Despite a sharp wit that was way ahead of its time, Heathers managed to carve a space for itself in the zeitgeist with its hilarious and biting commentary on teen angst injected with a strong dose of foul play and murder.

See the menu for additional options. While many an ‘80s kid’s first major exposures to the Cruise was by way of, , the blockbuster that solidified him as a Hollywood leading man, the actor first sparked our attention in films like.

Diane is one of the smartest kids in school whose teenage life and college plans have been stage-managed by her loving “helicopter dad.”. The mall isn’t totally dead yet, but a lot of these ‘90s mall staples are no longer in existence.

When he befriends new girl Maggie (.

Infinitely quotable and endlessly re-watchable, Heathers is that rare movie that rewards you with something new to appreciate with every viewing. Peter Weir’s assured direction helps anchor Williams’ performance from going “full Williams,” all the more to service the story’s more dramatic moments centered on a type of high school experience outside the norm for most viewers. centers on a conflict between Jerry, the meek kid in school (. A group of young shopping mall employees stay behind for a late night party in one of the stores.

We get nostalgic AF whenever we’re lucky enough to catch the opening scene of this movie on cable, when babysitter Chris (Elizabeth Shue) bedroom dances to “Then He Kissed Me.” That’s arguably the last happy moment Chris has before plans with her older boyfriend fall through and she is forced to take on a last-minute babysitting gig. Wyatt and Gary, tired of being classified as dorks by the more popular kids in school and not being able to score dates, decide to, um, put bras on their heads and make themselves the perfect woman using their 80s Commodore. is one of them. The film’s brilliant conceit – a slasher movie villain stalking his victims in their nightmares – spawned a franchise that is still terrifying us. I guess that’s the way the cookie crumbles. The scene where Jake and Elwoods car comes to a stop on the edge of a section of expressway was filmed in Milwaukee, WI. The movie excels at exploring how the things we don’t like to talk about end up speaking volumes, as we hit that age where we can either be defined by them or let them remind us that we can be more than what we’ve let ourselves think we are.

When Ponyboy and Johnny’s fight leads to the unfortunate death of a Social, our hearts sink and break as Ponyboy struggles to deal with, as a teen, the consequences of a very adult – and tragic — act.

The back half of this movie is a gut punch for any teen forced to endure unrequited love in high school.

Right across the street from New Rochelle High School, The scene where Karen is on a pay phone calling Henry and crying about her next door neighbor bothering her.

How many of these endlessly quotable lines and rewatchable scenes did you know were completely improvised? Clark's visit to the piano bar where he meets up with Christy Brinkly was filmed at the MEXICAN STEAKHOUSE on Route 66 in Flagstaff, Arizona. Unhappy with the choices she made, and overwhelmed with the all-too-real consequences of them, she faints at the reunion and wakes up back in 1960. – the latter being one of Cruise’s more underrated early efforts. Any ’80s movie with a Tomatometer was considered for our Essentials guide, and after including the truly timeless material (Raiders of the Lost Ark, Raging Bull), we focused on works that represented the cinematic trends and social themes of the era.

And while.

Chris and her brood end up lost in Chicago, where they lose their car and end up befriending a mechanic that looks like Marvel’s Thor, played by none other than a young Vincent D’onofrio.

In the late '80s, it was completely renovated and its name changed to Crossroads Mall; its prior anchor was Montgomery Ward, but there's a Super Target there now. Escalante’s work is cut out for him; his school’s halls are full of teenage hardheads that hassle him. Fox struggling with high school as a werewolf. A black-on-black satire about high school and the messiness of cliques and popularity. This is a story about how even teenage love isn’t immune to the messiness that comes with more adult relationships. And They Hated Each Other. Here are 30 of the best films about those formative years most of us spend a lifetime trying to forget. The hospital scene at the end of the movie was shot at Mary Knoll Seminary located at the intersection or rt 38 and i 355 in Glen Ellyn (the building had been abandon and has since been knocked down).
also deals with the sensitive subject of abortion and teen pregnancy in a way that gives the comedy a surprising (and welcome) amount of weight and heart. Writer Cameron Crowe made his feature directorial debut with this high school romance that helped turn Lloyd Dobler’s boom box-holding profession of love into one of Hollywood’s most iconic images ever. He enlists the help of his best friend, the tomboy Watts (played by a never-better Mary Stuart Masterson), and in the process finds himself caught in an unintentional love triangle when he discovers that his best friend loves him in a way she thinks he will never love her. I'm not sure which Air Force base was used to film the AFB scenes, but I believe it was Randolph AFB. As fun and envious as Ferris’ day trip through Chicago is to the movie’s target demo, the kid’s kind of a selfish jerk – “borrowing” Cameron’s dad’s Ferrari and putting his best friend through quite the panic attack in the process. This page currently edited by: RubixGirl. Thankfully, the movie has a happier ending than most of our stories did. I guess that’s the way the cookie crumbles.

