The novel contains a subplot in which Hoagie is a government agent and he transports laundered money. Fear that eventually killed him? The novel contains a subplot in which Hoagie is a government agent and he transports laundered money. On one hand it’s a film about a family trying to survive being attacked by yet another shark and on the other it’s a later in life rom-com. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. Vengeance (a.k.a Jaws the Fourth/Jaws IV)is the nickname coined by fans for the main antagonist shark depicted in the filmJaws: The Revenge. It was written by Hank Searls, who also wrote the novelization of Jaws 2 and was published on June 1, 1987. The novelization makes a reference to Ellen Brody's affair with Matt Hooper, a subplot that exists in Benchley's novel but is entirely absent from the film adaptation. So…. In Searls' novel, the character of Jake is ultimately killed by the shark; Jake was originally supposed to die in the film, but the script was changed to allow him to survive. But it’s so alien to what’s come before that the supernatural bent never settles amicably.

Oh well, at least you didn’t do anything stupid like give it a roar that you find in an old Tom and Jerry cartoon… You did that as well, didn’t you film? Which means that Jaws The Revenge winds up feeling like a film with a bit of an identity crisis. ( Log Out /  You can’t claim the stakes aren’t here, because there’s a lot happening.

Well at least as one of the most expensive movies of 1987 with a whopping great budget of between 23 and 30 million dollars, the sharks going to look like an actual shark, right? As it sounds, the great white takes a backseat for much of the proceedings. The novelization also presents a continuity that combines elements from Peter Benchley's Jaws novel as well as the Jaws film series. It was never a good idea to grant supernatural abilities to the great white, but this is a superior iteration of the story. Racial tensions are high throughout: the natives aren’t necessarily thrilled with Mike taking government grant money from locals, Jake (the Mario van Peebles character) and wife Louisa feel differently about Papa Jacques than Mike, with Louisa playing a major role throughout the story with respect to the voodoo curse.

Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. It was written by Hank Searls, who also wrote the novelization of Jaws 2 and was published on June 1, 1987.

We’re all aware of the druid cult that surrounded Michael Myers in 1995’s Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers, but did you know that the shark in Jaws The Revenge is the result of a devious voodoo witch doctor with an axe to grind against Mike Brody? The son of Bruce and Brucette, Vengeance was taken under control by a voodoo priest with a sizeable grudge against Sheriff Brody's son, Michael. In Jaws (1975) Hooper warns Brody about the air tank "will blow up if you screw around with it." The kind of thing Zebra would’ve published. Now, if you’ll excuse me i must write an ancient cinematic wrong I need to right! “So what do you feel in the mood for Daniel?” Inquired Amazon Prime  as I scrolled through it. Yeah, he couldn’t stand the sight of water. Ok, ok, ok, at least there must be some kind of cool thing that happens in this film. to which Hoagie replies, "I deliver laundry."

Any other way.

Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. & what do you think if the novel was much like movie. There are a lot better shark films to see (47 meters down springs to mind.). I mean it’s not like it’s going to like something a hungover art student threw together the day of his deadline is it? Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Flat characters, bad sfx (even for the time), no shark controlling voodoo priest and enough plot holes to drive a laundry carrying plane through. That he ‘died’ during that second confrontation and his body merely took five or six years to catch up. Right off, he circumvents one of the movie’s biggest blunders by excising all of Ellen Brody’s flashbacks to events she was never present for. And what exactly did the film replace Papa Jacques with?”, “Oh, it’s got Maurice Joseph Micklewhite Jr. he’s got two Oscars don’t you know.”. Actually, Jaws The Revenge producer/director Joseph Sargent was largely two or three decades ahead of the curve in his approach to ignoring all previous sequels (a move currently en vogue with many modern reboots), so the only thing referenced throughout the cinematic ‘Revenge’ is the original movie. It has been re-edited and re-printed with permission. Should you watch it- God no. ( Log Out /  The only reference to this in the film is when Michael Brody asks "What do you do when you’re not flying people?" Vengeance is the main antagonist of the 1987 American horror film Jaws: The Revenge. Far more enjoyable than what Joseph Sargent gave us during the summer of 1987. There’s also Hoagie Newcombe (played by Michael Caine in the movie) – a mysterious charter pilot with a couple secrets of his own. In the novelization, Searls demonstrates considerably more respect for the mythos by harkening back to the events of the first two films and novels. As well as a rom-com that’s so traditional and dull that I doubt it would even get aired on afternoon TV. Throughout Searls’ Jaws The Revenge, Ellen makes continued reference to the second shark being the one that killed Chief Brody. I realize this story only works with Martin dead, but come on. They have a second altercation, this time more violent, and Jacques practically sics the shark on not only Mike, but on his young daughter Thea as well. It’s such an absurd idea that it’s almost impossible to reconcile. It is terrible. And the book is filled with nice little character asides like this. This leads to one aspect of the movie that Searls does retain, and it’s a detriment. Jaws 2 never really did it for me and besides this film has a voodoo doctor, Papa Jacques, a local man who the islanders turn for advice and guidance. Searls is an excellent writer and Jaws The Revenge is a fast moving and vivid read.

It’s also revealed to be the son of the shark killed in Jaws 2, adding another layer of revenge in a story that honestly doesn’t need any more of it. The movie never bothers to address them, whereas Searls quickly paints Hoagie into the crosshairs of a determined assassin, opening up a subplot straight out of Miami Vice. The climax of the book pits Hoagie, Mike, and Jake in a close-quarters struggle against this villain as they race – via plane – to reach Ellen amidst her own quest to confront and kill the voodoo shark. It’s fairly obvious there was more meat on Jaws The Revenge than what we got in the completed 87 minute film. As a franchise, Jaws has much in common with Halloween. and after an altercation with Mike Brody, Papa Jacques summons the Shark to do his bidding.

It seems a strange coincidence that the first summer Brody serves as chief of police in Amity would see a rogue shark just happen to wander into Amity's waters. So, yes, it’s silly, silly stuff. “Maurice Joseph Mickle…. Mike Brody believes Jacques to be nothing more than a con man, and he doesn’t mince words when dismissing him outright. However, at one point in the theatrical version, Michael Brody says, "Come on, sharks don’t commit murder. Write him out of the story some other way. what in the name of Jennifer Laurence is Michael Caine doing in Jaws: The Revenge? ( Log Out /  Note: This article was originally written for Dread Central and was published there on August 4, 2012.

By now we’ve all had our laughs over the roaring shark, the incoherent ending (if you’ve seen the video/dvd edition), and the ludicrous premise. No? But Searls tackles these outré elements with just enough authenticity to make them work on the page.

Act three reveals that Hoagie is working with the DEA to bring down the drug baron who allowed his sixteen-year-old daughter to overdose on cocaine several years earlier. It’s probably why Universal saw fit to excise most of this stuff from the film (whether or not it was done prior to shooting remains a mystery). The catalyst for the shark’s Bahamas vacation is Papa Jacques, a supernatural witch doctor utilized by many superstitious island natives.

Just as Benchley touched upon Mafia money in Amity in his original novel, and Searls grew that for several side stories throughout his own Jaws 2 , these gangsters have a large role in the plot – devising ways to eliminate the pilot/drug-runner and eventually endangering the Brody clan as well.


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