Fast moving water with ripples and small waves. <>>> u2N�r�pQ�ږ Cr�fXA�T��f*h.�I3��z�K4T��ZT0�ǝe隸�y��m�‹Y�Ǫ�ס��rw�]��q5jm)�S3�^� ��?%H�X���c� �Df�D�q,J�*��"^��3䯈ɤ��� ��t`W0�|� �X�Y3�SQ�n�޼���-̨i��=�ľd�Чd��3��r8�[���y�-���x�0f�!�)*�����T4�e��1d�'T��ϓP��� Terms hite-water rafting is one of the leading forms of holiday activities in Thailand; it is an adventure in the wilderness, taking participants to remote places that can only be reached by highways of water. ��0�d/(ұ�^�� ���G�1x���Z�ٵ��{j�3g���4�x�����U��^%Qm���R�o�9�ޮ�$m���Tm6����B&7���� OM�k�K�T����d\a�m�. No considerable danger. stream Like most outdoor sports, rafting in general has become safer over the years. Waves numerous, high, irregular; rocks; eddies; rapids with passages clear though narrow, requiring expertise in manoeuvering; scouting usually needed. Rafting will take place for approximately 1 hour 30 minutes depending on water level for a distance of 10KM. Risk to swimmers is slight; self-rescue is easy. Class 3 Rafting – Difficult: Waves numerous, high, irregular; rocks, eddies, rapids with passages that are clear though narrow, requiring expertise in maneuvering. Journey take 1 ½ -2 hours drive. endobj Level 2: Novice. Entrance Fees, Next time you’re in the mood for whitewater rafting, consider this information before you choose your river. International Grading System White-water Classification Level 1: Easy. Note also that a river’s level of challenge changes with fluctuations in water levels; a river rated Class IV at medium water levels might resemble a Class III river at lower water levels, while at higher levels, it might look more like a Class IV+. Insurance Coverage, Overview. With over 25 years of running the highest quality rafting trips and river tours, Raft California invites you to join us on one of our spectacular rafting adventures! Obstructions will be few, but with a little training, they can go unnoticed. You should wear light, fitting and anti-water absorbing clothes. %PDF-1.5 Every class or grade requires different skill levels. Pick up and Drop off Service - Registered Tourist Bus, Drops may contain large unavoidable waves or holes. Level Contributor . 1500hrs: Once arrive at starting point, start gearing up and guests’ are introduced to their Rafting Captain of the day who will brief them on safety techniques and procedures. This is a Class 4 Rafting Trip suitable for Ages 14+! There are various grades of difficulty. Whitewater Rafting Trip Deals for Thursday July 16, 2020 1/2 DAY TRIPS Trinity River Rafting – Near Big Bar, CA (1:30pm-5pm) $20 off per person! Occasional manoeuvering may be required, but rocks and medium-sized waves are easily missed by trained paddlers. Significant maneuvering will most likely be required. For timid older children, seniors and special needs. Before you head out into the water, learn more about the types of whitewater. International Grading System White-water Classification Level 1: Easy. The Land of Legends Theme Park Admission Ticket. THANK YOU! 1240hrs: Arrive at Xtreme Paddlers’ starting point at Kampung Lingkubang where guests are introduced to their Rafting captain of the day and briefed on safety techniques and procedure. Unlock wild Borneo on this rafting trip down the Kadamaian River. 3. If you plan to do rafting with travel agents, a travel company with the white-water rafting operator certificate is highly recommended. Long, intense, powerful but predictable rapids; waves high, irregular; dangerous rocks; boiling eddies; best passages difficult to scout; scouting mandatory first time; powerful and precise manoeuvering required. More details about The Rumah Terbalik and the combo packages can be found HERE. Extra pocket money, Only for expert rafters and even then, it could be unsafe. White water rafting adventure begins! Contact English Speaking Guide, Many trips still running in, Lower Middle Fork American River – Class 2 | Perfect for kids 4+ This is a Class 2 Rafting Trip suitable for Ages 4+! Skill level is also basic but with paddling experience. Very violent rapids, extremely long and full of obstacles, which pose a risk for the paddler. Rapids may continue for long distances between pools, requiring a high level of fitness. Bring only necessary items with you and put them in a dry bag. Class 6 – Virtually un-navigable: The upper extreme of whitewater rivers, commercially un-runnable. Click, Middle Fork American River – Class 4 Whitewater Rafting! Whitewater Classifications. 22 posts. Long distance obstructed or violent rapids which expose paddlers to above average danger. Join us for the Last Day of Rafting on the Middle Fork American River in 2020 & Get $20 off! Class 3 Rafting – Difficult: Waves numerous, high, irregular; rocks, eddies, rapids with passages that are clear though narrow, requiring expertise in … Related: What are the most popular tours in Belek? Kiulu River is a great river for beginners, both elderly and kids may join this trip thus makes it suitable for a family trip. -��o1�Ǽ%�o�99��4*�`�2mB�'�sn���\2��9ci���� bU�2�DK Sun-block lotion, Freshen up, rest and enjoy the buffet lunch served. Learn how to read hand signals. Please refer to the itinerary below:). Arrive at starting point. It’s possible that some maneuvering is required at some point. If a rapid is at the upper end of this class, it is called Class II+. Demands expert boatman and excellent boat and good quality equipment. Excursion covers up to 15km, making it the longest white water rafting trip in Borneo, It may covers 7km on medium water level. Certified Swift Water Rescue Guide, �f2��_^�(� XX�Hge*��O�Y��?