The Historia is an account of the early history of Britain and its peoples, which Geoffrey claimed to have translated from an old ‘British’ book he had received from Walter, archdeacon of Oxford. The dedications were added later and were purposeful propaganda created by Henry Blois. Yet around 1250 the monks quietly incorporated Joseph into their founding legend, possibly succumbing to the fortuitous convergence of factors supporting such a claim: the impact of traditional belief in Britain’s conversion to Christianity by an apostle; Joseph’s legendary status as an apostle and missionary; extant legends of the abbeys origins;and the Arthurian Grail cycle, which proclaimed Joseph as the apostle of Britain. These texts were hugely popular all across western Europe during the medieval period and over 200 manuscripts of the Historia alone survive, many from the 12th century. Crawford, in her study of St. Joseph and Britain, says that ; The proponents of a literary evolution have never provided an adequate solution to the central puzzle: why anyone’s imagination should have brought Joseph- a most unlikely person- to Britain at all. Let us know if you have suggestions to improve this article (requires login). Crawford, following erroneous chronology, has dismissed the possibility of William of Malmesbury and Henry Blois having discovered the prophecy of Melkin in the archives at Glastonbury along with the 601 charter concerning the island of Ineswitrin. the Duo Fassula becomes the Sang Real or ‘Royal Blood’ to become the San Graal. Encyclopaedia Britannica's editors oversee subject areas in which they have extensive knowledge, whether from years of experience gained by working on that content or via study for an advanced degree.... Get exclusive access to content from our 1768 First Edition with your subscription. Geoffrey Ashe, Daniel Scavone , Crawford, Carley Crick etc. Omissions? Gerald was an eyewitness to the exhumation of the previously manufactured grave. Scholarship has tried its best to alter chronology by twisting the facts to suit contrived deductions. Guinevere; which is precisely what Gerald of Wales attests to also. The story begins with the settlement of Britain by Brutus the Trojan, great-grandson of Aeneas, and by the Trojan Corineus, the eponymous founder of Cornwall, who exterminate giants inhabiting Britain.

If the interpolator of the DA wrote after the disinterment of King Arthur, how remiss of him not to include one detail of the discovery. A hundred years ago Evans says: In simple fact, we can never read Geoffrey aright until we realise what nation it was of which he aspired to be the national writer of the national epic. Using the works of Ralph de Diceto, Laura Cleaver examines how the study of history in the Middle Ages engaged with contemporary attitudes and politics.

But… how do you teach the flat earth society (current modern scholars) that the world is round when their subjective perception on Arthuriana and Glastonbury lore indicates a different perspective. Our latest podcast episode features popular TED speaker Mara Mintzer. as the prologue attests. Henry Blois wished to remain anonymous in his authorship, but modern scholars blithely accept his propagandist misdirection  and the fact he composes manuscripts under false names. Logically, if the interpolator of the DA was writing after 1191, of course he would have given a description of the events but Henry Blois died before the unearthing of his manufactured grave site took place. Plainly, just stating where the position of the grave is situated in the graveyard at Glastonbury indicates someone prior to the unearthing knows where it is and that logically can only be the person who manufactured it and interpolated the grave’s location in the Glastonbury graveyard into the text of DA prior to the exhumation. The subject is complicated and the inquirer will need to read through each section of the evidence presented here so that a conclusion to the Matter of Britain and how it relates to the deception of Geoffrey of Monmouth’s work is unequivocally established. Paperback Bunko More buying choices £7.27 (2 used & new offers) Paperback £5.95 £ 5. Geoffrey von Monmouth (walisisch Gruffudd ap Arthur, auch Sieffre o Fynwy; lateinisch Galfridus Monemutensis; * um 1100 wohl in Monmouth; † um 1154 in Cardiff) war ein britischer Geistlicher, Gelehrter und Geschichtsschreiber. Geoffrey’s work provides one of the first substantial treatments of the legendary figure’s life and reign and it continued to be a major source for writers of Arthurian literature, centuries after his death. The conclusions drawn to each segment of investigation create an entirely different set of conclusions currently understood by modern scholars. This important point is blatantly obvious from reading EAW. It takes no account of purposeful misdirection or the reasoning behind ‘Geoffrey’s’ propaganda. Michael Curley also points out Geoffrey's affinity for Wales as, at least once in his re-writing of Nennius into the HRB, he changes scenes to locations closer to the city of Monmouth. It then recounts the passage of a series of royal dynasties, before ending with the migration of the Saxons (c. 400) and the deeds of the last of the British kings, most notably Uther Pendragon and Arthur. But, Lagorio, by academic default had learnt misguided deductions from previous generations of the learnèd which led her to fatuous conclusions, such as: With this record of prosperity, Glastonbury had little need to enhance its Glory with Arthur’s counterpart, Joseph of Arimathea.