He plays Lane Meyer, a very odd duck with an even more peculiar family. Copyright © 2019 Collider, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Fast Times addresses everything from getting stoned to abortion, and Crowe’s script chronicles the messiness of it all with dialogue and characterizations so realistic, you’d think you either went to school with these people or feel as if you are back roaming the halls of your alma mater.

Break dancing was everywhere in the 80s. But because Fox is so damn likable in the role, and charming under all that werewolf makeup, the movie gets away with its darker edges as it explores some heavy themes of identity and figuring yourself out – themes anyone whose ever gone to high school can relate to.

Set at the prestigious New York High School of Performing Arts, Fame chronicles the hopes and dreams of a group of students across all four years of high school as they struggle with auditions on their way to becoming actors, dancers, and/or singers. Sign. While not a traditional high school movie, this classic from Wes Craven depicts the horror of those four years in school in a different (and more bloody) way. That section of I94 was left unfinished for many years, but is now connected up to the Hoan Bridge by Summerfest at the Milwaukee lake front. Also the water tower was right behind our house. The former is held up the most in the minds of ‘80s kids who grew up with this movie thanks to copious amounts of HBO viewings.

The educator’s biggest pain is student Angel (, (Though, realistically, 90 percent of these guys will grow up to be the type of men who quote Walt Whitman in their Tinder bio right beneath a photo of them at the gym doing reps, their bicep ever so faintly cheating out so you can read their “carpe dime 4 life” tat.).

The bar that Steven Segal got into a fight in was called Mickey's on Clark and Diversey. Whether it was a wardrobe malfunction, a modern piece of clothing revealed in a period piece, or an outfit that’s just plain wrong, there have been several screw-ups that have been left in movies. The “only-in-a-movie” plot of this ‘80s hit takes a significant suspension of disbelief to buy into on first blush, but, 1983 was the year that put a young Tom Cruise on the track for superstardom. That’s right, we recommend some Rotten additions for your ’80s movie playlists, because this is one decade only fully experienced with the good, the bad, and the feathered neon. The movie centers on Ferris’ elaborate plan to skip school and enlist his beautiful girlfriend (Mia Sara) and his sheltered best friend with daddy issues, Cameron (Alan Ruck), to join him. Up. Molly Ringwald, Andrew McCarthy, and Jon Cryer star in this ‘80s cult classic, a rom-com that turns the social cliques of high school life inside out. 1983 was the year that put a young Tom Cruise on the track for superstardom.
Welcome to our big list of the most Essential 1980s movies, showcasing 140 of the decade’s best and most iconic Fresh (and not-so-Fresh) movies. Making a movie can be difficult, and mistakes are frequently made. The movie’s cast is stacked, by the way, with future Hollywood stars like Jennifer Jason Leigh and Oscar-winners Forrest Whitaker and Nic Cage. I don't want just city names where filming

And while other, similar versions of this story would veer into cliché. Molly Ringwald. For $1000, he hires cheerleader Cindy (played by the late Amanda Petersen) to pretend to be his girlfriend and show him the ways of being cool – well, as cool as ‘80s fashion and hair products will allow. Alan Parker directs, giving the film an unflinching (if, at times, overstated) portrayal of young performers and the toll chasing their ambitions have on themselves and the relationships most important to them. The screenplay’s acerbic wit and the film’s very quotable lines (“Be excellent to each other!”) are key elements behind why this film’s fans are legion more than three decades after its release. The ‘80s loved a mistaken identity comedy and this cable staple is one of the genre’s better entries. No one plays gruff and likable better than Hackman, which is key for his role as a failed college basketball coach given a shot at redemption – and the championship – when he coaches a struggling high school team in 1950s Indiana. Hughes’ muse, Molly Ringwald, stars as Samantha, a 15-year-old full of angst and confusion about to celebrate her sweet sixteen.

Freeman turns in an impressive, star-making performance here. Little touches like that in Chris Columbus’ feature directorial debut endeared this comedy to a very passionate fanbase. He lives mostly on the periphery of his high school’s popularity circles, yearning for his life to overlap more with them. Past editor: Banasy.

Freeman turns in an impressive, star-making performance here.

It was not entirely Filmed at Ft. Knox, it was however filmed at a Place Called Ormsby Village Treatment Center in Kentucky.

With Kelli Maroney, Tony O'Dell, Russell Todd, Karrie Emerson. Three O’Clock High is one of those high school comedies that leaves you scratching your head as to why it didn’t garner a bigger audience upon initial release. Patient zero is Lucas, another cable and VHS staple for ‘80s teens growing up. The movie mixes comedy and drama with heartwarming effect, building up to those iconic final moments that will leave you slow-clapping, too. They Made Your Favorite Movies and TV. And for a PG-13 movie, we’re surprised it got away with a brief flash of female nudity.


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