Big and broad, six-foot-some with a huge head and smudgy Dutch features, de Kruif was a man's man, which made him a perfect drinking companion for other robust fellows like H. L. Mencken, Carl Sandburg, and Sinclair Lewis. "Takes it for granted" might have been wishful thinking on Lewis' part. “La verdad es veleidosa: no hay que buscarla con demasiada pasión, pues, con frecuencia se rinde, más bien a la indiferencia. 2010-2011, What science book is your most recent read? I cacciatori di microbi fu il primo di una serie di testi divulgativi di storia della medicina che divennero popolarissimi (per es. «Paul de Kruif».

Paul Henry de Kruif was an American microbiologist and author of Dutch descent.

The book is still widely respected and read today. See if your friends have read any of Paul de Kruif's books. Publishing as Paul de Kruif, he is most noted for his 1926 book, Microbe Hunters. After that sometimes prickly collaboration, de Kruif applied his lessons about novelistic technique to his first, best, and most successful book, Microbe Hunters. "What if someone looked down from another planet and saw what was going on here?" Jazz style might have been good enough in de Kruif's day, but today it's the subject of rancorous debate among nonfiction writers, especially those who write about science. Verhave JP, «Clifford Dobell and the Making of Paul de Kruif's Microbe Hunters».

De Kruif did finally marry Rhea, living with her happily for 35 years, with only a few sexual indiscretions he put down to his own unstoppable "turbulence," until she died of a sudden attack of thrombophlebitis in 1957. Dr. Paul de Kruif, a Zeeland native whose 1926 book “Microbe Hunters” became an international bestseller and inspired a generation of scientists and medical professionals, and who had a … Even though the chapter essentially criticized doctors for not being enough like the scientific men of the Rockefeller, de Kruif's boss, Simon Flexner, was outraged when he found out who wrote it. At first, Red Lewis had suggested that all royalties, for the book, serial, and movie rights, should be split 50-50, but de Kruif protested the offer as "too generous." Even though contemporary science writers tread a path essentially forged by de Kruif, we tend to look at much of his work as overdone – too dramatic, too polemic, and, most damning of all, too much of it made up. In 1912, he graduated from the University of Michigan with a bachelor's degree, and he remained there to obtain a Ph.D., which was granted in 1916. ", Lewis told his publishers that Arrowsmith (which at the time had the working title The Barbarian) would be his best book, largely because of de Kruif's contribution: "there's a question as to whether he won't have contributed more than I shall have. When he wrote his memoirs nearly 40 years later, de Kruif sounded pained by his lack of credit when Arrowsmith finally appeared in 1925. This would have gone on being acceptable to de Kruif but for two things: the enormous and unanticipated commercial success of Arrowsmith, and the fact that all he got for his "full collaboration" was a brief word of thanks in the acknowledgements for "technical assistance." Published in 1926, Microbe Hunters has been translated into 18 languages, was spun into two Hollywood movies and a Broadway play, inspired an entire generation of biological scientists to pursue research careers, and is still in print and selling briskly as it passes the 75th anniversary of its publication. De Kruif was almost happy to be fired. When people are feeling tops, really at peace with themselves and others, they are not happy. Nel 1926, dopo alcuni anni di ricerche in Europa su documenti originali, pubblicò «Microbe Hunters»[4], tradotto in lingua italiana col titolo «I cacciatori di microbi»[5].


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