Geoffrey Of Monmouth, (died 1155), medieval English chronicler and bishop of St. Asaph (1152), whose major work, the Historia regum Britanniae (History of the Kings of Britain), brought the figure of Arthur into European literature. Jaakko Tahkokallio explores the historical works of leading medieval writers. For two hundred years, modern scholars have been investigating Geoffrey of Monmouth’s work and they are still exasperated that ‘Geoffrey’ and his literary production remains an enigma. In three passages of the Historia Geoffrey describes himself as “Galfridus Monemutensis,” an indication that he probably came from Monmouth. Of course the logic of why the events surrounding the exhumation of Arthur are not mentioned in DA (if DA had supposedly been interpolated after the event), seems to evade modern scholars acumen. They have also assumed the text of the Vulgate version of the manuscript catalogued in 1160 at Le Bec was the same as that found in 1139 which is obviously not true. Understanding ‘who’ composed the HRB and the VM brings clarity to all the conundrums faced by students of ‘Geoffrey of Monmouth’s’ work. substantiation that Geoffrey of Monmouth was really the Bishop of Winchester is plainly documented in these pages. or starting point for further reasoning and arguments the chronological swamp becomes much clearer. Padel points out: What is certain is Geoffrey’s subtlety and the complexity of his work: the gravest error that we students can commit is to underestimate it. The island is represented in the prophecy of Melkin as the resting place of Joseph of Arimathea but the original document before Henry Blois altered the name of the island, referred to Yniswitrin….. not Avallon. First variants being composed before Vulgate version, the conundrums which scholars inevitably face in denial of this fact will never dissipate.

Researchers have had differences of opinion to exactly gauge ‘Geoffrey’s’ methodology or motivations behind writing such an extraordinary composition. If scholars are still unclear about which variant or version of the HRB text preceded another chronologically, there is little hope of establishing that the copy found at Bec in 1139 was not a Vulgate text. Henry Blois has simply embellished what he  himself did not understand i.e.

Once our experts understand who propagated the propaganda about Joseph of Arimathea on the continent and at Glastonbury, the Matter of Britain as a whole, concerning King Arthur and Joseph at Glastonbury, will have to be re-assessed. Geoffrey of Monmouth’s work and the ‘Matter of Britain’ would hardly attract so much scholastic endeavour, if truly the subject had reached a conclusion. Geoffrey Of Monmouth, (died 1155), medieval English chronicler and bishop of St. Asaph (1152), whose major work, the Historia regum Britanniae (History of the Kings of Britain), brought the figure of Arthur into European literature..

King Lear is a tragedy based on the chronicle history of a pre-Roman, Celtic king of Britain. If the author of HRB is established, more understanding of ‘Geoffrey’s seeming contradictions become clear. The research in the following pages concerns Geoffrey of Monmouth’s History of the Kings of Britain, King Arthur and the Matter of Britain. In three passages of the Historia Geoffrey describes himself as “Galfridus Monemutensis,” an indication that he probably came from Monmouth. The text, with an English translation, was published in 1929 by Acton Griscom and Robert Ellis Jones. Nowadays, the Prophecy of Melkin’s association to the Island of Avalon is inseparable and for this reason it is dismissed, but the genuineness of the geometrical data encrypted in the prophecy of Melkin is undeniable. This investigation starts with Geoffrey of Monmouth’s works of the HRB and the Vita Merlini. Romanticized versions in the vernacular, the so-called Bruts, were in circulation from about 1150.


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