his materials and set to make as many disguises as he could. anything else that is stealthy or cool looking. 99. Your email address will not be published. Love the book! It's also much less conspicuous when he's going in cognito. One of the parents at my Maddy girls school is a photographer. You are definitely the most fun aunt in the world! Bones (6) picked almost everything artsy and creative, where Legoman (8) picked out a variety of projects that required building, engineering, and creativity. I love the spy kit. Spy Kit for Kids Detective Outfit Fingerprint Investigation Role Play Dress Up Educational Science STEM Toys Costume Secret Agent Finger Print Identification Set Boys Girls Birthday Gifts Age 6+ 4.4 out of 5 stars 92. Nobody will ever see them with those brightly colored clothes! We’re having a spy 6th bday party and you’ve given me some great ideas. Either they were pretty lame filled with a few plastic junky toys or they were oh, seventy dollars.

(Note: Some links in this post are my referral links.

I'm really hoping he enjoys it! Your nice comment makes my day. Thank you for sharing!

I was originally looking for a hard case in either black or silver but I actually think this works much better as it is filled with pockets and has three big dividers to help organize all the spy gear. Top 25 DIY Spy Gear for Spying on a Budget. 08/25/2009.

Here are spy missions for your children to complete –, You have such lucky kids!! Thank you for sharing! Spy Disguises and a Toilet Paper Secret Decoder were a wonderful combo that were sure to make an awesome kit. . okay – where did you find that awesome box? I think he wore this thing for two nights straight! Home Blog Top 25 DIY Spy Gear for Spying on a Budget.

Your kiddos are so creative!! Inside:  Fingerprint Dusting Powder (aka talcum powder), Makeup Brush, "Lifting Tape," Ink Pad, Homemade Print Cards (from normal index cards), Other Gear:  Gloves (can't be leaving fingerprints behind! day. DIY spy kit in a box. DIY spy kit in a box. The boys love 101 Kids Activities That Are the Bestest, Funnest Ever! on Amazon , at Barnes and Noble and many other places.

Oh I have the cutest pic to show you! I took out the cotton balls in the middle and replaced them with index cards on which I wrote a Morse Code cheat sheet and a reverse alphabet cheat sheet.

Did you know there are 5 Unique Behavior Types, and knowing this for your child can provide incredible clarity and confidence in connecting with, understanding and empowering your child. These are great!

Looking at your happy kids from these fun ideas make me smile . He loved every minute of it! To make your own, gather up some secret spy type things like: Clara loved talking into her watch to call for “back-ups”!

I used to love spying when I was a kid and would have loved this so much! Posted by TBO TECH. Maddy’s says SPY. There are two battery options – the standard battery which provides 5 hours of continuous use, or the extended battery, which can get up to 12 hours of use per charge. So when they announced that they were publishing their book, 101 Kids Activities That Are the Bestest, Funnest Ever! Most of the gadgets presented on these pages cost little or nothing to make, but are as much fun to use as expensive kid spy stuff you can buy. SpyX 10278 Lazer Trap Alarm, Multi.

He continued working and made a secret pen (by using a straw and the pipe cleaners) and a secret key that could open any lock.

Found you/ your great idea on Pinterest. But ordinary mortals like us don’t have huge bank accounts to sponsor our love for spy gadgets. I suppose they could always be added in the future and of course, he could add any of his own things to it for his detecting adventures. FREE Delivery by Amazon. Hosting Occasions. He still needed to return to the drawing board ( 101 Kids Activities That Are the Bestest, Funnest Ever!  ) Do you have a favorite activity?

The girls went on several top secret missions together — very exciting! The invisible ink is lemon juice and I put it in a vitamin bottle I saved. We already had those silly glasses and I threw them in just for fun. Thank you! Hope this helps!!

Now here is the most awesome part of this activity… Its just the beginning.

Store your spy kit neatly inside a pencil box when you’re done, and it will be ready for you at a moment’s notice for on-the-go top secret missions! You can also use the included wall charger to plug into AC power for 24/7 operation with no battery concerns. She will LOVE this! I hope your kiddos enjoy it too! You may be inspired to craft up a spy laptop from an empty baby wipes container using this tutorial (there’s a free printable too)!

What a fun gift for me, a one-time wannabe detective, to give!


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