Compared to his fellow members, the rapper also hasn’t experimented with many temporary tattoos either. Any stan accounts using the phrase are obvious trolls if you view their page. Don’t worry, they didn’t steal the bts logo, someone faked it. Fans speculated that Jimin had the tattoo as early as November 2018, which was around the time he was seen at a tattoo parlor. Shutterstock. A handful of fans on Twitter definitely don't think so — see what they've had to say about it below. J-Hope added, “Taking good care of your skin is the No. Here's Why You Won't Catch K-Pop Boy Band BTS Singing a Full Song in English, Multiple K-Pop Tours Have Been Canceled Due to Coronavirus, Former F(x) K-Pop Star Sulli Was Found Dead in Her Home, Kaachi is the U.K.'s first-ever all-female K-Pop group, What Happened to Dave Blankenship on 'Oak Island'?
Additionally, many think their logo looks exactly like BTS's. I think that whatever the fuck Kaachi or so is doing isn’t just "producing songs" it’s fucking copying the songs of BELOVED BTS! Kaachi is the U.K.'s first-ever all-female K-Pop group, according to All K-Pop, and at the end of last month, they released their debut single, which is titled "Your Turn." NCT quiz is another great knowledge test you should take if you are a K-pop fan. As such. The singer has been seen with the same “ARMY” tattoo at different performances, but until he confirms it himself, fans are undecided on whether it’s temporary or permanent. The band chose the name ‘Kaachi’, because it apparently stems from the Korean word for 'Togetherness, Value and Unity,' which is symbolic of the group's beginnings, when they were discovered and put together after participating in the UK KPOP Dance Competition in London back in 2019. I’m definitely NOT a supporter but I just thought y’all should know + Search. “I love my ears so much. Like other South Korean celebrities, BTS is also serious about their skin care, which may play a part in their decision for tattoos. “I want one too.” The conversation continued with Suga convincing Jungkook to not get one. GLOBAL LEGENDS! Many South-Korean music bands have become the world's leading trendsetters. Check out what these Kaachi supporters have said about the accidental similarities between the two K-Pop groups on Twitter below. “When I was young, I really wanted to have one. As you could se the logo the "h" look like twice logo if you drame them the "i" look like a logo of bts that wich framed AND THE THE FIRST A LOOK LIKE THE KREW LOGO #SUEKACCHIKREW SUGA: But when I turned 20, the idea all disappeared. (not comparable) (of pages) Abbreviation of folgende(n) pl (“following”, “subsequent”) akin to the English ff., et seqq.. (The word fortfolgend has been coined as a folk etymological explanation of this abbreviation and is not encountered in other use than this … Definition from Wiktionary, the free dictionary,, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, and the following (pages, paragraphs etc.)., I dont know why you guys are so mean to them when they have such a good ass BOP armchairs are just jealous because Chunseo unnie and Jungkook oppar are together STREAM YOUR TURN #apologizetokaachi, KAACHI makes me SICK but the copying of bts’ logo is fake. It's also a K-pop band made up of boys. You can use this site to write about your favorite music genre and read, … (According to some fans, the “A” in “ARMY” was an upside-down V for V, while the RM was for RM. A handful of popular K-pop groups have actually been accused of copying BTS, including Kaachi — but are the rumors true?

Please keep your eyes peeled and ✨Follow us on ✨ Tiktok: kaachi_official Youtube: KAACHI Twitter: kaachiofficial #kaachi #kaachi_official #kpoplondon #dance #kpopdance #kpop #kpopgirlband #london #uk #korea #seoul #girl #band #girlband #girlgroup #kpopdance #tiktok #케이팝 #케이팝걸그룹 #걸그룹 #한국 #밴드 #영국 #런던 #서울 #유럽 #최초 #영국걸그룹 #한국문화 #kaachi #YourTurn, A post shared by KAACHI (@kaachi_official) on Apr 27, 2020 at 7:15am PDT, Diehard BTS fans have taken to Twitter, to express their contempt for Kaachi, alleging that they are trying to copy the popular boyband's song titles, as well as their logos.
However, the singer has been edited by fans look inked, such as this photo of him with tats on his biceps and forearms. Like RM, Jin also doesn’t have any permanent tattoos, nor has he experimented with many temporary ones.

Later also explained as an abbreviation of folgende. BTS isn't the only K-pop group that's experienced severe instances of stalking. Fast forward to now, and it’s unclear whether Jungkook’s tats are real or fake. Realistic Romance Jin Kpop Bts Suga ... Jimin Bangtan Jungkook Rapmonster Jhope Taehyung Seokjin Yoongi Hoseok Namjoon Bangtan Sonyeondan A young girl is hired to help BTS gain responsibility and to act as a female influence.


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