/./>��ߣ۟//���7g!�K�� �hH��u�4� �S. 1672. NOTE: The rating system used in the Grand Canyon, which rates rapids 1 to 10, pre-dates the modern Class I-VI system of rating rapids. 2. 1840hrs: Estimated time of arrival at hotel. Class 2 Rafting – Medium: Rapids of medium difficulty; swift current, passages are wide and clear. See all. 1440hrs: Arrive at Xtreme Paddlers ending point at Kampung Taginambur. White water rafting rapid classes were initially created and defined by the American Whitewater Association and are commonly used to label and describe rapids found across the US (sometimes internationally).. Change of clothes, LocationThis activity takes place on the Kadamaian River, approximately 1hour from Kinabalu Park and 1 ½ hours from Kota Kinabalu City. Chinese Speaking Guide (upon request), Prepare yourself well for both physical and mental strengths. * Best for those with previous Class III or Class IV experience wanting a more difficult whitewater challenge. endobj Participant must be physically fit as this tour is for those who love adventures. Safety Kayaker, Age limit is for child is 4 years old and above. Please let us know if you have dietary request, e.g. Rivers are rated using roman numerals I to VI according to the International Scale of River Difficulty. "��� upt��G����x*#�$����v['o������u��Ͳ������-��Ѽ�D{���L ���S�+$���{$^���&z[���zqN6�f��!F�*1�:�e��䬤 <> Cheers. We have whitewater rafting trips on over 12 rivers in Northern California, Oregon, and into Nevada! Falling out of the raft and “swimming” in a rapid will be difficult. Before you head out into the water, learn more about the types of whitewater rapids. For those who need the rush, whitewater rafting is a treat. Expertise in the sport has increased, as well as a rescue team, and equipment has become more specialised and increased in quality. Insect repellent, Freshen up, rest and enjoy the Hi Tea served. Rafting commences. Class 1 Rafting – Easy: Waves are small, regular; riffles. to understand if there's a sufficient level of water for rafting, we'll know an equivalent day and may not be forecast.Long Rafting Conducted from October to April (Sat and Sunday) Rafting 100% available with Per Booking) Whereas Short Rafting (Short Run) is held throughout the year, again counting on the water levels as mentioned. Skill level required is basic. Straightforward rapids with wide, clear channels which are evident without scouting. Join us for a whitewater rafting trip on the Klamath, American or Truckee Rivers! i) Participants must have trimmed finger nails and toe nails. Whether you are a first-time rafter or a seasoned veteran of white-water rivers, it is a truly exciting time to be a river runner and a witness to the power and splendour of the river’s mighty rapids. Full mastery of rafting is a must, along with proper equipment, and practiced rescue skills. And see you again soon with more friends and family members. Required fields are marked *, You may use these HTML tags and attributes:
. Prepare RM50 for a 12 seater van transfer or RM30 for a car that can fit up to 4 people that will bring you to the starting point. Different sections of the Ocoee River has different classifications. 3 days before the prior date. Liability Release Form MUST be signed and understood by the participant before the tour commences. May the White water rafting fun begin!Rafting will take place for approximately 1 hour 30 minutes depending on water level for a distance of 10 km. Cap / Hat Freshen up at our shower / changing room at the ending point. Considerable drop, medium waves, intense, may require boat handling and self-rescue can be difficult. 3 0 obj You can also check out some of our most popular group rafting trips: On our Weekday American River Overnight Rafting & Camping Trips kids are 50% off with every full paying adult! *for a complete list of inclusive items, kindly check the checklist below. Save. Excursion covers up to 15km, making it the longest white water rafting trip in Borneo, It may covers 7km on medium water level. Thinking of going there on your own instead of following our tourists bus? Get to know the river and stream, especially the area with rapids with difficulty levels 3-5. These trips can also be enjoyed by adults and older youths, Inflatable Kayaks may be added for greater challenge, OK for non swimmers when flows are at normal levels, You definitely get wet and it’s fun and exciting, Previous Class 4 rafting experience required. All rights reserved. 1 review. If you plan to do rafting on your own, please contact local area officers for permission before entering the areas; for example, a national park or the Royal Forest Department. There are so many white water rafting trips to choose from, it helps to narrow your options based on the youngest person in the group, or if you have any non-swimmers coming with you.


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