2) Are they using a different definition of the word “up” than the one you’re used to? saying with Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan. Make DUI’s and and misdemeanors cost you your 2A rights. I’m tired of the fear-mongering, intelligence-insulting insinuation — no, make that outright claim — that the mere presence of a firearm in the home increases the chance of suicide or makes a suicide attempt more likely to be successful.

Minneapolis May Soon Ask Other Police Departments to Loan Them Officers, Stuff Just Got Serious: Top Trump Fundraiser Offers $1M Reward for Evidence of Voter Fraud, Trump Campaign Lawsuit in MI Asks to Postpone Certification Until Dominion Software Is Validated, Dead Person Voting in Nevada May Be Evidence of a More Systemic Issue, College Boils in Hot Water for Featuring a College Republican at Election Time, LISTEN: USPS IG Agent Attempting to Coerce a Whistleblower to Recant Allegations of Voter Fraud, Republicans flip another House seat (how many will the GOP gain? Experts: Having Guns In The Home Increases Risk Of Suicide. While NPR does hold some fervent anti-gun nonsense, it is (sometimes) actually capable of actual civil and intellectual discourse on the matter.

I suppose that access to a firearm does increase the likelihood of a firearm being the instrument chosen for a suicide. This is the premise of the entire field of logical reasoning.

But if you want to argue that cultural and economic factors play a role (which, oddly enough, the antis rarely want to do when arguing crime rates across different countries) and that we should just be looking at the US of A, I can certainly oblige you. Seventy-three percent of experts disagreed with the claim that guns are used “in self-defense far more often than they are used in crime”: Hmm, “right-wing media” is it? This is an excellent piece of work, and Bruce should submit it as an editorial to a bunch of media outlets like the NY Slimes, etc.

They, after all, are the authors of a study published in May 1997, under the auspices of the Clinton DoJ, which claimed that there were in excess of 1.4 million Defensive Gun Uses (DGUs) annually. Fox News has simply adopted the fact set it prefers and lets its reputation rise and fall on that. I guess the good professor is throwing Drs. The word “Fact” is a troublesome word. NPR …..pfffft Facts vs. How many of the “experts” own guns?

…. ANYthing that comes out of MM you can pretty much toss in the trash with Shannon Watt’s tweets. He’s just playing to his crowd. PoliceOne has about 450,000 members when the survey was done. 16V, you are talking about a long time ago, NPR has been running, and being pushed, farther and farther left every minute since. Just like with the Global Warming/Climate Change fraud, what 97% of experts “believe” is more credible than what actual facts and data prove. Ditto for the old standby “guns make a suicide attempt more likely to be successful.” Again, so does jumping from the 20th floor. This line hold a deep meaning if you think clearly. The exceptions were mostly from the 1960s NASA programs who were let go by that agency and then wound up in academia.


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