Clinical practice concerning the use of chaperones during intimate exams continues to be discordant with the recommendations of medical associations and medico-legal societies.

Pelvic inflammatory disease can produce acute symptoms and result in infertility, ectopic pregnancy, and chronic pelvic pain. During compulsory education all school, opportunities for early detection and improving, negligible also the economic effect. School medicine, has prepared guidelines with instructions and set of, doctor and nurse while working on counseling the, students and their parents seeking clarification on. startxref The strongest effect of.

A number of significant asymptomatic conditions can be missed unless a careful evaluation is performed. According to a medical survey, the prevalence rate of gynecological diseases in women is as high as 39. Even when many say that science does not pay on , that it is a hard-laboring job, which ultimately is in the end gets recognized, the obligation of this meeting is evidence to all partic- ipants, that it is quite worth it, because of personal satisfaction, what essentially cannot be bought, and what essentially does not have a price. Based on previous observations and several years of investigation, our reaserch group has proposed a new scoring system for the assessment of fetal neurological status by 4D sonography named Kurjak antenatal neurodevelopmental test (KANET). 0000038396 00000 n 0000041101 00000 n A 39-year old woman presented at the University clinic for obstetrics and gynecology with complaints of a mild low abdominal and pelvic pain, increased frequency of vaginal bleeding and abdominal distension. But the most important thing is that the extent of the symptoms does not correlate with the extent of the disease and the-refore the patients with sometimes minimal disease may have the worst pain [1, 3–5]. 0000024038 00000 n 0000003251 00000 n

0000001832 00000 n 0000019409 00000 n of 224 women were evaluated. 0000062836 00000 n [6,7] 0000040423 00000 n

0000081170 00000 n ���06��ŲZܿ�V�r�>����zY��ƳjQ��d�հ�X����������p99֋��4�M�M�����fY,��u4���qS,��`u�(O&M��Og�5-����M�I��\�A�K4�XAwu�����[MO����ju�f��$L�㳋b�tL��u��V��M��4�x���{���Le��\P� ��*3����K �3 ���Y��\�����|�U��|���t��D�B�FNc�N�qYRfy��2���q�dZ��֍dc�/�߁,N��#���ܛ,p�4�;"���~��2���@��Oo3�K���jV��ƻ�:��{z�L�W�J�-�=�S`S��YG��H��k�b�)q ����.�ř~g^�f����S�A"���g���r�b.0mﱇ���B�Z�+�9���(̕�Z8@R�Sx�6�M���8� ߁��s �=`�s)��!4$ad�. of AIDS-defining events was similar to that reported previously in the literature. 0000039691 00000 n 154 0 obj <>stream

material resources to carry out the screening, especially mammography machines, radiology, technicians and radiologists trained to perform, Establish centers at the secondary or tertiar, health‑care level for the setting of explicit diagnosis, systemic character and it should be a deal with, by the multi‑disciplinary teams in health care and. Treatment Guidelines, 2015. diseases and their risk factors: Cervical cancer, In recent decades, to papilloma and herpes, viruses is attributed the growing importance in the, these viruses that penetrate the epithelium around, layered stratified epithelium in the cylinder caused. A total

Made is a descriptive analysis of experience of, gynecological and obstetric diseases management, described in the articles published in indexed. The general, practitioners has an important role to make sure, systematic gynecological examinations according, to recommendation that exist in the national guide. Vascular Lipoleiomyoma of the Uterus: an Unusual Case, Published works 1975-2012 - Biographic data, Criteria and Procedures for Breast Conserving Surgery, Intrauterine Growth Restriction and Cerebral Palsy, Conization as treatment of choice for precancerous changes and university cervical cancer at the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology of Clinical Center of Sarajevo University in 2009, Mediterranean Association of Science Editors and Publishers (MASEP). 7274 0 obj <> endobj

The most common diagnosis made with pathohistological analysis of the conization was CIN III/CIS, which was found in 48 (29%) patients. 0000001360 00000 n University in 2009. 0000002232 00000 n Conditions and diseases; Browse guidance by topic. In, from the rich countries to the results from poor, mortality rates are significantly higher in poor, methods for screening that will allow the disease, detection at an early stage and thus prev, PHC centers and specialist consultation services, aspect is cited as an important factor in health, are also important other factors, such as: (Un). virilizing tumors, hypothalamic amenorrhea, especially in adolescence is the most important, It was found that adolescent obesity independently.


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